Someone get me in the time machine – i lost my weekend??

WOW!  It just disappears so quickly!!

I had a huge weekend and I am sooo tired now…I feel like I need a holiday 🙂

So my mum was going to drag the entire brood up to my place for a lunch/afternoon thing and I was pretty excited to be hosting..however I didn’t get to make anything overly exciting as I knew the kids were having issues adjusting to the aussie food.  IN the end a BBQ with some salads was the most non offensive food I could figure 🙂

We learnt some things, the kids liked my coleslaw; also avocado’s and cucumbers.  So mum has a few more things she can serve them without too much fear of being shot down!

The short version of them finally eating though – my mother waited over 4 hours for the hire car she was supposed to pick up at 9.00am.

We had a plan they would get to our place by about 11am, then would stay until about 4sih; i figured anyway – I had advised mum that hubby had organised a dinner thing for us and we had gotten our wires cross as sometimes happens – however I knew mum didn’t like driving at night especially in a forgein car so I figured the timing would be fine….of course nothing does go to plan…they didn’t get to our place until nearly 2.45pm…ouch…so we stuffed them full of food and then booted them out at 5.30!!  LOL

I do feel slightly guilty about that, but under the circumstances it was all I could do.

The kids are terrified of my animals, they eventually managed a pat or two…that will certainly have to be corrected if I am ever going to babysit them for my parents…HAHHAHAAH  maybe!!  Don’t get your hopes up mum!

Anyway, the family left, hubby and I stuffed everything into a bag ad then left the house as well – probably before my parents had reached the freeway 😀  We then had an absolutely awesome evening and at about 9.30 I just crashed and had to be taken home to go to bed!

One of our friends, currently living in Warnambool, came round at about 10.00 and crashed at our place so she didn’t have to drive home again.  It was so nice to catch up with her as we just don’t see her enough.

Then Sunday morning we had a massive breakfast with our friend and it was 1pm before she left and before we even noticed that it was that time.  We spend so much tme chatting that it just gets later and later 😀

of course once she pottered off home, I had to do some housework…YUCK!!!  I am seriously thinking about the maid idea 😀 I really am!!  I am also seriously considering buying a dishwasher as well after the dishes on Saturday 😀

All in all I am bushed but in a very nice way, spent lovely weekend with both family and friends – what else can you ask for?


I am so tired, my feet are killing me and I learnt a very valuable lesson about washing the shower recess today that has completely drained my will to live…..

This is the first shower I have had with tiles and grout, most are just smooth recess’ … I spent about 30 minutes cleaning in between the tiles because I didn’t realize you could actually scrub off the soap scum… Definitely buying a brush of some description for that horrible task….yes you can all mock me now!!!

Toilets are cleaned, bedroom is empty and vacuumed and I wiped down the window frames as there was mildew 😦

A couple of loads of washing done, many more to go and I have to vacuum the rest of the house sheets are currently drying and hubby is trying to light a fire 😀

Now I have to think about dinner… it just never ends and I don’t e en have kids yet!!!

Sales….evil damn sales!!

GAH!!!!  Sales at Myer are simply evil!!!  JUST EVIL!!

You remember that horribly freaky clown from the IT movie (Stephen King)…I tried to add an image but i freaked myself out too much I couldn’t do it…sorry…Just do your own search if you can’t really remember the extent of the evil….

We went to Myer yesterday to just have a squizz and spent far too much money, but you know in my mind of course I can justify it…we needed sheets for the new bed, we needed a mattress protector, we needed a new robert welch cutlery set and additional accoutrements…yes…I swear we did!!!! *hangs head in shame*  They were so shiny and bright, and they looked so smooth, their sparkles were calling to me and the 30% off signs were just placed perfectly in front and GAHHHHH!!!

We got the Meridian set for anyone who knows/likes robert welch.  I also bought the matching steak knives  (2 sets because they are smarty pants and only give you 4 when you buy a set of 8….grrr) and the salad server things as well.  I do want to get the other bits and pieces over time that match the set, like the pie server and the pastry forks and the cheese/pate set etc…but that will perhaps be christmas and birthday gifts to myself for the next few years 😀  Although they are not really all that expensive for each set.  All of that was still over 100 dollars cheaper than the non sale price of just the set…so I honestly think it was a good purchase 😀

Meridian set

Slight peak on the bottom

I gave in to the frenzy!! Yes I did!!

