For my mum and the kids who won’t/don’t/can’t/shan’t eat anything :D

Here is an inspirational blog re food that I thought my mother could get some creative ideas from 🙂

She is creating burgers from each country – they are not burgers as we think of them though 🙂  might be some method to help get the kids to enjoy a more aussie palette.



made he link a hyperlink for someone who complained :p hehehhehe


Sydney. What can I say? 🙂 I think I really do love this town!

We stayed at a best mates place for the first couple of days as previously mentioned and we caught up with my other best mate and his boyfriend.

Spent a massive day walking around the CBD, looking at shops and eating then coffee etc, was very cool. I have missed them a lot 🙂

We had an awesome dinner cooked for us on Sunday night and I made tiramasu for desert. But the beef and guinness stew was delicious! We also met a really nice girl called sara and hubby was a little surprised at how similar me and get were 🙂

Also have managed to meet up with Carolyn and her partner, Tim and his partner, Trevor and Gabby (all on separate occasions) and somehow we are not yet insane! Partners I had never met before either!!!

I have spent a bucketload of time driving around Sydney to pick and drop off and meet up and to be quite honest I am fucking exhausted 🙂 I think Sydney drivers are nuts and just as unpredictable as Melbourne drivers, however – Sydney drivers STILL know how to merge onto freeways and that is awesome!!

Currently I am standing at the train station waiting to head into the city with and lunch with shannon as we are not going to see her again before we leave for Melbourne tomorrow! I am going to miss her immensely.

We have plans for this evening as well in which we will be catching up with even more friends and hopefully not having too late a night – we have to check out by 10 am!! Lol

Heading back to Melbourne tomorrow and I really don’t know how I feel about it, I really have enjoyed being back here and I have enjoyed catching up with everyone, but is that because it is a holiday? If, for example, we did move back here, would we fit into our friends lives anymore or would we barely see them? Would I find a job, would we be happy with renting again, etcetcetcetcetc

Train is here now, so I am going to sign off for thr moment! Have a great day everyone!

Happy Birthday Hubby

Today we are having a gathering of about 7 people to celebrate hubby’s 30th.  He doesn’t seem all too stressed about aging, but I think it is a milestone and so really pushed that he have some people over 😀

I have made my grasshopper pie, bought some meat for the BBQ and will make a salad.  We have some nibbles as well and I will be unable to drink 😦  However I will be watching everyone else get sloshed and jolly and wishing I was joining them.  I was really looking forward to getting a little tipsy tonight.  Bah humbug is all I have to say 🙂

We will have Eurovision on in the background as it is the second semi final tonight and the grand final tomorrow night. ❤ my eurovision!!!!!  ONE YEAR I WILL GET TO A LIVE SHOW!!!

I have to go and finish the dishes and clean up in the computer room a little more, but otherwise everything is clean and tidy.

Have a great day my love, I hope this year is awesome for you and that we reach some of our goals and that you are happier this year than the last year.  I love you so much and I am thankful that we have shared 10 years together and that we have so many more to share.

Missed a couple of exercise days

Yes I missed a couple of days due to my leg pain.  I did some research into the muscle pain you suffer and most people said to rest the area for a couple of days as you want the muscle to heal, this is what helps build stronger muscles.  If you continue to just tear them down (hence the pain) you will find they eventually wither away and become smaller……soo….that worried me 🙂  Anyway I then missed time due to Xmas which I think is fairly understandable 😀  However I got back into this morning, and I am going to push myself even harder in the next few weeks.

