Talk about cutting it close!

What a day today was!  We did some housework typre stuff today, hubby mowed the jungle of a yard we created and i went to the laundromat and washed most of our clothes…I ran out of dollar coins.  We really need a clothes dryer soon I think – just for these wintery conditions.

Hubby then decided (i like to blame him for this bit) he wanted to go to ikea in richmond and look at desks….i warned him we may not be home in time for his night time engagement.  Anyway took us forever to get there, however we would have been finished by 4.30 had it not been for the 40  minutes we then had to wait to get through the register and everything packed into the car…

For those that have never been to the one and only ikea store in melbourne…don’t bother unless everything you buy can be carried back to your car.  Actually just don’t buy anything and save yourself the pain of going through the registers 🙂

You are not allowed to leave the store with the trolleys, so you have to wait in a loading bay area with the 100 other people doing the same thing.  Then I had to wait in a queue in the car pack to get up the extra level I needed to get up, then wait for a park in the loading bay etc.  By the time we got out of ikea and car parks it was just past 5, so i flew home!  Hubby had to leave by 6.15 at the very latest and would normally have left at about 5.30/5.45.

Anyway he made it to his engagement 10 minutes late and found they had not started so in essence he was not actually late!!  YAY!!

I headed to my mum’s place for the night as hubby and I were giving them all our old iphones as presents.  I also wanted to catch up with them again withouth jetlag and 24 hour travel.

I got rushed at the door by children who were so very excited to see me.  Mum was trying to explain to them that I was a sister and not an aunt 🙂  So all night I was getting called “sister” – they don’t use names – for anyone 😀  Something we are both going to have to get used to.

They all loved their iphones however the littlest one didn’t get one as Mr O took one and gave the littlest his old phone.  She was upset and had a little cry – but very silently.

So, as I felt guilty after watching hewr fall asleep on the couch clutching the cushion for comfort, i decided I am going to take her to the build a bear workshop and get her a custom made bear made just for her.  It will hopefully make her feel a little special and not left out.  I am doing that Tuesday at this stage.  She can then pick the clothes and actual teddy/animal she wants and colours etc…

Mum and the others will come as well to highpoint to have a look around, but I will only be there for little bear 🙂

Anyway, I am off to bed, its another massive day tomorrow and I need my beauty sleep!