More Surgery

So I had my monthly check up with the ear surgeons yesterday, and isn’t it amazing, I have to have another ear operation as my ear hasn’t healed as well as expected.

After my last operation, everything seemed ok, until 2 months later when I was going for my (then) final check up.  They discovered a web like tissue growing over my ear canal.  Not life threatening no, but behind the webbing the could see something on my ear drum.

This something is called a pearl and is like a pimple or little cyst almost…but they can’t see it clearly because of the webbing.  So guess what they want to do to my ear.

Cut back my ear canal to the bone, pack it with stuff, and then let the skin grow back without the webbing…they hope.  I will need general, not an overnight stay though, and I will need to visit the dr weekly for check ups on my ear.  I should be able to be back at work after 2 days and the surgery only takes 30 minutes.

Not happy about this surgery at all.  I would just like to spend one year without having surgery of any kind!  ONE YEAR!


Pretty good week all things considered!

Been a busy week to be honest 🙂

Have confirmed we are going to Sydney for a week! I am so excited! I went to Sydney for a friends wedding almost 2 years ago but it wasn’t in Sydney actual and it was a weekend trip so I didn’t get to catch up with everyone I wanted to 🙂

This time we will be staying in maquarie park for most of the week so I can jump a train into the city while hubby is working.

We are driving up on a Friday and I am thinking about going to the NRL game that night and crashing in a nearby hotel unless we can find a friend who wouldn’t mind doing NRL with us before we crash at their place….Then we have to find somewhere to crash saturday and Sunday night as we are staying in the work hotel from monday through to the Saturday morning when we drive home again. See all very convoluted!

I have a bloody long list of people i MUST catch up with so will be calling them this weekend to harrass them for an audience 🙂 I also want to go to the rsl club that my friends ashes were spread at, but will need to confirm which one and also if anyone wants to meet me there for a couple of drinks. We also want to try and get in on a ritual with some other friends if they are doing anything, again that needs to be planned heheh. So as you can see I am going to squish as much as I can that week!!!

On other things my ear is healing really well 🙂 yay! Three weeks we will know if the surgery was a success. All that vomiting better not have been a waste of time or I will be majorly pissed!!!

It looks like we may finally be getting the debt consolidation we needed -YIPPEE!! Hopefully will be getting all paperwork sent in this week!!!


Slowly feeling more human

Friday…already..what a wasted week I have spent….all week laying down because I have been far too ill to do anything else 😀

I am feeling moderately human today, which I am liking.  I have to pit my ear drops in and have some brekkie, but I am not feeling like I am going to topple over when I turn my head.  Always a good sign I believe.

I managed to combat the motion sickness when I was on the Spirit of Tasmania ship, by just moving with the waves instead of fighting it, but sadly I am on solid ground and cannot use any such tricks here….

I may attempt to do some vacuuming today – and will complete the dishes I started last night.  The vacuum cleaner we have is super awesome so it will be just like I am walking around and not having to actually do much movement…

We are having some people over tomorrow arvo/might for hubby’s birthday and I won’t be drinking (obviously) but I can certainly make sure the house is clean and an acceptable standard for someone just out of surgery.  Honestly there is like 7 people coming over, so it is nothing major, but I still want the place to be tidy!

My next unit of stufy starts soon, I am just waiting for the letter and login details to arrive…hopefully I can better deal with this degree and be finished sooner rather than later.

We really need to refinance and consolidate our debt…sadly financial institutes are bothersome and do not really care about the individuals situations or circumstances.  But we will push forward.  I am in discussion with our current mortgage holders to see if there is anything they can do for us, and if not, we will just have to leave things as they are for a couple more years and battle through.  We are scraping by every fortnight but only by the skin on our teeth to be honest….we have had some very lucky weeks.

