I was on the phone to hubby, during which I missed 2 phone calls from a blocked number.  Once I hung up they called again about 40 seconds later and it was the interview I just mentioned.

I didn’t get any of the jobs on offer, however they did pass my paperwork and details onto a store that is closer to where I live and has a vacancy at the moment.

I am devastate but trying to take my hubby’s advice that I need to think of it as a positive as they more than likely just didn’t put me in due to my living location being 40 minutes away.  The recruitment guy said 3 current managers were impressed by me at the group interview and hence why they forwarded it on.

But deep inside it just confirms that I cannot even be employed by a supermarket….I have to move past that though if I am going to have any success at an interview I may be requested to attend next week sometime.

Job hunting is the suck and there has to be a better way of doing this.

One thought on “Psyhic?

  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    I still haven’t forwaded you the resume suggestions – I am SO SORRY. Life here is a constant whirl. I will call you this weekend to discuss.

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