This is why eavesdropping is bad!!

I am, and my 3 peers, are going to be asked to re-apply for our jobs.

This fills me with excitement and dread at the same time.

We have not been officially told – refer to eavesdropping- and we are not sure when we will be told either. Maybe next week as you can’t give bad news on a Friday right, and I doubt they will tell us today….

So it looks like my plans to resign are now on hold. I am glad I stuck around a little longer than expected as this was my main concern with leaving after my 10 years service date.

Fingers crossed they don’t change their minds 🙂


3 thoughts on “This is why eavesdropping is bad!!

  1. siandart says:

    I don’t quite get ti – if you reapply and don’t get your own job back, is that their way of sacking-you-without-sacking-you? Or do you think they might offer redundancies to the unsuccessful candidates?

    You’ve had enough interview experience lately, you should be fine.

  2. dragonray says:

    I want to take a redundancy, it would be a nice payout with my years of service.

    Essentially when my company bought a smaller one, there are two groups of people that do almost the same job. Me and my peers and then a group from the new company. However since our systems are being migrated to the new companies system and products and offerings, we are not really going to be doing the same job and we are already at a disadvantage.

    They have been telling us for months our jobs are safe (at this time) and nothing to worry about. But apparently not so much anymore…they want the right people in the right roles – which I completely understand. I will be honest, if not for my situation of being at 10 years with long service leave to be paid out to me as well as packaging, I would be devastated to be out with no job prospects etc – like others in my team.

  3. siandart says:

    Yeah, good timing for you that it’s not going to be such a huge loss – bastards have been lying to you all year hey..

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