I was on the phone to hubby, during which I missed 2 phone calls from a blocked number.  Once I hung up they called again about 40 seconds later and it was the interview I just mentioned.

I didn’t get any of the jobs on offer, however they did pass my paperwork and details onto a store that is closer to where I live and has a vacancy at the moment.

I am devastate but trying to take my hubby’s advice that I need to think of it as a positive as they more than likely just didn’t put me in due to my living location being 40 minutes away.  The recruitment guy said 3 current managers were impressed by me at the group interview and hence why they forwarded it on.

But deep inside it just confirms that I cannot even be employed by a supermarket….I have to move past that though if I am going to have any success at an interview I may be requested to attend next week sometime.

Job hunting is the suck and there has to be a better way of doing this.

Too hard to think of a good title

I am still waiting to hear back from my last interview…they advised roughly 2 weeks before they would respond to people so this week marks 2 weeks since my interview.

I have been trying to remember to have my phone with me and not on silent in the hopes I get that phone call  or email soon.

Christmas is coming up and we have no solid plans as yet except we have to be home for Boxing day BBQ that happens every year at a friends place. Contemplating going to visit the father in law for Xmas weekend – still undecided and if we stay home hubby wants to go to the local botanical garden and have a picnic lunch if weather permits.  His mother will likely have to attend as well.  I have no idea if my mother and her muslim tribe are planning on doing anything – I do normally try and drag  my mother to whatever I am doing for Xmas as I don’t want her to spend it alone, but this year is her first with her tribe and I am not sure what the situation is…I am sure she will tell me in due course 🙂

I am feeliing ok about things mentally, but that is because I know I cannot control anything at the moment except how i feel.  So one day at a time is how I am taking it.

I was chatting to my little sister the other day who is trying to lose weight about the entire thing and she has given me some motivation to want to as well.  BUt honestly, the exhaustion from travelling so much is winning out.  My plan over the Xmas break I am having – the shop closes for a month – is to exercise for at least an hour 2 times a day.

If those people on “the biggest loser” can lose 10kgs a week by excercising all day for 3 months then I am going to give it a darn good attempt as well.  I have a bike and my workout room and I can walk etc as well…but I am hoping that after a solid month I will have started to develop the habit almost and it will be easier to just keep it going…espeiclaly if I have started to actually drop kilo’s.

Anywa, back to work I suppose hey?  It’s been really quiet at work this week. The phones have been dead since the storm on the weekend and they only work when being diverted.