For example – this fortnight – every single bill comes out of our account – that is $2000 we need to find.  Luckily hubby got paid loadings this week and combined with my pay it just covers all of those bills and leaves us with (hopefully) enough money to survive on.  However next fortnight only half come out….it is just the way the cookie crumbles but it means that every fortnight we have no idea if we are going to make it through…I don’t get paid this week either as I took an advance since I was not going to be at work this week to collect my wage.  So I don’t paid again until next Thursday but by then most of the bills should be paid and that will give us money to fund the following week, so if everything goes to plan – we should be fine this fortnight….might even try and get a leg up on next fortnight and put some money aside….actually thinking about that – we aren’t that badly off this fortnight….see I like writing, sometimes it just clears the head space!

Mum and her visa saga are still ongoing – we are getting one step closer each day, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.  I am not really sure how much mum has left – I can only do so much and not entirely sure I am really doing enough.  I can go and visit and offer as many pep talks as she needs but it will never be enough to combat the stress.  There is a request for the passports now so surely that means they are going to stick the visas in and voila – all done???  Maybe not so far away – then all she will have to stress about is feeding 6 people instead of 1 😀  HAHAHAAH  SUCKER!!!  It will certainly be a bloody happy day when they get on planes!


Came out of surgery on Monday afternoon and it was a horrible recovery.  From my recollection it was about 3pm, and as I was moving onto the ward bed, I threw up on myself twice, then later about 5pm when I managed to stand up and go to the loo, I vomited again.  Since then I have been feeling constant nausea and motion sickness.

Tuesday I came home – it was the longest ride home I have ever experienced.  I was barely able to move once I got home, and plonked myself on the couch in the hopes of some relief.  Had a couple of snoozes generally just let hubby look after me.  I begged him to stay with me Wednesday as well as I was barely able to move around the house without feeling like I was going to topple over.

So Wednesday morning I woke up and still felt that way.

On the up side I have been able to keep all my food down and I have been making sure I drink lots of fluids.

I am not feeling quite so dizzy today yet, but then I have only been awake for about 20 minutes.  I need to put ear drops into my ear as well which I will attempt in a few minutes.

Apparently I looked dreadful when I came out of surgery the other day and hubby was very worried about me, he has seen me on deaths door before from surgery and I think he gets really stressed when I don’t recover all that well from it.  I agree with him though 🙂 hehehe I hope he understands how much I appreciate his help the last few days.  It has meant so much to me.  I must tell him when he gets home tonight.

Thats enough from me, U am going to attempt breakfast and then ear drops…then no idea to be honest…I am sort of sick of laying on the couch watching movies, but it is all I am really capable of doing right now…


Going into the Eye and Ear hospital tomorrow morning for my ear surgery.  I was on the waiting list and finally got advised last week I would be admitted on my husband’s birthday and then not released until the next day.

I am very sad about this.  It is my husband’s 30th birthday, a big one in my eyes, and I am going to miss the entire thing, and not only that I have to inconvenience him by needing to be at the hospital by 7am.  My mum has offered her place for tonight and she will drop me in, however hubby wants me there on his birthday morning…even if it is only for a few moments 🙂

I am grateful I gave him his birthday presents before his day now, as I would not have been there to enjoy it anyway.  I got him a Yankee’s Jersey from New York – with Rivera’s name on the back (one of his favourite players) and since Easter when I gave it to him, I think I have seen him out of it once!!  I also bought him a subscription to a monthly whiskey club.  You get a whiskey a month to try out and there is no obligation to buy.  Check it out if you have any whiskey loving friends out there…. Singlemalt Club and the last present I bought him was an iPad2.  He even did a little happy dance when he got it, but he was so excited to finally have one.  He has been wanting one since the first ones came out and we just haven’t been able to afford it! So I got him a snap on cover and the free engraving on it as well.

So I think I did relatively well on the birthday present front for his 30th and I am kind of hoping that makes up for my absence on the actual day.

I am going to have all of next week off to recover and then hopefully all back to normal and no deafness….if it goes to plan, I will be able to hear in a weeks time!!!  YAYAYAYAYAY.  I am soooo damn excited at the prospect.  I have to head to the supermarket shortly and do the shopping for the week so I don’t have to go far whilst I am off to find food!