Waterpark :D

YEah that was our place last night.

At about 9:30 I started to clean the kitchen – decided I needed to do the dishes from the night before and last night (yes I was slack and left them from Wednesday – I don’t have slaves called children who can be forced into labour for pocket money – hehhehehe).  Anyway, I turned on the tap to get the hot water running and to clean the sink a little, and heard water trickling – I was confused about this, even so much so I turned to check behind me – hubby even asked me what was wrong….my reply…”Nothing, just going mad thinking I can hear water running” – remember the water WAS running – in the sink….

Next minute I feel the water on my toes and rushing out the bottom of the cupboard door.  I open it up to discover there is a little valve release thing on the top of the pipes under the sink and all the water is coming straight out of that.

So the kitchen is now flooded, water rushing everywhere and I am standing in a puddle with two massive german sherpheds playing in it as well….I really couldn’t do much other than just giggle hysterically.

So I just had the plumber out, he says the valve is normally used for a dishwasher and when he found out we had been here a year was quite surprised this is the first time it had happened….so I guess we are lucky?  Anyway, might really consider getting a dishwasher now.

He is out finding the plastic cap/plug that needs to go into it…..should be back by about 11 he says – yeah….will see about that…..

I had to clean out with disinfectant the laundry sink, fill that will water and then do as many dishes as I could in the sink there, trying to dry them with the washing machine as the holder, was a little more intriguing than I figured it would be…the washing machine has a sloping surface doesn’t it…so guess what was just running all over the floor….WATER!!!!!!

Fun and games last night, but really all I could do was laugh at the situation 😀

***Edited to add****

Plumber finally turned up at 4:30 – after 3 follow up phone calls and no response…said he tried to call back but because I have a private number couldn’t – even though we left our number every time we left a message…..Anyway, problem is now solved.  Weirdly – he was also going to send me a bill and I was like “WTF”  here take money!!  I made sure I had money specifically to pay someone 😀  I don’t want to be sent a bill!!

So waited from 9:30am until 4:30 pm….my question is this….

everyone says that tradies are really bad for actually turning up, being on time and not making you wait all day – so what are they doing all day?  Do they spend all day just hanging about the office until the afternoon  – I can’t believe so many people say the same thing about tradies and it not be accurate…where are all the people saying they turned up on time, they communicated any delays and they didn’t make you wait all day for the repair?

#muse images and stuff

so my iphone doesn’t take the best images, I will admit that, and I may have been a little too far away from the stage for a non professional camera, however my eyes were much better able to see the band than is represented here.  To be honest I am kicking myself now because on my old iphone whe I went to see Paramore, when I took a video it came out horribly wrong.  This muse concert though, the sound qulaity was amazing and it actually turned out…I would have videoed more and some of my actual favourite songs…well I know for next time 😀

If you are going to the concert tonight, please don’t read below as spoilers and images of the set are following 😀

Consider that fair warning!

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2nd week unemployed :)

Am loving it so far!  Well sort of.  I have not had a chance to do much of anything lately except be a housewife, I am cleaning, mowing, vacuuming and generally going nuts trying to keep on top of the housework to make it easier for us to have weekends where we don’t really have much to actually do.

I have to speak to a recruitment agency but in all honesty I just want a week where I don’t have to do things and impress anyone….I think this week is that week.  last week I  was running around going to interviews and appointments so I don’t think I felt like I was on a break so to speak.  This week I think I want to just chill out.

I have to do my weights later, and I have done some mowing today – half the backyard, I cant’ get the damn thing to start again, so I figure that is probably about 40 minutes of good exercise for me.  I may go for a walk later if it cools down a little as it is quite warm right now 😀

I bought  new vacuum cleaner, yes it is a dyson, and yes it was fucking expensive, but I brought it home and started on the bedroom and OMFG!!!!! It was worth every single cent.  Normally, I have to spend over 2 hours trying to clean the bedroom of all the dog hair, it is horrible exhausting and generally unpleasant.  Today, the bedroom took me less than 20 minutes AND it is cleaner than it has ever been.  I have to admit though, our previous vacuum cleaner, is about 9 years old and was a cheapo from big w, the fact that it has even lasted this long is impressive.  So you can imagine the difference between no suction and super suction…..(no dirty comments allowed).

As you can see above, our boys sleep in the bedroom with us, however having cream colour carpet is probably not the best.  I have tried to close them out of the bedroom at night time and they scratch and howl all night, so it was generally “easier” to just do the massive vacuuming effort every 2 weeks, but now, I can do it every week, if not every few nights and voila, beautiful new carpets again 😀

❤ my new Dyson vacuum cleaner 😀

I have to go and do the dishes now, but I really am feeling good about not being at work.  I am not as angry, or volatile; well I am not feeling that way. and would you believe the week I stopped work, my period just magically stopped as well a few days later.  I am wondering if it wasn’t more stress related than I first thought – Minxee may have called it – I am going to see how it fares. I downloaded an iphone app that tracks your periods, you set it on the first day of your period and your last and then it remembers things about your period , averages out the cycle etc sets reminders…so that will be helpful, if my period goes back to normal it will answer a lot of questions.