IN all honesty I don’t mind though, we don’t have bills, we don’t have kids we should be feeding instead, we don’t have major things we should be spending the money on…so it will take an extra fortnight to pay off the credit card now…not a major issue….

Hubby and I have had the same cutlery for over 10 years (I had it before I met him) and it was the cheap stuff you buy from Woolworths for like 10 dollars, it has lasted us well and done its job, it was mismatched, missing and generally looking a little worn –  it was nice to continue to purchase things together.  We have been doing a much needed clean out of the old crap in our lives and updating to things we both want instead of what we brought to the relationship through default.

But seriously we can’t really need much else for the house now, we have over the last year spent a fortune on buying things we needed (read: wanted) to improve our happiness rating, and I think we have almost reached the point of saturation.

I only want a couple more things….

  • A display cabinet for all my ornaments
  • Another bookcase
  • better (read: glasses I like) wine glasses
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Dishwasher

See not too much more….HAHAHAH  just another 6k or so….*cough splutter*….

Anyway, today I am going to spending the day cleaning out, dismantling and re-arranging the bedroom, our bed comes tomorrow and they set it up for us as well as deliver it.  So we just have to have the room sorted out, I want to vacuum and move the dresser and clean the wall where the dog sleeps 🙂

New bed 🙂 Nothing fancy..might get frame later if necessary

I better get off my butt then!!

Busy day today :D

I have lots to do today, not sure I am going to fit it all in 😀

I have to go to the post office and pickup two parcels, go to the butcher and grab some meat for the impromptu BBQ we are having tonight, stop past woolies and get some salad stuffs, go past the baker as well.

I then have to come home, clean the bathroom, vacuum (yes with out new shiny vacuum cleaner 😀 ehehhehe) and clean up the dining table as it is covered instuff….I may acyually have to dust the lounge as well, which I will do before I vacuum.

After all that is done, I want to go for a walk again today and get some exercise in, the walk yesterday only took an hour, I just have to get started 😀 Might clean the house now before the shops are open then I am mostly done. It’s all about time management yes? LOL

2nd week unemployed :)

Am loving it so far!  Well sort of.  I have not had a chance to do much of anything lately except be a housewife, I am cleaning, mowing, vacuuming and generally going nuts trying to keep on top of the housework to make it easier for us to have weekends where we don’t really have much to actually do.

I have to speak to a recruitment agency but in all honesty I just want a week where I don’t have to do things and impress anyone….I think this week is that week.  last week I  was running around going to interviews and appointments so I don’t think I felt like I was on a break so to speak.  This week I think I want to just chill out.

I have to do my weights later, and I have done some mowing today – half the backyard, I cant’ get the damn thing to start again, so I figure that is probably about 40 minutes of good exercise for me.  I may go for a walk later if it cools down a little as it is quite warm right now 😀

I bought  new vacuum cleaner, yes it is a dyson, and yes it was fucking expensive, but I brought it home and started on the bedroom and OMFG!!!!! It was worth every single cent.  Normally, I have to spend over 2 hours trying to clean the bedroom of all the dog hair, it is horrible exhausting and generally unpleasant.  Today, the bedroom took me less than 20 minutes AND it is cleaner than it has ever been.  I have to admit though, our previous vacuum cleaner, is about 9 years old and was a cheapo from big w, the fact that it has even lasted this long is impressive.  So you can imagine the difference between no suction and super suction…..(no dirty comments allowed).

