Had my mouth pulled, squished and ripped apart by a wonderful dentist. The rest of my tooth has been extracted and now I feel so much better with blood and numb tongue and not being able to eat anything grainy or cold or hot…..LOL…only luke warm 🙂  Having lasagne for lunch as I am starving and having a serious case of the shakes!!!

I don’t remember ver having a tooth pulled and I am telling you now I never want to experience that again!!  It was horrible!! The cracking sound and the discomfort…nope…never again!

I have another appointment set for 2 weeks time, as I have another tooth that looks like it will need to be extracted as well, he is going to attempt to put a filling on it though and see if that salvages it for a little while…..

Going to have to harrass hubby for both of us to go to the dentist regularly, espeiclaly as we are getting older we need to look after our teeth 🙂  and to be truly honest – I am sick of being in pain when I eat.

The Dentist was horrified that I have had tooth pain for over 3 months and have just ignored it…he rolled his eyes and shrugged – like “OMG I can’t help you now”….to which I apologised profusely and felt very guilty about….

But you know if so many of them weren’t butchers….I would have gone more as an adult 🙂

I am slightly headachy now as well and I wonder if it is related….I am certainly still shaking quite a bit and it was about 35 minutes since he finished….

Also on somethig unrelated, I picked up my car today!!  YAY!!  She is beautiful and runs lovely 🙂

What a bloody day!!!!

OK, so I took my car to be serviced yesterday because it was having issues with the world.  I got a phone call this morning telling me it was just a system issue because the computers in cars now control all the sensors – so if the software is unhappy the sensors are unhappy and therfore my engine is unhappy.  😦  I am therefore unhappy!!

Then I got a phone call that our finance is approved – I just need to send in a certificate of currency on our home insurance….will be calling them tonight as I am pretty sure they are open until 11pm. I am going to email it to them and it means our finance should be ready by Monday/Tuesday!!  YAYA!!!  So we can pay off the cars and have money every fortnight now!!  Then I can focus on our bike licenses and then well…just see what happens from there!

Grabbed the mail and start opening it all, we get a letter from the Environmental Protection Agency about our VW being too noisy and having an exhaust problem we need to get checked out by specific places by the 22 june…..someone (either an EPA offical or a policeman) saw us on Flinders Street and reported us….now…not sure if you have heard a Golf GTI taking off at the lights, but it sounds like a thunderstorm in the car.  I had a giggle at t, because I am taking the car to get its service on saturday anyway, and now I have to take it somewhere else for them to confirm the exhaust is fine….fucking ridiculous!!!!!!  One of us has to get a day off work now to get this $40 check done and a certificate produced.

And then…..started munching on dinner and half my tooth fell out!!  Yeah, you know when you say for about 6 months that you need to go to the dentist and you never do,…yeah that was me….I have to go now don’t I ?!!  Trying to find a dentist is going to be a pain in the butt!!  Tomorrow, I have to pick up my car from its service, find a dentist and then call around these exhaust places and find a suitable appointment!!!


fingers crossed :D

Have sent in all our paperwork for the refinance/debt consolidation…fingers are so deeply crossed I am scraping bone.

This will really help us out and I am just not able to express how good it will be if it goes through!!

My ear is healing well, and I think the surgery was a success, it sounds like I am underwater (which is better than hearing nothing) and it is damn itchy!!!  I have never really been great with dealing with itchy wounds….so this is nuts!!  I just want to shove a fork in there and scratch around for a little while!!!  Only 2 more weeks before the sponge gets removed, so I am hopeful that itching will stop soon.

Where do we go from here

So decided last night I have to get back on track with the food aspects of our lives. I am not losing weight as I would like and i think that is because we have reverted back to bad eating habits.

I made one of our usual salads tonight and there was enough for both of us to bring to work today….once we reduced our serving size….

I also bought some multi vitamins last night, but forgot to take one this morning 🙂 supposed to take it with breakfast….another issue I need to remedy….Hoping that helps the exhaustion I am feeling….fingers crossed!

I have my uni exam on the 28th as well, my first exam in over 10 years…. Not sure how I am going to get through it. I am still waiting for my second assignment results and I did pass all the tests and the first assignments, so if I can manage to pass the exam, I should be ok!!!!

