Bah humbug

I haven’t really been writing much lately, because I just seem to have nothing worthwhile to say 🙂 The only really noteworthy thing that has happened is the bank stuffed up and sent our renewal visa debit card to our old address, someone nicked it out of the mailbox and then proceeded to use it:

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Rugby and the zoo :)

Three other awesome things I did whilst in Sydney.  We went to a Dragons match, on our first night there, which was so cool, to finally get to see them play live, they got their buts kicked – yes – however it was good to go as a pre-cursor to the insanity which would be the state of origin.

I have never been to theANZ stadium before, and omg it is massive.  Seeing it on TV just doesn’t really do it justice.  I was in awe.  Anyway, yobbos were everywhere and people were just a little over excited I think.  We were in the Blatchy Blues section – we were all given blue wigs and Tshirts for the occasion.  We happened to be in a particularly insane section of the crowd.

I have no idea why, but there was one QLD guy in the middle of it all, trying to start shit with all the NSW guys, so lets just say he copped it hard.  He would just keep egging them on.  In total I think there was about 5 punch ons 2 rows behind us and in the end, security had to get involved.  Apparently, he threw punches at the cops and they took him down in spectacular fashion and he was removed from the game.  Why you would waste a $60 ticket is beyond me!

Anyway, I was freaking out a little at that, but wonderful hubby didn’t leave my side unless there was other people there. We went with about 10 poeple from his work.  So I was safe the entire time.  Which was fabulous 🙂

Anyway we did eventually kick QLD’s arse, only taken 6 years.  The next game is in QLD in July and I am so very tempted to try and get tickets to that!!  LOL  The atmosphere was amazing!!  What I image the NRL grand final to be like actually, but better 😀 Both hubby and I had very sore throats due to all the yelling and cheering 🙂

I really wish Victoria was a rugby state like NSW, everywhere I went in NSW rugby was the topic and I was loving it. We can’t have everything right?

Anyway, the next day I went to the zoo with my new camera 😀  Stupid me, forgot how much the taronga zoo is based on Mt everest !  That entire zoo is on a mountain side and has more hills than you can poke a stick at, but I pushed through for my love of the animals.  The rain disappeared when I got to the zoo, and then started up again about an hour later.  It came and went, but was ok, there was plenty of places to stop for shelter and let it rain itself out.

I had so much fun at the zoo, I honestly think wet weather is the time to go.  All the animals are out and about and actually doing things.  i got some simply wonderful shots because the animals were fairly active.  It was also one of those days with few people (if any) at the enclosures, so I basically could just enjoy the animals in peace.  So many times throughout the day, the animals would look straight at me as well.  Maybe my bright red top was eye catching for them.  I was loving it.

I cornered by a peacock at one point, he looked ready to take a bite out of my jumper or camera bag (which is also red).  He would not let me move for about 10 minutes, it was awesome being so close, seriously he was basically touching me.

I walked all the way down to the bottom, and then caught the skylift back up, which was so nauseating!!  but I enjoyed it!  I thought I was going to vomit about 1 minute into the ride back to the top…it was swinging wildly and moving upwards…eeep feeling sick again typing about it 🙂  But sometimes you just have to deal with it because I was ok once I was in the air and it was so much fun!

Anyway plenty of photos to follow of that 😀


Driving to Sydney!!!!!


We have arrived in the town I grew up in….SYDNEY!!!!! Yes I have missed you and I am so glad we finally arrived. Yass was he’ll on earth and caused us to lose just over an hour, mental note to self – stop at goulburn or the Tucker box next time….avoid yass!!!

We stuck the Tom Tom on and darth guided us to the wonderfully awesome kogarah footy field. We caught up with an old friend and her partner for dinner which was beautiful!! She looks so happy and vibrant. I am so very happy for her.

The game was awesome, freezing cold on the hill, but I enjoyed myself immensely. I scored a new jumper out of it, which I plan to wear everyday for the next three years! Bought hubby a rain coat as well which he has been wanting for a while. Dragons gear of course!!