As you can see above, our boys sleep in the bedroom with us, however having cream colour carpet is probably not the best.  I have tried to close them out of the bedroom at night time and they scratch and howl all night, so it was generally “easier” to just do the massive vacuuming effort every 2 weeks, but now, I can do it every week, if not every few nights and voila, beautiful new carpets again 😀

❤ my new Dyson vacuum cleaner 😀

I have to go and do the dishes now, but I really am feeling good about not being at work.  I am not as angry, or volatile; well I am not feeling that way. and would you believe the week I stopped work, my period just magically stopped as well a few days later.  I am wondering if it wasn’t more stress related than I first thought – Minxee may have called it – I am going to see how it fares. I downloaded an iphone app that tracks your periods, you set it on the first day of your period and your last and then it remembers things about your period , averages out the cycle etc sets reminders…so that will be helpful, if my period goes back to normal it will answer a lot of questions.

Anyway, hugs and kisses!

Pink room :D

We started cleaning out the junk room!!!

I want to start painting our miniatures again and we need the room cleaned out for our wargaming table to be in there, so we made a great start on it today, I would say 90% done! Just a couple more boxes and we will be able to fit the table in and therefore clean out the garage to put the cars in and avoid frost!

Found some bits and pieces that I have placed around the house etc.  Need to do some more washing today though and some dusting etc 😦 YUCK to housework!

An update of sorts

Yes I have been offline the last few weeks with so much going on at work and home I have barely had a chance to even breathe.

Here goes:

Work –

I have been applying for other jobs, my countdown is 18 days before I can resign (including weekends) so I am excite that is finally getting closer to single digits.  I have applied for a trainee underwriter job at another institute and am waiting to hear when my interview is sheceduled for – fingers crossed I do well with that.  I hate my current employer more every single day, and in fact another thing happened today that just made me hate the place even more…its a stupid thing to be annoyed about, but it has really hurt me…I have been doing this job for over 5 years and other people in my team (that have been doing it for less than 2 years) are being asked their opinions on what kind of job description we need to have, so they are all referencing me in their meetings, as in the kind of person, yet I am not good enough to discuss it with…FUCK THEM!!!!  That’s all I can say, I am upset…really upset…just another way to make me feel like shite.

Home –

Have been a cleaning junkie…I just spend time every day cleaning so on the weekends I just have to do a couple loads of washing., it is a nice change to spending all of saturday/sunday cleaning and then not having a break of my own.

We have had some friends round and I am cooking heaps of stuff, I am loving all the cooking.  I made another black forest cake on Saturday and it was yummy (of course) I also made some french chicen dish with mushies, wine and cream, was rather nice as well, easy to make as well, so will have that again I am sure 😀

General –

I have watched so many movies lately my head might explode:

Zombieland – Funny as all hell

Fanboys – Funny as well from a star wars lover 😀

Prince caspian – not as good as narnia, but still enjoyable – was almost too similar in some ways.

Finding Neverland – was beautiful, bawled my eyes out, but a lovely movie.

Daybreakers – Awesome movie – set up for a sequel I think 😀

Toy story 3 – so depressing I can’t fucntion when I think about it

Eclispse – Very enjoyable, not as good as I remember the book but it was a nice instalment.

Adventureland – yeah, not my thing to be honest

The Nobel Son – yeah I think I missed the point – had such a promising line up of people

I am sure there are another couple in there, but I can’t remember them at the moment…all in all a good mix to be honest.

So I am going to head off now and attempt to do some more work, with how annoyed I am it probably won’t be much of an effort but no harm in attempting to try right?

So CLose

 I can’t wait for next week to be over then i can get back to my blogging and obsessions!!

This having to pack and clean and organise stuff is stuff annoying me since i cant update!!

I am finaly on holidays!! YAYAYAYAY!!!

We move house on Thursday – I am at home doing the last of the washing and getting our clothes/toiletries/misc living requirements packed away and leaving only bare essentials out.

D is on holidays this afternoon, so neither of us will need much more than a tshirt ot two and some pants left out, a hairbrush and our toothbrushes is all we need now 🙂

I am also waiting for the glazier to come out so I cna’t go to the shops or anything until he has been.

Hope everyone is well…chat later!


 Minxee – Sorry my love I keep meaning to email you and respond, but have just been so busy I keep getting distracted by boxes and cleaning etc.