Also a funny thing, I had my scales in my workout room with me so I could weigh myself at the end of every week…..yeah….apparently carpet is not a good surface 🙂  It added an extra 10-15 kg’s to my actual weight…not that it matters as potentially I will be losing weight so it doesn’t matter what my start weight is…however – it does matter if it isn’t reading accurately.  So I have moved into it the bathroom.  I actually need to correct my starting weight on my sheets, i might do that after I post this up 😀

I am also going to take some pictures of my workout room to share, so you can all see how wonderful and bland it is!!  I need to get some motivational posters on the walls 😀  I might even do a collage of dresses/clothes/people/body shapes as well and help me focus on my goal 😀

So anyway Christmas was good.  My mum came up to spend the day with us, so I hope that cheered her up a little bit with the recent denial of her spouse visa she has not been dealing very well with everything.  We  had hubby’s mum down as well.  I bought Prawns!!!  YUMMOOOO!!  Stuffed myself silly to be honest, but you know it is the only day I actually by prawns, so I do go nuts 😀  We also had turkey and ham and roast veggies and then for desert we have hedgehog and fruit cake.  But I only had a small piece of each as I was conscious of the fact I had stuffed prawns in and I haven’t done any exercise!!  LOL

So today we are heading to a friends place for our normal boxing day drinking session.  Nothing major just sitting out talking, eating and drinking, it is always a nice day.

Hubby just showed me a few new exercise, which I am going to have to remember to do each day as well now.  Yes my plan is to do exercise every single day!!

I have to go and check on the silverside I have cooking, so I hope you all had lovely days yesterday and that Santa was good to you.  My Santa got lost in the USA somewhere and so none of our presents are actually here yet 😀  We are following them on tracking and they apparently are in melbourne……..just….not with us…..perhaps next week?  heheeh

Hugs and kisses to you all!!


2nd Day

So second day on lite n easy and I can’t eat my lunch…I probably shoudl have checked with them how much of the meals would be inclusive of black pepper and capsicum.  Consdiering I am allergic and unable to consume those products without being in agony, this has not been good.

My lunch today was a BBQ chicken pizza, which was a better option – so i thought – that some other thing.  Please find picture attached

Now, I don’t consider myself a fussy eater.  So I don’t like Pate or chutney but basically as long as it smells and looks nice I will eat it…

The above does not look appealing, aside from all the red on their being smashed up capsicum I can’t even pick it off and even if I did the entire pizza would smell of capsicum and taste like it anyway.

The thing that distubs me the most…..WHO THE FUCK PUTS CORN ON THEIR PIZZA???????????????????????

SO I went and bought a salad for 5 bucks instead….my snack for this afternoon is roasted chick peas….another thing I am not overly keen on, but it was a better option…but i am not likely to eat them either….Chick peas need to be IN things to taste better than cardboard and even then they still taste like cardboard…

Anyway have been told by the poeple at work I am far too fussy as they are all saying the food is fine…

*blink  blink*


I need to cook them dinner every night for a week and then they can come and tell me it tastes ok….

They also don’t believe me that i serve smaller meals at home than what we are getting served…seriously the prejuidce that fat people east alot is pissing me off a little at the moment….I am sure there are fat people that eat more and hence their fat, but hubby and I are just lazy….if we did more execrise we would have no problems…

I am so depressed right now….

Tomorrow it starts

So we got our delivery today of lite n easy, so starts our first week 😀

I was going to weigh myself but the thought is too depressing as I am pretty sure I will have put on more weight since the last time I weighed myself..probably close to 10kgs…

i know I have to do it though so I can actually track my progress….grrrrr…

I am going to do a weigh in every wednesday, which means I may place another page for it to keep a record of 😀  o.O I would even put a little graph on there etc 😀 eheheh

Lite n easy

Hubby and I are starting lite n easy next Friday!

Have worked out financially it is about the same as buying groceries and then lunches/snacks every day at work. So we won’t be any worse off, and if nothing else we will be losing weight.

I am hoping for more than 1kg a week drop but am not going to be disappointed if that is all I lose! I am hopeful that this will work.

We have not started our skipping yet, the rope we were using was too light and therefore making it hard to jump. Hopefully this pay we can go to the sports store and get some proper ones.

