Shopping, cars and stuff ups.

I trundle off to get the car checked out for thisEPA thing, and guess what…they are cancelling them due to the rain….grrrr…I took today off to do this and some other things because it needs to be done before we leave for Sydney, however with the forecast – we may not be able to.  I wonder if we can get an extension on the time given we are interstate for one week? hrmmm….

I took Oyinda (my littlest) sister to highpoint to get a teddy bear, she was freezing but in the end I think she was very happy with her teddy.  She also bought it a little ski outfit to keep him warm.  his name is TJ and comes with a birth certificate as well.  All in all a very good place.  I was so tempted to buy myself a dragon, but in the end decided to just make it out Oyinda.  I will just buy one for me next time we are in Doncaster or something 🙂 hehehe

Now I am heading off to the supermarket to try and get everything for dinner tonight, whilst also trying to organise a firewood delivery…..I want to get the fire started when i get back so I can have the house toasty warm for tonight.  Not that I have ever built a fire before, that is usually hubbies domain…he was a scout after all!!

Chat to you all later 🙂