Time for a quick update…so much has been going on

Firstly, I got really sick over the weekend and went to work on Monday, altough I probably shouldn’t have.  i was running a fever and felt sore all over…suffice it to say I have spent the last 2 days sleeping and trying to recover….can’t seem to shake this headache though…probably have not been drinking enough water in all honesty.

Secondly, I missed out on the L and D role – there was a stronger candidate, I was unable to receive any feedback as I was very strong in my interview and there was nothing they could fault (again).  However the lady I spoke to today advised there is a second position and she is going to speak to the manager about it and see if they want me to slot into that role…I am waiting on a call back about that.

Thirdly, hubby came home and said he wanted to start playing WoW again, that someone got him all interested.  So we have taken it back up in a casual capacity – ie…no raiding at this stage aside from random pugging, with that in mind I have started up my WoW blog again so I don’t drown this one with crap.  http://azerothianlife.wordpress.com  is the link for that 🙂  Yes I have changed it again.  New times need new blogs if you ask me 😀

Fourthly (is that even a word) someone who was very dear to me has gotten back in contact with me and I am confused and scared, so I am just taking that one easy and seeing where it leads. Yes I find it hard to move past being hurt…so sue me….I am just being careful not to get attached and emotionally involved at this stage 😀 TRYING anyway!!

That is all for the minute 😀

Pink room :D

We started cleaning out the junk room!!!

I want to start painting our miniatures again and we need the room cleaned out for our wargaming table to be in there, so we made a great start on it today, I would say 90% done! Just a couple more boxes and we will be able to fit the table in and therefore clean out the garage to put the cars in and avoid frost!

Found some bits and pieces that I have placed around the house etc.  Need to do some more washing today though and some dusting etc 😦 YUCK to housework!


My old guild finally killed Arthas for anyone who is interested 😀

Grats to them!!

I have been keeping in contact with a couple of people from the guild, and I do miss them so much, but I am still very bitter about what happened with it all, so I haven’t really wanted to talk about it all that much.

I’ll be honest I think that is why I quit WoW in the end.  I just lost my interest in a game where you can spend so much time looking out for people, motivating, helping, and then get so royally fucked by them….yeah still bitter…

But I am so happy for the guild to have killed the end boss before new content, and they can go into the xpac with a solid team and do some damage in there.  I am happy for them!

Almost forgot

I have not been playing Wow for however long, and I am suffering withdrawals, I have been having vivid dreams about areas in the game that I would love to just run around in again and I have been missing playing.

I get fiddly at about 7pm as I have for the last 5 years been online to raid and am not doing that anymore, almost feels like I have lost a limb.

I do miss it, but I do enjoy this new found time I have to be doing things both in and out of the house 😀

Goodbye my love

I have decided to quit my gaming obsession and have cancelled my WoW subscription.

This week I have had more health problems just magically appear and it has scared me.  I am really scared that I am getting tot he point that I will not be able to repair the damage.  So I am going to be focused on getting myhealth fixed.

Hubby and i are taking up aikido next fortnight and we will be doing laps in the local footy oval on the off nights, I may even investigate doing belly dancing on the weekend as well if I can find a weekly class.  of course all of that combined with our better eating (which we are already doing – just need to improve it) means I can get my metabolism working better, my PCOS may start to get sorted, I won’t get diabetes and I may actually have my open wounds start to heal…..

I will be passwording my health posts so that if people want to see my fat pictures along with all my other information they can ask for the password and I don’t have to subject people to it at random 😀

Wish me luck for my gaming addiction,  i may need to take up smoking again in exchange!!!  LOL (joking joking)

betrayal, stings like a bee..no – a wasp

I have been betrayed by people I have counted as friends before, I am sure every single person has, I think it is part of human nature…

However it has just happpened to me, again, friends names have been mentioned to me in relation to backstabbing me and saying bad things…I don’t believe all the names mentioned as I trust them to have been honest with me and actually my friends…and I do hope that my trust has not been broken.

I have my thoughts on who is starting this crap up and perpetuating it, but as I have no real evidence or even motive to back that up I am just keeping silent.  I am sad though as I have now stepped down from a role I enjoy in game…

On top of my current feelings and emotional sensitivity, this has been a big blow to my confidence, and feeling of self worth.

Yes I need to get outof my head (thanks for the advice!!), I am just not sure how to do that yet since I am still so caught up in this latest betrayal…A week should be all the recovery time I need, after that I will be able to get back into everything.

POsting this here as I cannot post it to my wow blog, so sorry for the seemingly randomness of this post.

Something was said to me tonight, which got me really annoyed, so annoyed in fact I nearly told everyone to go and shove it, instead poor spankypants copped it all. Which I feel awful about now as it was not his fault, but well he just happened to whisper me when I was away from my computer throwing a tanty. I know my guild is more than just one person, and I have a group of close friends in the guild, let’s say 5 people, who I would do anything for, and their opinion matters to me more than anyone else in the game, and indeed it has mattered to me since I met them all.

But when someone makes an offhand comment about how none of the work I have done as raid leader means anything, I get a little miffed. I guess i find it ironic as I was reading this post today, a fairly simple post about saying thank you to your raid leader. http://wtbrage.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/raid-leading-appreciation/ Anyway, I am annoyed that I even bother trying to make people happy and trying to make raids go ahead and trying to make them enjoyable…from now on I will just shut my fucking mouth, but you know what…I am so tempted to just pull out the nasty hat and say, well since I am not any good as raid leader – how about the new and improved guild leader and just start laying down the law and booting people when i don’t think they can play.

I am also annoyed with myself that I even got annoyed in the first place, I am sure it was just a comment and had nothing behind it…but I am really getting sick of people NOT thinking about the person behind the avatar…yes I do have feelings and yes I am a person….last time I checked I even had a pulse…. No doubt someone will take offence at this post, and you know what the state I am in now I don’t really care. But just a point to note a little bit of appreciation can go a long way to helping a guild leader feel valued and NOT like they are trying to keep a guild together for no reason. Yes it really is a thankless task and I am appalled that less than half a guild take the time to care and be involved and give a shit about the guild as a whole.

I have been raid leading, in this guild for 2 years, others have helped out and stepped up and we have always shared the job. but…tonight…..fuck them…fuck them all if they think they can treat me like this anymore…I am done.  I am sick of the fucking bullshite, sick of the drama, sick of being told I am shite and not as good as others and fuck them…..I am done.