devastated :(

My new bed was supposed to be delivered today, but i got a phone call saying it has been delayed until Monday now ….I am soo devastated…I have spent the last 3 weeks so looking forward to having an actual good nights sleep and it has been torn away from me for more time…CRY  heehhe

Anyway, at least I am getting a new bed I suppose 🙂  Happiness at that thought.

Work has been good, travelling along and nothing overly exciting happening, in all honesty it is just dad doing all the work and so I think in some ways he is less stressed about it, as he is not worried about all the rework and broken stuff.  Anyway step mum is back on board, completely recovered and I am trying to get her to understand the usefulness of putting everything on computers, I may be slowly winning that battle but won’t really know until a couple of months have passed and I can show her all the awesome reports the system can run to show her how the company is actually doing.

I have barely spoken to my mum since the family came out, just that few times that first couple of days, and then pretty much radio silence.  I am not worried about it, but I am just trying to give her a chance to settle into a new life.  The kids and John also have to get used to so many things I did not want to be always over there etc.  They have all started school and well, will be on holidays now, but I didn’t want to be in the way.  I will try and catch up with them in the next couple of weeks, but we have just been so busy lately I have barely been able to stop and catch up myself.  Mum sounds so much happier and although I am sure there are other worries on her mind like money and job hunting with/for John etc, I am pretty sure that is better than worrying about them being killed.

So, I am not entirely sure where our days go, but, well I have this chest infection, so it has knocked me around for 2 weeks, and hubby was on call the other week, we have friends over on Tuesday night, hubby has gaelic on most wednesday’s (i come home and study), he was also attending one of the local scout halls as a leader on Thursday nights, (which I also use as study nights) and the weekends we have been going out together and just window shopping or going for lunch places etc and ejoying each others company really.  It has been a great time for us to just re-connect.

Hubby is sick now, I think I gave him my chest infection – or some variation, so he is unhappy with me at the moment..hehehe  OOPS!!! Hopefully he won’t be quite as sick as me though – he tends to have a very quick time of colds/flus etc; good immune system in action.

I picked up a passport application the other day, and I have to go and get some photos taken so I can have someone sign them for me.  I am thinking of either taking hubby to hawaii or japan now.  Knowing how much hubby loves Japan, it would be awesome I think, but given their recent turmoil, not sure if it is safe and financially viable etc.  The airfares are certainly cheaper to Japan at the moment, but that doesn’t mean hotels and normal costs will be lower.  I am going to have to do my homework over the next couple of days.  We have to make a flying trip to Wodonga in the next few weeks as well, to get some paperwork signed and certified for hubby’s mother, so we can get his british passport – it is, after all what I married him for…just the passport…LOL  then once we have all that sorted out I can actually start saving and looking into everything.

The credit card will be paid off in the next month and after that savings will commence for a trip of some description, then it will just be a matter of trying to get time off work for both of us for early next year….since I have no idea where I will be working at that point, it may be difficult to organise everything straight away, but I will see where we are at job wise when I start thinking of booking the flights etc.

Enough rabbiting on from me, going to do some study now…maybe….lol


I had been waiting for my mum to post before I did and it has been driving me mental!!! I am going to the airport tonight to finally pick up the new family members!!!

They are landing pretty late tonight so likely I will not be out of bed until midday tomorrow! I am excited and nervous and happy and all the other things, I am glad this is finally over for mum and I hope they are happy together for a very long time. Here’s to having more kids!!

Our car loans are finally paid off as well!!! We sent the money over on Tuesday! So no more direct debits etc and I got paid yesterday and we still had money in the bank and our wallets!! Couldn’t believe it!! Yay!!!! Financially normal again!!

More excitement, a friend of ours has come back to australia after about 5 years. Shame they are in tassie but I am looking forward to building that friendship up again!

Sweet week!

I am in the wrong profession :D

Not that I technically have a profession per se, but I think I should become a kindergarden teacher 🙂  If only I could stand children….I just love painting and doing things with stickers and stuff 🙂

In preparation for the arrival of Team Oyeniyi (  I made a poster for when we pick them up at the airport.  I had so much fun making it and in all honesty I wanted to put more stickers on but hubby told me I was possibly overdoing it 🙂 heheh  I can’t roll  it up either as some of the stickers fall off, so I have to just keep it flat.  Currently on the dining room table but I will move it to my car today and place it on the backseat.

