Home again

I am home again.  Friday night was a bust, i spent the afternoon/night attached to my toilet bowl.  Although I am overweight, most people wouldn’t know that I don’t really eat all that much food, and especially not rich restaurant food, and I think after a week of that kind of food it caught up with me and made me rather sick.  I had to cancel plans which I am still unhappy about and the trip home was horrendous for all the toilet breaks I needed.

Anyway we finally made it here and my sister from another family, had kept the house in wonderful condition.  The animals were all happy to see us and hubby and I were happy to be home.  We had a quick catch up with Beth and then hubby dropped her home whilst i put the kettle on and made coffee.

It is so nice to be home again.  the puppies are every excited to have us home and keep coming requesting attention.  Ms Naarvi slept all over me on the couch and possessively – i might add 🙂

This morning, I had to get out of bed, even though I would have preferred a couple more hours of sleep.  The mattress we have is almost 10 years old, and I am pretty sure it should be thrown out.  It gives me unbelievable back pain in the mornings after sleep, so I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I am up!  I am going to install my camera onto the computer and put my harddrive back on and restore all my old documents and images, then I am going to upload some wonderful images I took over the weekend!

I am most likely also going to do some house wife stuff, like wash all the clothes from the trip and put stuff away obviously 🙂 maybe…if my back stops hurting soon 🙂

The long and the short of it is, I am so happy to be home and I am glad I have a chance now to catch up on emails, blogs, uni and photography 🙂


365 Project

Whilst reading through Facebook status updates I came across an interesting one from a friend :


The idea being you post an image every day that you have taken that day as a reminder of all the things happening in ones life we forget about.

I am intrigued by this idea and am going to give it a shot.  Can’t say how long I will actually remember to do this for, however I have pulled out the old (little) digital camera so I can throw it in my bag and perhaps snap shots of my day as I am just living life.

Also because hubby reminded me the other day the SLR is not actually my SLR and therefore he would like to use it…..*hehe*  so I kind of feel guilty and have given it back to him 😀  So until I get a job and can save the money up for my own camera – I am back to using my ole Olympus.

I then jumped onto wordpress today and found they have the same thing happening – blog a day….I am wondering if I should sign up for that as well, although I tend not to blog every single day I do blog quite regularly..perhaps I should sign up for the blogaweek thing instead then 😀  Covers my butt since I do tend to post weekly if nothing else 😀  So here goes I guess!


Blog update

I am just playing with my blog appearance – once again!

I have decided to use this awesome theme which allows me to pick my background and header and make it look awesome.  Well I think it looks awesome but most people who know me, know all my artistic talent can be stored in the nail on my pinkie finger 😀

So I will be changes my images every now and then and they will only be of images I have taken, that way I can at least look like I appreciate my own artwork 😀 hehehe

Moving of blogs

WP finally have an awesome tool with which to convert my LJ to here.  So I have now done that.

I am no longer going to use my LJ, and may actually delete it, given my entire history has been ported to WP.

I am slowly working back through all my posts and correcting and neatening up all the tags and categories.  Yes WP did keep those settings, but it was such a shamble and mess I decided to alter that.  I have over 39 pages of posts though, so I am pretty sure it will take me the next millennium to fix it up 😀

So onward and upward – I hope you enjoy your new home!