I enrolled for my next two subjects, intro to management and intro to programming…..so they start the day of my exam….had to do them first as they are the pre-reqs to the rest of my modules.

Can’t believe I am doing a degree finally and I am starting next modules already!!!! It is bloody awesome!!!

I am not looking for work anymore either, I sort of stumbled into a job working with my dad, did I mention that already? Can’t remember! It’s not a permanent thing, just until my step mother gets back on her feet really, but we don’t know when that will be, so for the moment it is giving me excellent skills and experience I can use for my job hunt when this is over 🙂 and I am getting paid 🙂

We are also trying to refinance our loans into one as that will give us more money each week, and means I don’t really need to work at all…..and no…not talking about babies!!!! Lol


My little guy has some major issues.

I took him to the vet today as he is starting to develop the skin problem he had previously.

They advised we need to give him food with higher omega 3 – so I will be buying some extra expensive food on Friday – in the mean time I am adding a can of sardines to his diet.  This includes antibiotics and anti scratching tablets every day for the next couple of weeks.

The vet doesn’t think it likely it is fleas as she could not see any evidence of them – as i can’t – but has not entirely ruled it out, however I would suggest that after a couple of months on the better food if we see an improvement then it is likely not flea related.

He also has a cataract developing on his right eye, so far it only covers a third – if it gets worse he may need to have a new lens replacement.  Apparently not difficult or hard procedures anymore.  So in a couple of months time if the eye looks more cloudy I need to take him back and possibly to an eye specialist as well.  I did notice his eye looked more glassy in light and did even mention it to hubby, but wasn’t sure if it was just the light – he wasn’t having any difficulty seeing out of it so I didn’t bother getting it checked.  I am glad it was not a major issue just yet.

So my poor little baby has to have special food because he has so much fur and he may have to have surgery….



YAY – I am home!

Well I got home a couple of days ago, but I just didn’t get the chance to even sit at my computer.  Yesterday I had a job interview in the morning, I really want the job to be honest, I am hoping I did not screw up the interview.  They seemed like a nice bunch of people and it is close to home and everything. I may need to just have a walk around Kyneton in the next few days and see if anyone has some signs up in their shops.

Then after that, I took hubby to Gisborne to have his dentist appointment, we get all the way out there and find the dentist is closed due to a “power surge”.  nice.  Thanks for calling and telling us….So we then hda to find him another dentist.  So we came home and started dialling numbers.  Finally got him an appointment and then headed to bendigo.

Stopped and bought my exercise bike, I could have ordered it online but seriously I couldn’t be bothered waiting the 4 weeks for them to even look at the order.  We actually just assembled that this morning…so I am taking a break before I start lunch, dishes and washing – which I want to get all done today.

So hubby has a tooth removed – blood everywhere, which has finally stopped this morning, and he is no pain from exposed nerves 😀  Just normal tooth being pulled out pain 😀

I also spent this morning applying for jobs, approx 6, so fingers crossed something comes of it, I have had basically no luck with the job thing…which is depressing.  I have to contact my temping agency and tell them to get onto it 😀

Anyway, migt make some lunch now 😀

So it continues

Still having problems of the female variety.  I just can’t afford to take any more sick days given I only have 10 more working days left….Once I am out of here I will see a gyno and get some further advice, however I know what their response will be….I need to lose weight….so December is going to be the start of that, I am hoping that once I get my treadmil and am doing at least 1.5 hours a day on it, I should lose weight…hubby and I are going to go into vegetarian mode again – just have vegies and salads as food.  Cut out meat, bread, potatoes and possibly do a detox as well to get off the sugar and coffee and other things that need to be expelled.

Combined with the increase in exercise I am hoping to lose at least 10kgs in december…well that’s my goal…It’s probably too high a goal, but you have to aim for the top to achieve anything I reckon.

I just want to bleeding to stop.

On the upside the wound on my back has finally healed I think, it has been over 3 weeks and no blood or opening and this morning I couldn’t even feel where the wound actually is.  So it looks like it may have actually healed up.  This is a great thing!!!  Means something is finally going right.

