When the rain starts

I have been pottering around in the office and I happened to look outside and notice that it is raining.

This made me think about how I have been meaning, for a few months now, to explain why I called my blog “When the rain starts”.  I just never get around to doing it, but today looks as though it may be a quiet one 🙂

Rain.  Rain always happens on days when important things happen to me.  Both good and bad.   It may not be a lot of rain, but there is always rain.

Winter is my favourite season because of the constant rain – I always feel better in winter, I feel more alert, happier and generally better about life.

I had wanted to write more, but i think I am having trouble expressing myself today as my  mind is racing about too many things!!!


I had been waiting for my mum to post before I did and it has been driving me mental!!! I am going to the airport tonight to finally pick up the new family members!!!

They are landing pretty late tonight so likely I will not be out of bed until midday tomorrow! I am excited and nervous and happy and all the other things, I am glad this is finally over for mum and I hope they are happy together for a very long time. Here’s to having more kids!!

Our car loans are finally paid off as well!!! We sent the money over on Tuesday! So no more direct debits etc and I got paid yesterday and we still had money in the bank and our wallets!! Couldn’t believe it!! Yay!!!! Financially normal again!!

More excitement, a friend of ours has come back to australia after about 5 years. Shame they are in tassie but I am looking forward to building that friendship up again!

Sweet week!