Time for an update

It has been a while since I posted, in all honesty I just haven’t felt like writing.  I am annoyed with too many things that if I think of writing about them I get all angry and it will be a bad post 😀

I am still annoyed about a lot of things, but honestly they are just not worth my effort…

On a brighter side, I don’t have to have second interview for the L and D role I applied for – again….interviews are happening next week though, so I will hear something the week after I am guessing.

Our bonus’ from work are supposed to be paid at the end of November, so I am planning to tell them to shove it just before that happens to I can get it paid.  If I leave here before then I don’t get my bonus, and yes I know it may only be a small amount, it is still money for free so to speak.

I am going to have to work hard at finding a job once we are closer to that date.  But I don’t want to think of it just now!

I am going to buy a second hand treadmill as well, I have given myself 12 months to lose as much weight as possible.  My plan is to do 30 minutes of treaddie a night at bare minimum.  If I can do more than 30 mins I will.  Essentially, if we are watching TV – I am walking – that is my plan.  Before I jump onto the computer I do at least 30 minutes.

I have been going nuts with the photography, poor hubby hasn’t had a chance to use his camera very much – i keep stealing it….but I am really enjoying it.  Have been throwing the ones I think are good up on deviantart and getting slow but steady feedback about some of the shots…I am nowhere near as good as my friends or the people on deviantart – but we all started somewhere no?



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