Xmas Update :)

I have forgotten to update simply because it is so busy 🙂  hence the daily truth things, I thought it would perhaps keep people learning more about me, however since a couple decided not to post and previous mentioned, I figured I may as well tae this time to do a quick update 🙂

The Mother-in-Law came down on Christmas Eve Day, so I had to get up early, get all the Xmas day shopping done and then drive for 1.2 hours to get M-I-L from train station.  Essentially a wasted day 🙂

Xmas Day, we went to the local botanical gardens for the day to just get out of the house and do something different, we had a late addition of a tribe of nigerian people come as well. IN truth, they are only 5 Nigerians, but with the racket the kids make – I swear it feels like 30 🙂

We had a lovely day, the kids played soccer and the adults caught up.  Here is a youtube clip of my siblings having some dancing and singing. I apologise in advance for the quality I took this one on my iPhone and I have yet to grab the stuff off my proper camera 🙂

Hubby and my mum both ended up with some heat issues – dehydration perhaps…sun stroke…no idea…but Xmas in Melbourne can be a little scorchy.

We came home at about 5pm, and then had one of our friends come round at about 6pm to just chill out and have some drinks with us.

Then Boxing Day every year we head round to a friends place for a BBQ, however we went to bendigo in the morning to get some wedding photos printed out for the M-I-L and then we had a look around and a few bits and pieces.  BBQ was really good we got there at about 2.3pm and we got home at about 7pm, we all then decided to sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing!!  We were all pretty wrecked!

The next day we spent driving for 3 hours to drop the m-i-l off at the train station, which was 40 minutes late, and then we had some more friends over for dinner.

Yesterday, hubby went to work and was not feeling well so came home after about 3 hours…he is feeling better now though which is great.

Just typing that post has made me feel exhausted again to be honest!  We still have to find a chance to get over to see my Dad and S-mum for Xmas etc, but in all honesty, we have New years in a couple of days – which we have to start getting organised for, and I just need to get some sleep in!

I hope everyone I know has had a lovely Christmas and all that good stuff.

A good friend recently started doing video diaries instead of blogging, who would be interested in hearing me waffle or do you prefer to read it?  I am contemplating starting to test it out as well, and I have done a few videos here and there…let me know what you think 🙂

I am also trying to get my camera out again, I lost a lot of confidence in myself recently and although I have decided I don’t want to do portraits – I do enjoy taking landscape and animal shots…so I am going to continue with that and perhaps create a section/website dedicated to that so that people can purchase prints maybe?  Still working on the idea as I don’t want to spend money on something that I have no real intention of pursuing as a huge part of my life, but I would like to share images with people so if they want to hang them in their houses/shops/hotels etc they are able to.

Uni – is still a work in progress – I am still deciding what I am going to do- as yet I am undecided and I have to make some phone calls tomorrow about it all.


Another Year comes to a close

How Cliched!

These are the things I have achieved this year :

Left my employer!

Started a Degree

Sold Glenroy (YUCKY HOUSE)/Bought in Kyneton (AWESOME HOUSE)

Lost 3 kg’s (have put them back on somewhere though)

Started an exercise program of some sort

Bought hubby his Utilikilt – only 3 years late

Started running more rituals at our place

Cooked Scones that worked

Started photography – may be terrible at it, but at least I am doing it.

Most of the things I have started – I have done since we moved to Kyneton.  I am not sure what it is about this place, but it makes me want to improve and achieve and do things.  I like that feeling and I like wanting to do more with my life.  I will never be a professional photographer or chef or painter, but you know anything artistic lets me have some outlet.

So what do I want to achieve in this next year, let’s not call them resolutions, let’s just call them achievements…

Weightloss….in 12 months time I want to be pretty close to my goal of being half my size – no idea if that is even possible – but you have to have goals.

In all honesty I can’t think of anything else I really want to work on right now 🙂  Just the other usual things you know, health, happiness and a job 🙂 hehehe  Hopefully that last one will not take me too long once the new year kicks in….There haven’t been many new jobs online since Dec 16…So places really did just stop looking.

I hope all my friends and family have a wonderful night tonight and that this next year brings you more joy, happiness and patience 🙂  I hope all your wishes are granted and that it is a better year than this one has been.

Love you all.

Hugs and kisses!



 We are heading to Kyneton this afternoon, to spend NYE with the family 😀

Don’t really know what the plans are at the moment, all I know is that we are taking our computers up as well and that we are having a BBQ 😀

I am making my secret ice cream, the kids requested it 😀  and I have made some tzatziki as well, I know how much the kids love it, so that will keep them occupied and slightly drunk with the Kahlua in the ice cream !!  LOL  Joking joking!!  Will stop and pick up all the stuff from the supermarket later once we hit Kyneton.

I am looking forward to 2010.  2009 was one of the worst years I have experienced, so I am looking forward to this year.  If we sell our house and if everything goes well with that, I will be so de stressed!

I am so excited with the new year! So many big plans for this year!!