Anyway, hugs and kisses!

What a weekend

It has been a busy few weeks and I have not had a chance to update much.

Being a closet pies fan, I was sort of happy with the pies winning this weekend, won’t go so far as to say I was excited etc, but it was nice 😀  I am not a fan of the AFL but for as long as I can remember I have followed the pies, I used to be into footy when I was younger, even used to go to the matches a fair bit, but then I guess I just got over the sport 🙂  Not sure why, but it just didn’t hold interest for me.

NRL on the other hand, is my favourite sport.  The game is just awesome, and even more awesome than the dragons won this weekend as well!!  GO DRAGONS!!!  Hubby and I barracked for the dragons when we lived in Sydney and when we moved back to Melbourne and found barely any NRL coverage we changed to Storm in the hopes we could at least get some involvement, but once the cheating came out earlier this year, we decided to once again return to the dragons.  So this year was a good year for switching teams and a nice boost to our hopes in NRL.

It was a fantastic match and my throat is killing me from the screaming I was doing at the TV last night.

Onto other things – Work has been busy as it was our end of business year, which just makes things like hell on earth.  Today is a public holiday in NSW/SA which is where a fair percentage of the people I look after are based in, so I should be having a fairly quite day if I am lucky 😀

I am hanging out until November as that is when our end of year bonus gets paid, and since I did relatively well this year with regards to my performance I am hoping for a nice one.  We will have a better idea at the end of October as to what the figure will be.

I am hanging for the bonus as it will be paying for my cert IV in small business management that I have earmarked to start at the end of this year.  Should only take me 12 months to complete and then I can move onto a diploma or degree or something.  I am toying with the idea of starting a business up – but need to do some research and data collection – so this course will help me prepare all that.  Not sure if my idea is viable or indeed even wanted in the market, if not at least I will have a cert to take to job hunting with; failing all else 😀

Mum still hasn’t heard anything about her spouse visa, we have just entered into the 3rd month, so fingers crossed we hear something positive soon!  She is getting far too stressed and her health has been deteriorating with all the worry.

My shoulders have healed up finally – so will pull the skipping rope out tonight, pad my shoulders and try and go for 10 minutes – even if it is in small bursts….am thinking about going for a walk as well tonight, might try and do 4 kms if I can find a suitable path around the area that isn’t all hills – I am not fit enough to tackle hills but I can do a flat walk…..should only take an hour or so.

I really want to lose weight – and I am mostly motivated to do so, I think once I start getting into a routine that will help immensely 😀 I WANT TO GO OVERSEAS!!!!!!!!

Another weekend gone

So I am pretty sure my weekend disappeared too quickly…I am not even sure I had one…I feel so tired today.

We had some friends around for dinner on Saturday night and that was awesome, but the rest of the weekend seemed to just fly by.

I am starting off the week exhausted which means I am going to be rat shit by the end of it…

Nothing really to report today, which means drama free = stress free, so I am NOT complaining about that at all 🙂

I do however, need a coffee to start this day!!!

Pink room :D

We started cleaning out the junk room!!!

I want to start painting our miniatures again and we need the room cleaned out for our wargaming table to be in there, so we made a great start on it today, I would say 90% done! Just a couple more boxes and we will be able to fit the table in and therefore clean out the garage to put the cars in and avoid frost!

Found some bits and pieces that I have placed around the house etc.  Need to do some more washing today though and some dusting etc 😦 YUCK to housework!

An update of sorts

Yes I have been offline the last few weeks with so much going on at work and home I have barely had a chance to even breathe.

Here goes:

Work –

I have been applying for other jobs, my countdown is 18 days before I can resign (including weekends) so I am excite that is finally getting closer to single digits.  I have applied for a trainee underwriter job at another institute and am waiting to hear when my interview is sheceduled for – fingers crossed I do well with that.  I hate my current employer more every single day, and in fact another thing happened today that just made me hate the place even more…its a stupid thing to be annoyed about, but it has really hurt me…I have been doing this job for over 5 years and other people in my team (that have been doing it for less than 2 years) are being asked their opinions on what kind of job description we need to have, so they are all referencing me in their meetings, as in the kind of person, yet I am not good enough to discuss it with…FUCK THEM!!!!  That’s all I can say, I am upset…really upset…just another way to make me feel like shite.

Home –

Have been a cleaning junkie…I just spend time every day cleaning so on the weekends I just have to do a couple loads of washing., it is a nice change to spending all of saturday/sunday cleaning and then not having a break of my own.

We have had some friends round and I am cooking heaps of stuff, I am loving all the cooking.  I made another black forest cake on Saturday and it was yummy (of course) I also made some french chicen dish with mushies, wine and cream, was rather nice as well, easy to make as well, so will have that again I am sure 😀

General –

I have watched so many movies lately my head might explode:

Zombieland – Funny as all hell

Fanboys – Funny as well from a star wars lover 😀

Prince caspian – not as good as narnia, but still enjoyable – was almost too similar in some ways.

