Another day another dollar

Had a pretty good weekend, went out on Sunday to a BBQ for D and was quite enjoyable. I didn’t know anyone so I felt like a 3rd wheel, but made a freidn and we sat and chatted most of the afternoon. It was a nice afternoon out of the house.

Saturday, D went out with the boys and I stayed home and played WoW while drinking bottle of wine.

I have been playing WoW a little more lately, since I have some time on my hands…not sure where the time has come from, but I am not complaining. I have been managing to get out of work before 6pm and providing the trains don’t keep me waiting for 2 hours like the other night, I am getting home at a reasonable hour..and the phone has not run with fanmily members needing my help! Which is always good!

I have no walked this week as I forgot to take myanitbitoics and have been in severe pain. So I made sure to take them yeserday and need to keep on taking them so I can walk again this week.

I really want to take up belly dancing again as well, but finding a place to do it is the difficulty.

Nothing much has been going on, we have finally gotten out of our financial issues, we are essentially debt free aside from the mortgage and car. Any attempt at saving money was gone this fortnigth as we had to pay a fair amount of money to the vet to keept Narvi alive.

Her kittens are doing relaly well, they are starting to walk a little bit, we took them out of the bos last night and just let them walk around the lounge, they kind of stumbled a fair bit, but it was cute. They have also finally started feeding from the bottle, which is a good sign her milk is finally drying up. We need to feed them four times a day, so i think the poor little guys will be starving when we get home. Thankfully I am on holidays in 8 working days and so can be home to make sure they are getting feed as needed. Have to take her to vet this week, so have the stitches removed as well then we shodul be on th ehome stretch – may as well get her vaccinated as well while we are there. Might get the dogs done next fortnight actually, i think they are both due.

I forgot to try and get piccies this weekend. Will try and do it this week!

My medical terminolgy course ends this week, well this is the last actual week of lecture, next week is the anatomical museum and certificates. So will start investigating the insurance course and applying for jobs in underwriting….tempted to apply to the hundreds of jobs in NZ to be honest 😀 but i think D would kill me…must remember to ask him 😀

All in all feeling much better about everything this week than I have for a while.

Multi topic update coz I can!

Narvi – is doing well, she is not completely out of the woods, but she is much better than she was two days ago. I have had very little sleep the lasyt couple of days, the first night she was home I was basically wake every hour making sure she was still breathing.

She will stop producing milk soon, and we have been given all the stuff required to feed the kittens, 4 times a day!! LOL

Exercise – Have not walked the last 3 days, will need to go nuts this week and make sure we do it every day – even if we don’t do the big walk we need to ensure we do some walk….However we have been making a concerted effort to eat a lot better. Found an awesome recipe for an avocado/chicken salad thing.

Salad Recipe


My poor little Narvi is having surgery at the moment. She has a prolapsed uterus, that is to say her uterus is hanging outside her vagina when in all reality it should be inside the vagina….

The Vet also thinks she may have another kitten in her tummy, I would guess dead, sadly, but I am just hoping she pulls through this in one piece.

He is going to spay her and hopefully save her life before she gets something like septicemia.

We have to go back and pick her up anytime between 2 and 5pm….

My poor little munchkin….I just want to hold her and tell her everything will be ok :/