Onto other news, my mum has been promised a decision on the spouse visa on Tuesday morning (our time) so if all goes well the new family could be out here by the weekend, which is awesome for her.  Fingers crossed we actually do get an answer but I have little faith in them actually doing what they say.  So I am not holding my breath and will wait until mum actually calls me and tells me what the decision is.  It could still be a negative, but mum isn’t considering that as an option.

Don’t read this if your squeamish about periods :D

Let’s jusy say I am having a crappy period this month.  I will put details behind the cut for those that don’t like reading about it, please skip over it.   Everyone else feel free to offer me your “awwws” and “ahhhhs” and give me many hugs and back rubs ok?

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homeeeeee….on the rangeeeeeeee

Hubby is in Sydney for a couple of days so I am all alone 😦  He will be back Friday, so not that bad really…it is a quick trip, which is good.

I have confirmed my appointment at the ear specialist for the 8th December at 1.20pm i9n Sunbury.  So have to find the hospital out there, but it is better than having to drive into melbourne 😀  He is the closest specialist in my area, but he also services Melbourne.  Fingers crossed he can get me in for surgery sooner rather than later, but I am not holding my breath to be honest.  I am just so sick of having constant ear pain!!

Next on my list after this is to get my abscyss investigated as it has not healed and it has been well over a year since it was operated on, but I really want my ear sorted out first!

It has also been one week since I resgiend to the day, so I only have 3 more weeks to go!!!!  Cannot express my excitment properly. I am just so happy and feeling so much less stressed in some ways to be getting out of here, the other half of me is having trouble keeping my cool because I know I am getting out of here….just the amount of retardation is increasing (it seems) and I am finding it a real struggle to continue being nice to fucking idiots who I won’t have to work with ever again shortly.

I have an interview at an agency this afternoon, so am just planning on getting my resume out there a little, I am not overly worried about a job right at this point in time, so it is very nice to have the luxury(?) of not being consumed by job issues.

Anyway I suppose I should try and get focused on some work…actually I am training people for the last 3 weeks I have to get them skilled up in some functions as I am one of the last experienced people left in the company…saysa lot when people are fleeing!!

Life getting you down?

I am really feeling down today. I just can’t seem to get interested in anything.  I feel that i want to cry and curl into a ball sobbing…perhaps the bottle of wine I have in the fridge will be consumed tonight to help alleviate the emptiness.

I know why i feel like this, because I can’t seem to find a job to save my soul.  In all honesty the last 4 interviews I have been four I have been told there is no feedback they can give me, that I am supberb and fabulous.  However there has been a stronger candidate and they wished they had two positions so I could have one of them.

I am just depressed that I seem to be soooo good, yet not good enough.  They can offer no feedback or improvements and this leads me to think one paranoid thing….do people not want to hire fat people?  In a world with current obesity problems are we still under the impression that fat people = lazy people?

The reason I have come to this conclusion is this – being fat and therefore not in a suit and dressed appropriately is, in my mind, the ONLY thing they can NOT offer feedback on as it would be discriminating.  If my resume was not as impressive, or my experience not as good – wouldn’t they say that as feedback – wouldn’t they give examples of HOW my knowledge/skills/experience was not appropriate??  They can’t turn around and say “Well you are fat and so we don’t want you!” can they?

Seriously I wouldn’t be feeling this way if they could actually provide me feedback on what I can improve or what skills I can develop – but NOTHING!!!  Asking direct questions give me NOTHING!!!

I am trying to lose weight, but being as large as I am takes time, having PCOS does not help that and having unhealed wounds also doesn’t help.  I am sick to death of this….We have managed to cut our portion sizes down dramatically and I am drinking more water and having breakfast (most days).  Aside from this week being down with the flu, we have started some exercise again and I really hope this helps, but I am not likely to be losing enough weight for months for it to be making a difference to my appearance or ability to buy clothes and suits.

I am depressed today, I am sooo depressed. I want to cry and I want to scream and I want to wring people’s necks until their eyes pop out of their heads and they bleed internally!!  OK so maybe not that last part….maybe….