Finding Neverland – was beautiful, bawled my eyes out, but a lovely movie.

Daybreakers – Awesome movie – set up for a sequel I think 😀

Toy story 3 – so depressing I can’t fucntion when I think about it

Eclispse – Very enjoyable, not as good as I remember the book but it was a nice instalment.

Adventureland – yeah, not my thing to be honest

The Nobel Son – yeah I think I missed the point – had such a promising line up of people

I am sure there are another couple in there, but I can’t remember them at the moment…all in all a good mix to be honest.

So I am going to head off now and attempt to do some more work, with how annoyed I am it probably won’t be much of an effort but no harm in attempting to try right?

ooooh updates :)

Friday night was fun, had drinkies and great conversation and the food turned out ok as well which was a great bonus 🙂

Yesterday we spent it watching movies, we were just too tired to do anything else AND we had heavy raid all day that we didn’t really feel like doing  much except staying home in the warmth 😀  We watched Zombieland, adventureland, daybreakers and whip it.

I am guessing whip it is the movie causing all the roller derby hype at the moment (we know 4 people that have taken it up or are heading into try outs), but was a good movie, so was daybreakers (a couple of sequels incoming for that I think) and Zombieland was a crackup…enjoyed it immensely 😀  Adventureland was a little “meh”….

Today I am not sure we have any plans, perhaps going to the movies if we can find anything on that we want to watch….

What a weekend :D

Busy weekend is just bloody busy!!

I was in the city for my sisters 18th surprise bday party 🙂 She thougth she was just going for lunch with her parents and siblings, she was shocked as hell to see about 40 people jump out yelling surprise!!!  LOL  Was pretty cool.  I got to catch up with some of my cousins and I was in so much pain from laughter by the end of the afternoon.  They are growing up into fun teenagers and I am thinking I may have to organise a BBQ and drink feat for them all to come to the new place and have some fun 😀

I then went to my mothers place after that for her birthday (it was actually last week) but we were both so broke that neither of us could afford to do anything, in fact I had lent her money to survive.  We were going to have Thai, when we got there realised they are under new management and currently closed so we went and grabbed some noodles, was good to catch up with her.  She is sad as her husband is still in nigeria (for the forseeable future I am guessing) and she was missing him….which I can understand 😦

I finally got home at about 11pm, which was about 15 minutes after the hubby got home from ritual for winter.  He said it was an ok night, nothing huge but was good. 

Sunday we went for a drive to Castlemaine to find a screen for the fire place, we walked around for a little while and found something suitable.  Had lunch at a lovely little cafe…hrmm Pronta I think it was called.  We were there just on noon and there was us and another couple there….by the time we had ordered – maybe 8 minutes later – the place was almost completely full 🙂   Was ok food and not too badly priced.

We then headed to a winery just outside of harcourt – bress.com.au  and tried some of their ciders…they have some nice wines, a sweet cider which I really liked.  The problem being we asked for a Shiraz and by the time we got home to open the wine we realised we had a bottle of pinot noir….YUCK!!  So we were a little annoyed to be honest.

We spent the next hour trying to get the open fire lit…let’s just say it is a very differnt thing to lighting a fire inside as opposed to out in the bush 😀  We eventually got it happening and it was gorgeous.  Until the fire alarm went off about 4 hours later and my dog started to howl.  I was running around the house trying to find the broom to switch the alarm off  and he decided that was taking too long….understandable really – it was hurting my ears,  I can only imagain what it does to dogs ears…

What a weekend!!!  Just don’t feel as though I have had a break to be honest!!  LOL


Yeah I am falling behind in my blog, I am just so busy with so many other things I am having trouble keeping up 😀

D and I have found a local Aikido school, which trains on Tues/Thurs, so we will be starting that up possibly next week, we are just trying to source Gi and all the relevant bits and pieces.

I am probably going to die the first few weeks, but I am so very excited about it, I have been wanting to do Aikido for along time, the thought of being able to control the situation without the need for violence is very exciting 😀  I am sure you can figure out why if needed !

I am putting on more weight and I really need to get this under control.  D and I are going to (we have said it for the past week) going to go to the local footy oval a couple of nights a week and run it twice and walk it twice. Although it will probably alternate like, run half walk the next half,  run half , walk the next half…if that makes sense? I couldn’t run no matter how much you paid me, so we ened to start slow and build up.  We figure once we start learning Aikido we will be practising a fair bit as well, we are going to save up over the next few months and buy some practive mats and convert the garage on the weekends to the dojo.  So if we actually start all of that we may actually start losing weight.

3 poeple at work have resigned and another will be resigning this week, so they all left last week, which means we are down 3 processers, nevermind 2 of them are on leave at the moment, so we are really short.  The pump is on!!

I really need a massage I think. My shoulders are so tense and I am feel scrunched up…might look up some places in the local area and see if I can get my nails done at the same time!!