Running late again this week. I am going to ask my boss to just put this down as a bad one. I have not been sleeping well since being back from Sydney and I am not handling that very well.

We did buy a new bed, just waiting for that to arrive 🙂 10 years on the same futon mattress is just horrid! I hope it gets here soon – I can’t wait to experience a good nights sleep without pain whenever I move during the night!

On the work front – I am really worried about my dad. I really think he is just too old to be doing this kind of physical labour, but neither him or mum will listen to me about sorting out their financial problems by selling everything and paying what needs to be paid. I know it sounds horrible but when you keep adding to your debt instead of reducing it – at some point it screws with you.

I just don’t want to see my dad hurt himself or go to an early grave because money was more important to him and mum than his well being and life….

They just don’t get it though….

Hubby and I are now in a hugely wonderful financial position! Thanks to the refinance! I am actually going to start putting money into savings in a months time, we are paying off the bed before we can save 🙂

then next year we are going to Scotland even if I have to drug him to do it!! Hehe even just 3 weeks would be super awesome! That’s my plan anyway 🙂 he could just karate chop me I suppose, but he loves me and wants to see me happy in scotland 😀

Anyway my train stop is coming up, so time for me to stop waffling and get moving!

TGIF is my only thought right now!!