Uni assignment help requested :D

If you are willing and able – please drop past my website for my uni assignment and tell me what you think I need to fix etc.

It is a work in progress and I am aware I need to add more photographers that I enjoy to the links page.

I am also aware the welcome page has some spacing issues and looks odd.

Let me know about anything else.

To give you a run down, I am supposed to create a web presence with a theme – I am going with amatuer photographer.  I have to have three connections to the site which then connect back.  I am going to be getting rid of my facebook account but have not done that as yet.

Anyway thank you for your help 😀

edited to add….

helps if I add thelink…right???


Oh my god the pain

I was woken up last night at about 2am thinking some form of alien creature was about to burst forth from my stomach – ala aliens 1979 🙂

I was in so much pain – I have only felt that once before – about a month ago, but seriously I felt like I was dying or something was being torn apart on the inside.

Hubby says he regularly suffers from the kind of pain and I feel awful for him that there is nothing I can do.  Last time I had this pain he advised to just gently and slowly rub my tummy,  Sounds reasonable – and does work – but when you have so much pain it is so hard to think about doing that.

Anyway, after about 40 minutes of rubbing my tummy, the pain started to move from the top of my torso down, and somewhere during that time I took two panadeine forte and hoped like hell it would hit me soon.  I remember the exact moment it started to work as the pain disappeared almost suddenly and my brain started to melt out my ears.  The room started spinning and my hands went fuzzy.

I fell asleep about 15 minutes later attempting to play angry birds to keep my mind distracted from the pain (failing at the distraction but trying anyway).

I woke up at about 7.30am to SMS my dad that I couldn’t come to work and then fell asleep again until 11 am.  I have slight pain now and I a cough that has been developing over the last 3 days seems to be getting worse.

I do believe I am coming down with something although managing to perhaps keep it at bay.

I am exhausted, sore and really grumpy.  I don’t want to be getting sick and I never want to feel that pain again!