Home coughing but keeping occupied :)

I have a nasty cough which has kept me home today – again!! I am feeling very phlegmy and I blame someone….no idea who, but someone did this to me!!

I went out this morning and bought some more cough Medicine and now I am just chilling out and trying to drink water ( hubby is likely to get cross with me if I haven’t drunk at least 2 liters today) grumble grumble grumble 🙂

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Oh my god the pain

I was woken up last night at about 2am thinking some form of alien creature was about to burst forth from my stomach – ala aliens 1979 🙂

I was in so much pain – I have only felt that once before – about a month ago, but seriously I felt like I was dying or something was being torn apart on the inside.

Hubby says he regularly suffers from the kind of pain and I feel awful for him that there is nothing I can do.  Last time I had this pain he advised to just gently and slowly rub my tummy,  Sounds reasonable – and does work – but when you have so much pain it is so hard to think about doing that.

Anyway, after about 40 minutes of rubbing my tummy, the pain started to move from the top of my torso down, and somewhere during that time I took two panadeine forte and hoped like hell it would hit me soon.  I remember the exact moment it started to work as the pain disappeared almost suddenly and my brain started to melt out my ears.  The room started spinning and my hands went fuzzy.

I fell asleep about 15 minutes later attempting to play angry birds to keep my mind distracted from the pain (failing at the distraction but trying anyway).

I woke up at about 7.30am to SMS my dad that I couldn’t come to work and then fell asleep again until 11 am.  I have slight pain now and I a cough that has been developing over the last 3 days seems to be getting worse.

I do believe I am coming down with something although managing to perhaps keep it at bay.

I am exhausted, sore and really grumpy.  I don’t want to be getting sick and I never want to feel that pain again!

In sickness and in health

I just blew my nose and let me say, that was one of the most disgusting experiences I have ever been through in my life 🙂  Stuff just shouldn’t be allowed to be created that way…..I am so grossed out :/

My throat has taken 3 days to calm down, but today I can actually swallow, it is nowhere near as sore as it has been and as above, my nose is now starting to release its anger 😀  So hopefully I should be over this in a couple of days.

I have applied for approx 8 jobs this morning, and will ensure I pick up the Sunday paper for the job section as well.  Fingers crossed I get something….haven’t had an interview for an external job in a long while.  I get heaps of agency interviews but then nothing after that….so fingers crossed now that I am out of actual work this will work in my favour 😀

Once I have my agency interview next week I will send out an email letting them know I am available for temp/contract work as well.  I would rather get into work sooner rather then later 😀

But I am exhausted now, so I am going to go and sleep some more I think…..Wrecked!!



Emotional release

Started having a sore throat yesterday morning, nothing majro just a niggling little pain, last night on the way home though I developed a fever. Sitting in the car and freezing with a jumper, scarf and blanket over me.  Got home and found my temp at 38.  My throat is killing me, I can barely talk or swallow.

I know from past experience this is my emotional release from work occurring. I knew I would get sick after I left here, I had hoped it woudl wait until I had actually left.

My mind/body are very interconnected – I shoudl have been ready for it sooner, but I can only imagine this is going to get much worse before its get better.

I have a lot invested emotionally in this place – 10 years- is a long time – a lot has happened to me external to work as well in those 10 years…..This week is going to suck, but I am hoping after that I will be in a much better headspace 😀

So it continues

Still having problems of the female variety.  I just can’t afford to take any more sick days given I only have 10 more working days left….Once I am out of here I will see a gyno and get some further advice, however I know what their response will be….I need to lose weight….so December is going to be the start of that, I am hoping that once I get my treadmil and am doing at least 1.5 hours a day on it, I should lose weight…hubby and I are going to go into vegetarian mode again – just have vegies and salads as food.  Cut out meat, bread, potatoes and possibly do a detox as well to get off the sugar and coffee and other things that need to be expelled.

Combined with the increase in exercise I am hoping to lose at least 10kgs in december…well that’s my goal…It’s probably too high a goal, but you have to aim for the top to achieve anything I reckon.

I just want to bleeding to stop.

On the upside the wound on my back has finally healed I think, it has been over 3 weeks and no blood or opening and this morning I couldn’t even feel where the wound actually is.  So it looks like it may have actually healed up.  This is a great thing!!!  Means something is finally going right.

Onto other news, my mum has been promised a decision on the spouse visa on Tuesday morning (our time) so if all goes well the new family could be out here by the weekend, which is awesome for her.  Fingers crossed we actually do get an answer but I have little faith in them actually doing what they say.  So I am not holding my breath and will wait until mum actually calls me and tells me what the decision is.  It could still be a negative, but mum isn’t considering that as an option.

Don’t read this if your squeamish about periods :D

Let’s jusy say I am having a crappy period this month.  I will put details behind the cut for those that don’t like reading about it, please skip over it.   Everyone else feel free to offer me your “awwws” and “ahhhhs” and give me many hugs and back rubs ok?

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Done and done

I think I have food poisoning from a pie that I ate on Saturday, last night I threw up a couple of times and now I am having massive stomach cramps with nausea.

Have a dr appointment at 3pm this afternoon, usual will apply I am sure- plenty of fluids and soft food….

Have also ordered our first week of lite n easy 🙂 that gets delivered on Wednesday, so we actually start on Thursday. So let’s see how this goes – I will be keeping tallies of loss and measurements on my locked posts 🙂