Where did you learn to drive?

OK, this is want I like to call a rant 🙂 You can skip over it, or read it for a laugh – I don’t mind either way – but whatever you do, please take this semi-seriously and understand this is written in frustration of the wankers who believe they are allowed to validly hold a license on our roads and wonder!!!

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I am in the wrong profession :D

Not that I technically have a profession per se, but I think I should become a kindergarden teacher 🙂  If only I could stand children….I just love painting and doing things with stickers and stuff 🙂

In preparation for the arrival of Team Oyeniyi (http://teamoyeniyi.wordpress.com)  I made a poster for when we pick them up at the airport.  I had so much fun making it and in all honesty I wanted to put more stickers on but hubby told me I was possibly overdoing it 🙂 heheh  I can’t roll  it up either as some of the stickers fall off, so I have to just keep it flat.  Currently on the dining room table but I will move it to my car today and place it on the backseat.

I just wanted to give them something they could feel a little happy about, they can stick it on the wall when they get home 🙂

Hope you like it as much as I do!  Sorry for the poor image quality, but I took it with my iphone in bad light 🙂

Time to spare

So my toothless hole is hurting, and even the spots where he poked me with needles is hurting a fair bit. The bleeding has mostly stopped but I am finding it hard to swallow because of the pain….not happy!!!!!

So aside from that I am sitting in the vw service area waiting for the car to he serviced, could take at least 4 hours! So I am going to kill my husband for being on call this week!

But I suppose I might only maim him, he is taking me to Sydney in two weeks and thanks to him we have a wonderful life 🙂 speaking of which our refinance will be completed by Tuesday!!!! So I am going to get cheques done for the two car loans on Saturday (if not before) and then we will be paying less every fortnight!!!! Yay!!! I have to calorie car places this week and confirm the best way to get them paid out!

My thoughts are with one of my best friends at the moment as she is going through a very rough time and is going through something most people should never have to. she knows I love her and am here for her but I just hate there is nothing I can do.

Anyway going to stop young as doing it on an iPhone is sort of annoying after a long time!


Had my mouth pulled, squished and ripped apart by a wonderful dentist. The rest of my tooth has been extracted and now I feel so much better with blood and numb tongue and not being able to eat anything grainy or cold or hot…..LOL…only luke warm 🙂  Having lasagne for lunch as I am starving and having a serious case of the shakes!!!

I don’t remember ver having a tooth pulled and I am telling you now I never want to experience that again!!  It was horrible!! The cracking sound and the discomfort…nope…never again!

I have another appointment set for 2 weeks time, as I have another tooth that looks like it will need to be extracted as well, he is going to attempt to put a filling on it though and see if that salvages it for a little while…..

Going to have to harrass hubby for both of us to go to the dentist regularly, espeiclaly as we are getting older we need to look after our teeth 🙂  and to be truly honest – I am sick of being in pain when I eat.

The Dentist was horrified that I have had tooth pain for over 3 months and have just ignored it…he rolled his eyes and shrugged – like “OMG I can’t help you now”….to which I apologised profusely and felt very guilty about….

But you know if so many of them weren’t butchers….I would have gone more as an adult 🙂

I am slightly headachy now as well and I wonder if it is related….I am certainly still shaking quite a bit and it was about 35 minutes since he finished….

Also on somethig unrelated, I picked up my car today!!  YAY!!  She is beautiful and runs lovely 🙂

What a bloody day!!!!

OK, so I took my car to be serviced yesterday because it was having issues with the world.  I got a phone call this morning telling me it was just a system issue because the computers in cars now control all the sensors – so if the software is unhappy the sensors are unhappy and therfore my engine is unhappy.  😦  I am therefore unhappy!!

Then I got a phone call that our finance is approved – I just need to send in a certificate of currency on our home insurance….will be calling them tonight as I am pretty sure they are open until 11pm. I am going to email it to them and it means our finance should be ready by Monday/Tuesday!!  YAYA!!!  So we can pay off the cars and have money every fortnight now!!  Then I can focus on our bike licenses and then well…just see what happens from there!

Grabbed the mail and start opening it all, we get a letter from the Environmental Protection Agency about our VW being too noisy and having an exhaust problem we need to get checked out by specific places by the 22 june…..someone (either an EPA offical or a policeman) saw us on Flinders Street and reported us….now…not sure if you have heard a Golf GTI taking off at the lights, but it sounds like a thunderstorm in the car.  I had a giggle at t, because I am taking the car to get its service on saturday anyway, and now I have to take it somewhere else for them to confirm the exhaust is fine….fucking ridiculous!!!!!!  One of us has to get a day off work now to get this $40 check done and a certificate produced.

