My twilight obsession :D (and subsequent defence)

If you are likely to take offence easily at me attacking all the twi-haters out there, I would suggest you read no further 😀 I pull no punches on this one, there is strong violence, strong language and yes probably a lot of name calling and feminism hating in this post 🙂

I would suggest you skip over it if you feel so inclined, or just laugh this off as my attempt at defending the story that I have come to love very dearly.

I was going to post about this when the movie came out, as that seemed to be when the most of the hate filled web was in action, but I decided to wait until I actually saw the movie before posting anything – perhaps they had made things worse with this latest instalment.

We should start at the beginning, so you understand me and my obsession with this series. I started reading twilight …I can’t even remember when….but I found PDF versions of them and I was hooked. I read them all, and re-read them all whenever I could find spare 5 minutes. Lunch breaks at work, travelling, sitting in front of the TV – I was reading the series. I think in total, I have read them 6 times…not recently so I may start it up again.

I held off reading the midnight sun, for those who may not know its the first book from Edward’s perspective, which was stolen from SM and she has now vowed to neither finish or release it as per her original plans. I did hold off, infact for almost 3 read throughs, I resisted the temptation to know there was more out there. I gave in after that and read it….I was armed with a new perspective of Edward so I re-read the series with this new understanding of him, and it changed everything for me. I still have hope that one day she will complete it and release it – I would certainly buy it!!

I saw the first movie at the cinemas 7 times..poor hubby has never been the same after that traumatic event. I bought it on DVD the minute I could and have watched it many many times – I don’t know how many.

I have always considered myself intelligent and savvy about the world and about men and love. Slightly crooked occasionally, but overall I have a pretty good understanding that shit doesn’t always go right. My parents divorced when I pretty young, so I knew early on that love wasn’t always epic and forever and all that rubbish. My mum has finally found that love and my dad remarried as well. Whether either of those loves is something I understand I won’t go into – my love for my husband is epic to me and forever to me, and something I can not imagine living without. That doesn’t mean my mum understands it, or my best friend, each relationship is different and has different components that hold it together.

Why is it so hard for people to acknowledge that the love Bella feels for Edward is all -consuming? Have they themselves not ever felt it and therefore they hit out at that very thing they are lacking? I ask this, because my love for my husband – is all consuming, I do think of him most of the day, he is my magnet, my rock, I would be as devastated as Bella is in the second book, I am not sure how I would react if he left me, but putting on a smile is not what I think I would be doing. And to those strong women who cannot understand the complete break down of someone because their partner leaves them, I would request you let someone in long enough for them to affect your entire life and being so you can understand it – rather than attack it.

I cannot understand how people’s arguments or hatred I should say, centre around how much she loves him and therefore listens to his opinions regarding a world she knows nothing about. If for example, I had some trained stalker, hunting me – I would err on the side of caution and trust the fucking vampire who also knows how to keep me safe – oh…AND CAN READ FUCKING MINDS!!!!! I would take any advice he could give me regarding getting out of town and hiding and fuck, I would put on a chicken suit in the middle of melbourne and cluck for coins if it means I would survive another day to see my family. Don’t be so naive to think that put in a life threatening situation you would not obey everything he says…..

Oh, but she doesn’t does she, and ultimately gets eaten by the vampire anyway. She disobeys him – she doesn’t listen to him, she thinks she is going to keep other people safe by going off without her super strong vampire bodyguards….

The above starts a pattern of her constantly not doing what he says, or arguing against him, and I really feel sorry for all the people out there who can’t see past their own anger at a love story to see that. She argues with him about leaving town that she has to see her father, she argues with him about him even being in love with him, she argues with him after the bus scene, about how he is being retarded, about getting married, about going to college, about being turned, about getting rid of the baby, sex on the honeymoon, about Jacob, about him going to the volturi….blah blah blah I could probably keep going, but she very rarely just does what he says when he says it and perhaps more people need to be aware of that fact.