The wound on my back has almost healed, I took the dressing of yesterday and there was no yuckiness, fingers crossed another couple of weeks and that goose will be cooked, then just one more open wound to work on- fingers crossed that when I start losing weight that will help.

Not much else to say until next week when we start it up!! Measurements will be incoming regularly!!

What a weekend :D

Busy weekend is just bloody busy!!

I was in the city for my sisters 18th surprise bday party 🙂 She thougth she was just going for lunch with her parents and siblings, she was shocked as hell to see about 40 people jump out yelling surprise!!!  LOL  Was pretty cool.  I got to catch up with some of my cousins and I was in so much pain from laughter by the end of the afternoon.  They are growing up into fun teenagers and I am thinking I may have to organise a BBQ and drink feat for them all to come to the new place and have some fun 😀

I then went to my mothers place after that for her birthday (it was actually last week) but we were both so broke that neither of us could afford to do anything, in fact I had lent her money to survive.  We were going to have Thai, when we got there realised they are under new management and currently closed so we went and grabbed some noodles, was good to catch up with her.  She is sad as her husband is still in nigeria (for the forseeable future I am guessing) and she was missing him….which I can understand 😦

I finally got home at about 11pm, which was about 15 minutes after the hubby got home from ritual for winter.  He said it was an ok night, nothing huge but was good. 

Sunday we went for a drive to Castlemaine to find a screen for the fire place, we walked around for a little while and found something suitable.  Had lunch at a lovely little cafe…hrmm Pronta I think it was called.  We were there just on noon and there was us and another couple there….by the time we had ordered – maybe 8 minutes later – the place was almost completely full 🙂   Was ok food and not too badly priced.

We then headed to a winery just outside of harcourt –  and tried some of their ciders…they have some nice wines, a sweet cider which I really liked.  The problem being we asked for a Shiraz and by the time we got home to open the wine we realised we had a bottle of pinot noir….YUCK!!  So we were a little annoyed to be honest.

We spent the next hour trying to get the open fire lit…let’s just say it is a very differnt thing to lighting a fire inside as opposed to out in the bush 😀  We eventually got it happening and it was gorgeous.  Until the fire alarm went off about 4 hours later and my dog started to howl.  I was running around the house trying to find the broom to switch the alarm off  and he decided that was taking too long….understandable really – it was hurting my ears,  I can only imagain what it does to dogs ears…

What a weekend!!!  Just don’t feel as though I have had a break to be honest!!  LOL

Goodbye my love

I have decided to quit my gaming obsession and have cancelled my WoW subscription.

This week I have had more health problems just magically appear and it has scared me.  I am really scared that I am getting tot he point that I will not be able to repair the damage.  So I am going to be focused on getting myhealth fixed.

Hubby and i are taking up aikido next fortnight and we will be doing laps in the local footy oval on the off nights, I may even investigate doing belly dancing on the weekend as well if I can find a weekly class.  of course all of that combined with our better eating (which we are already doing – just need to improve it) means I can get my metabolism working better, my PCOS may start to get sorted, I won’t get diabetes and I may actually have my open wounds start to heal…..

I will be passwording my health posts so that if people want to see my fat pictures along with all my other information they can ask for the password and I don’t have to subject people to it at random 😀

Wish me luck for my gaming addiction,  i may need to take up smoking again in exchange!!!  LOL (joking joking)

Pumpkin salad

So another yummy salad we have found

Butternut pumpkin, thinly sliced
Red onion, cut into wedges
Baby spinach leaves

This should be done on a BBQ but I did it on the grill at home and worked just as well.

Cook the pumpkin, you only need to lay it on the grill for a minute either side to make it soft…not squishy.

Cook the onion, 2 minutes or so maybe longer until they are soft as well.

Dressing : (we made this up separelty to make sure it tasted ok and add each bit as needed)

Red wine vinegar
Wholegrain mustard

Mix it all together and voila!!

I think this would be superb with some lean lamb strips 😀