And then…..started munching on dinner and half my tooth fell out!!  Yeah, you know when you say for about 6 months that you need to go to the dentist and you never do,…yeah that was me….I have to go now don’t I ?!!  Trying to find a dentist is going to be a pain in the butt!!  Tomorrow, I have to pick up my car from its service, find a dentist and then call around these exhaust places and find a suitable appointment!!!


and then i finally happens…

Wouldn’t believe it would you!!

The visas got approved!!! I can’t really say much else due to security, suffice it to say the battle is almost over, just waiting for them to actually sort out planes and travel!!  BUT WOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!

Mum may actually start getting better and not be so completely nuts anymore 🙂 hehhe

Welcome home guys – when you do actually get here!  I have to start on my welcome home sign for the airport!!!  ehehehhe  GLITTER INCOMING!!

fingers crossed :D

Have sent in all our paperwork for the refinance/debt consolidation…fingers are so deeply crossed I am scraping bone.

This will really help us out and I am just not able to express how good it will be if it goes through!!

My ear is healing well, and I think the surgery was a success, it sounds like I am underwater (which is better than hearing nothing) and it is damn itchy!!!  I have never really been great with dealing with itchy wounds….so this is nuts!!  I just want to shove a fork in there and scratch around for a little while!!!  Only 2 more weeks before the sponge gets removed, so I am hopeful that itching will stop soon.

OMG NO…disgusting ….

Somethings are just unexpected :/

Today at work, we were delivered a vehicle from an insurance company for repairs and they left the windows open…guess what we found in the car….a dead cat!!!  Yup a feral.  There was poop, wee and blood all over the car, and then when my dad moved the seat there was the jackpot.

I have never been so disgusted. Not because of the dead cat (although disgusting to be sure) but the fact that an insurance company treats cars soooooo badly.  had that been me, I would have been wanting my entire years premium back and I would be going ballistic at them!!!

Thought I should share that all with you 😀

Pretty good week all things considered!

Been a busy week to be honest 🙂

Have confirmed we are going to Sydney for a week! I am so excited! I went to Sydney for a friends wedding almost 2 years ago but it wasn’t in Sydney actual and it was a weekend trip so I didn’t get to catch up with everyone I wanted to 🙂

This time we will be staying in maquarie park for most of the week so I can jump a train into the city while hubby is working.

We are driving up on a Friday and I am thinking about going to the NRL game that night and crashing in a nearby hotel unless we can find a friend who wouldn’t mind doing NRL with us before we crash at their place….Then we have to find somewhere to crash saturday and Sunday night as we are staying in the work hotel from monday through to the Saturday morning when we drive home again. See all very convoluted!

I have a bloody long list of people i MUST catch up with so will be calling them this weekend to harrass them for an audience 🙂 I also want to go to the rsl club that my friends ashes were spread at, but will need to confirm which one and also if anyone wants to meet me there for a couple of drinks. We also want to try and get in on a ritual with some other friends if they are doing anything, again that needs to be planned heheh. So as you can see I am going to squish as much as I can that week!!!

On other things my ear is healing really well 🙂 yay! Three weeks we will know if the surgery was a success. All that vomiting better not have been a waste of time or I will be majorly pissed!!!

It looks like we may finally be getting the debt consolidation we needed -YIPPEE!! Hopefully will be getting all paperwork sent in this week!!!


Happy Birthday Hubby

Today we are having a gathering of about 7 people to celebrate hubby’s 30th.  He doesn’t seem all too stressed about aging, but I think it is a milestone and so really pushed that he have some people over 😀

I have made my grasshopper pie, bought some meat for the BBQ and will make a salad.  We have some nibbles as well and I will be unable to drink 😦  However I will be watching everyone else get sloshed and jolly and wishing I was joining them.  I was really looking forward to getting a little tipsy tonight.  Bah humbug is all I have to say 🙂

We will have Eurovision on in the background as it is the second semi final tonight and the grand final tomorrow night. ❤ my eurovision!!!!!  ONE YEAR I WILL GET TO A LIVE SHOW!!!

I have to go and finish the dishes and clean up in the computer room a little more, but otherwise everything is clean and tidy.

Have a great day my love, I hope this year is awesome for you and that we reach some of our goals and that you are happier this year than the last year.  I love you so much and I am thankful that we have shared 10 years together and that we have so many more to share.