Sadly the dragons ruined their 10 game winning streak and we lost the game. Thankfully hubby and I left the game midway through he last half as we did. Not want to get stuck amidst the traffic leaving the oval….gridlock after driving from Melbourne was not something we were willing to deal with.

We then headed to our friends place, she had offered her place even if she was not home for the weekend. I cannot express how grateful we were for the offer and we are going to have to find her a lovely gift as repayment.

Anyway she has a very nice place!! I want it 🙂 Hubby and I were staying in the kids room and basically lasted long enough to get the beds sorted before we crashed. Prety sure we didn’t even bring the suitcase inside. I just slept in my clothes I was that wrecked!!

All in all I am glad we made it. Photos will be incoming later, however I am typing these up on the iPad and I can’t get images from my phone to the iPad easily, so I will do one big post later with everything!

What a weekend

It has been a busy few weeks and I have not had a chance to update much.

Being a closet pies fan, I was sort of happy with the pies winning this weekend, won’t go so far as to say I was excited etc, but it was nice 😀  I am not a fan of the AFL but for as long as I can remember I have followed the pies, I used to be into footy when I was younger, even used to go to the matches a fair bit, but then I guess I just got over the sport 🙂  Not sure why, but it just didn’t hold interest for me.

NRL on the other hand, is my favourite sport.  The game is just awesome, and even more awesome than the dragons won this weekend as well!!  GO DRAGONS!!!  Hubby and I barracked for the dragons when we lived in Sydney and when we moved back to Melbourne and found barely any NRL coverage we changed to Storm in the hopes we could at least get some involvement, but once the cheating came out earlier this year, we decided to once again return to the dragons.  So this year was a good year for switching teams and a nice boost to our hopes in NRL.

It was a fantastic match and my throat is killing me from the screaming I was doing at the TV last night.

Onto other things – Work has been busy as it was our end of business year, which just makes things like hell on earth.  Today is a public holiday in NSW/SA which is where a fair percentage of the people I look after are based in, so I should be having a fairly quite day if I am lucky 😀

I am hanging out until November as that is when our end of year bonus gets paid, and since I did relatively well this year with regards to my performance I am hoping for a nice one.  We will have a better idea at the end of October as to what the figure will be.

I am hanging for the bonus as it will be paying for my cert IV in small business management that I have earmarked to start at the end of this year.  Should only take me 12 months to complete and then I can move onto a diploma or degree or something.  I am toying with the idea of starting a business up – but need to do some research and data collection – so this course will help me prepare all that.  Not sure if my idea is viable or indeed even wanted in the market, if not at least I will have a cert to take to job hunting with; failing all else 😀

Mum still hasn’t heard anything about her spouse visa, we have just entered into the 3rd month, so fingers crossed we hear something positive soon!  She is getting far too stressed and her health has been deteriorating with all the worry.

My shoulders have healed up finally – so will pull the skipping rope out tonight, pad my shoulders and try and go for 10 minutes – even if it is in small bursts….am thinking about going for a walk as well tonight, might try and do 4 kms if I can find a suitable path around the area that isn’t all hills – I am not fit enough to tackle hills but I can do a flat walk…..should only take an hour or so.

I really want to lose weight – and I am mostly motivated to do so, I think once I start getting into a routine that will help immensely 😀 I WANT TO GO OVERSEAS!!!!!!!!

Speaking of rain

My god is it pouring down!!

We have a  colourbond roof, so it sounds almost like tin, but when the rain is as heavy as it is now it sounds like a hurricane.

I couldn’t sleep anymore so I got up, the dogs wouldn’t even eat their breakfast outside so I had to bring their bowls in for them to eat 😀 Spoilt brats that they are!!

Have an ultra busy weekend, hubby has lodge so I am going to see my mother, tomorrow we are going to Ararat to hang out with my Dad and we may even try and get to the dragons club meet up which starts at 7pm…not sure though at this stage if we will be able to.

I have to confirm with my parents if Ararat is even still on given the storm warnings etc 😀