I am not going to assume that people attacking the series haven’t actually read them and are basing their hate on the movies….I am going to assume that for the simple reason that the movies do make her appear more weak than she actually is – they have downplayed her strength a little – probably to make it more viable as a movie…I don’t know. I would hate to think they are just watching the movies and assuming they know anything about the actual series, that wouldn’t be particularly unbiased of their attacks.

Speaking of attacks, I find it annoying they always attack her (apparent) lack of writing skill, I don’t know anything about being an author or creating plots or correct usage of punctuation or grammar in a written volume…..but you know what….my opinion will differ from a fair few other people about who is a good author. J R R Tolkien….was a horrific writer…..2 pages to describe the actual shade of the leaves on a tree does NOT make him a great writer…although his stories are awesome – I HATE reading those books…..they are laborious. I am not saying that SM would keep all the English and Lit majors happy; however she writes are story that is easy to read and follow, easy to digest and so easy to picture without having to read 5 paragraphs. She isn’t Sara Douglass to me (who was the only author as far as I am concerned), but she has done the same as a million other writers out there. She spun a tale that captivated millions and she scored bajillions out of it..Kudos to her for doing what other people keep trying.

In the end, I loved the latest movie, which I just got home from seeing. I would have liked more emotion from Jacob and Bella during the pregnancy – they were supposed to be drawn to each other because of Renesmee and the inevitable imprinting, and I would have liked more of it; overall I was happy. I didn’t think it was slow at all, but then I was drawing a lot of information from the books which helped me work the scenes in the movie…. I do want to see this one again and it has made me want to re-read the books again. On the drive home from Bendigo I just kept imagining the next movie and what they are going to do etc….I don’t want to have to wait a year!!!

7 thoughts on “My twilight obsession :D (and subsequent defence)

  1. Shannon says:

    Have you ever read the Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake series?

    Written abt 10-15yrs ago and the Twilight series is almost a carbon copy.

  2. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Hang on – Bella and Edward didn’t have the baby? Now I’m so confused!

    Who said I don’t understand you loving your hubby? Sheeeeeeeeeeesh – we need to have a talk.

    I’m not surprised he hasn’t survivied seeing a movie 7 times! OCD, much??

    • dragonray says:

      No No, they have the baby, but he dosn’t want to originally and she tells him she is having it – end of story….

      LOL we don’t need to have a talk, what I was trying to convey is that each person feels love differently and because of that I believe you can not ever truly know how someone in love feels… :p

  3. delinadesign says:

    I totally get it 🙂 I’m a bit of a closet Twi-hard… I love their story, although I’m not into Bella’s teenage musings in her head, I do however understand that the main target market for the books was teenagers. That said, I LOVED the books, and although didn’t read them until after the first movie was out and was really sick so was lent the books by my goddaughter, I really enjoyed their journey. I now have a girlfriend that is really into it too, & we go together to see the movies to spare our hubby’s! I totally understand the love you have for your hubby – I feel the same way about mine, he really is my soulmate, and I would be just as lost as Bella was (I’ve even had nightmares about losing him and I’m distraught for days afterwards). If you loved their story, there are so many other (and very adult) series out there about vampires and supernatural themes (including the Anita Blakes series). My favourite is the ‘Black Dagger Brotherhood’ series by JR Ward (8 books), and a very close second, The Carpathians by Christine Feehan (over 20 books). I have them and more as ebooks if you want them to read on your iPad.
    Anyway, enough of an essay from me, I just wanted to let you know that there are others out there, and bugger all those cynics — we are just romantics at heart, and there is nothing wrong with that!

    • dragonray says:

      I am so far out of the closet I am in a Narnia 🙂

      I was more defending the love story aspects from all the feminists out there screaming that he controls her completely, and she has no thoughts of her own and that the books make teenagers think that love is like that and she will lose her soul when she is in love and blah blah blah….

      It was driving me mad 🙂 espeically when love actually does do that to you….

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