I just wanted to give them something they could feel a little happy about, they can stick it on the wall when they get home 🙂

Hope you like it as much as I do!  Sorry for the poor image quality, but I took it with my iphone in bad light 🙂

and then i finally happens…

Wouldn’t believe it would you!!

The visas got approved!!! I can’t really say much else due to security, suffice it to say the battle is almost over, just waiting for them to actually sort out planes and travel!!  BUT WOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!

Mum may actually start getting better and not be so completely nuts anymore 🙂 hehhe

Welcome home guys – when you do actually get here!  I have to start on my welcome home sign for the airport!!!  ehehehhe  GLITTER INCOMING!!

Slowly feeling more human

Friday…already..what a wasted week I have spent….all week laying down because I have been far too ill to do anything else 😀

I am feeling moderately human today, which I am liking.  I have to pit my ear drops in and have some brekkie, but I am not feeling like I am going to topple over when I turn my head.  Always a good sign I believe.

I managed to combat the motion sickness when I was on the Spirit of Tasmania ship, by just moving with the waves instead of fighting it, but sadly I am on solid ground and cannot use any such tricks here….

I may attempt to do some vacuuming today – and will complete the dishes I started last night.  The vacuum cleaner we have is super awesome so it will be just like I am walking around and not having to actually do much movement…

We are having some people over tomorrow arvo/might for hubby’s birthday and I won’t be drinking (obviously) but I can certainly make sure the house is clean and an acceptable standard for someone just out of surgery.  Honestly there is like 7 people coming over, so it is nothing major, but I still want the place to be tidy!

My next unit of stufy starts soon, I am just waiting for the letter and login details to arrive…hopefully I can better deal with this degree and be finished sooner rather than later.

We really need to refinance and consolidate our debt…sadly financial institutes are bothersome and do not really care about the individuals situations or circumstances.  But we will push forward.  I am in discussion with our current mortgage holders to see if there is anything they can do for us, and if not, we will just have to leave things as they are for a couple more years and battle through.  We are scraping by every fortnight but only by the skin on our teeth to be honest….we have had some very lucky weeks.

For example – this fortnight – every single bill comes out of our account – that is $2000 we need to find.  Luckily hubby got paid loadings this week and combined with my pay it just covers all of those bills and leaves us with (hopefully) enough money to survive on.  However next fortnight only half come out….it is just the way the cookie crumbles but it means that every fortnight we have no idea if we are going to make it through…I don’t get paid this week either as I took an advance since I was not going to be at work this week to collect my wage.  So I don’t paid again until next Thursday but by then most of the bills should be paid and that will give us money to fund the following week, so if everything goes to plan – we should be fine this fortnight….might even try and get a leg up on next fortnight and put some money aside….actually thinking about that – we aren’t that badly off this fortnight….see I like writing, sometimes it just clears the head space!

Mum and her visa saga are still ongoing – we are getting one step closer each day, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.  I am not really sure how much mum has left – I can only do so much and not entirely sure I am really doing enough.  I can go and visit and offer as many pep talks as she needs but it will never be enough to combat the stress.  There is a request for the passports now so surely that means they are going to stick the visas in and voila – all done???  Maybe not so far away – then all she will have to stress about is feeding 6 people instead of 1 😀  HAHAHAAH  SUCKER!!!  It will certainly be a bloody happy day when they get on planes!


Mum won the visa appeal!!! Which means after a couple more weeks for paperwork john will be allowed to come back to Australia!!!!!! We have to get a decision on the children yet though, however we are very hopeful that they will be approved pretty quickly 🙂

I went to the hearing with her and was ecstatic when told, mum was much more unemotional at the scene….when we got home and it started to sink in, she finally showed some emotion….

I have also discovered that west Richmond is a crappy station as the train I need to catch does not stop here all that much, it skips. So I need to get on one train and change at Clifton hill, would have been nice had I realized that a week ago 🙂 hehe but my powers of deduction at 7am are well below minimum 🙂