I am not affected – YET – they are not up to my level in the restructure, but all indicators are saying we won’t be affected and i am not holding my breathe – my role and my comparative roles are very different and considering we seem to be going their way with most things, I am not sure we will be suitable or needed in the new structure.  We should be finding out in a few weeks I suppose.

I am sorry to hear you were affected, but yes, there are plenty of jobs out there to go fo, just apply and go nuts – I know I am…not likely to get any of the roles, but heck, it is well worth a shot 🙂  And the worst they can do is say no.  Seriously Minxee, if at worst case you take a redundancy package you will walk away with enough to keep you covered until you find a new job.  You are highly employable, so don’t stress about finding another job, you will get snaffled 🙂

I am glad to hear your jaw is getting better 🙂  Just make sure you don’t push yourself too hard.

Onto other things, I was hoping to resign from my workplace this Thursday. but was given some news which has forced my hand and I have to hang out a little longer.  So it looks like I am back to hanging out for September now, but I am also applying for jobs, as many as I can handle.  We had our half yearly reviews and as usual I was given some bullshit story about how well I am doing – HOWEVER – they have to mark harshly mud year and because I am considered "intimidating" by my manager my scores are low….no one else in the team finds me intimidating – in fact – in the 30 years I have been alive – intimidating is not a word I have ever heard used in relation to me.

Anyway So I decided they could get fucked, they could shove their half year review up their arse and they can find another fucking goat to play with.  I am done.  I am not going to go above and beyond anymore, I am not going to push myself to be better than the rest and I will not push myself to be better than average.  Yup they can go and stick it…so here’s to finding a new job – fingers crossed it happens soon!

On the moving front, I have called up the utilities today and organised a new phone number and internet and all that jazz, have also organised for our stuff to be cancelled etc.

We had the junk guys come back again and take a second load of rubbish – the house is now bare.  The garage is empty, the house is empty and I have maybe – 2 more boxes to pack. Just some general stuff floating around the house, you know random things you find as you are cleaning out other rooms etc.

Then I just have to spend the next week cleaning everything from top to bottom as well as I can and make sure it isn’t horrid when we move.

We also bought a new TV and cabinet on the weekend, my mum put it on her GE interest free card for us coz they were having a 40% sale and we saved almost $1000 on the TV we wanted to buy 🙂  BARGAIN!!  So we will be paying her back once we have the settlement sorted out.  So we didn’t really buy it per se 🙂 heheh

We will be looking at buying chesterfields as well for the new place, but likely after we have actually moved, as we have just got far too much on our plates right now.

Anyway, time to hang out some more washing 🙂  

slowly getting there :D

 We started on the garage yesterday, and can I say EWW GROSS!!  Far too many spiders and bugs and shit in there :/  

Our garage was so bad, we actually couldn’t even walk into it for al the crap in there.  So we have started to neaten it al out and make little piles of bags and boxes.  It is much better this morning than what it was yesterday, however still a long way to go.

We are considering the idea that we may actually need to hire a SKIP as WELL as the truck that is coming next week to take all the "junk".  I am not 100% sure of what exactly they take, ie general household garbage makes up about 50% of the stuff they need to take.  if they can’t take it, a skip it will have to be.  Not money I wanted to spend, actually, not money we have available to spend, but we shall have to find a way I guess.

We have a month before the move and from next week everything will be a little easier to judge how much more we have to go.

Today we are going to move the "junk" to the front verandah – people can take it if they like, but we want it out of the house so we can see what we are left with. and obviously make it easier for the junk guys to get what they need done.

Not much else going on in the world, been so focused on getting the packing/cleaning done so have been refusing any outings or meet ups, I feel guilty if we are out that we are not doing our best to get everything done before the time it becomes urgent.

I am so going to need a holiday once we are finished moving!!  Which will probably be in September and will be a nice long relaxed 2 month holiday, well that’s what I am hoping, although I would like to keep my LSL for a trip overseas.  2 months isn’t a hugely long time I know, and D wouldn’t be able to get time off easily, but I would rather we go overseas for a month or more to really make the most of it…..if that makes sense?

Anyway I am off!! need coffee this early in the morning