First night of serious skipping tonight, did about 6 minutes in total in 1 minute bursts…probably not even one minute to be honest.

My bra has cut through my shoulder, my calves are killing me but all in all I am feeling pretty upbeat.  Second night in a row of some serious exercise.

On the downside we were going to go for a walk, but my wound on my back, although completely healed this morning has burst and is leaking pus and blood again, so no walkies for me tonight, I may go tomorrow though depending on the pain factor.

Hubby and I still may do some karate later however he is wheezing like a maniac and I am having a breathing and shoulder problem, so we may wait an hour or so and see how we are feeling then.

We just need to keep the momentum going now for skipping and karate and results will be soon in a few months time – so I hope 😀

Delayed slightly

OK so the lite n easy thing is going to be delayed a fortnight, I rang up and found out they have shitty payment methods….anyway since they deliver on a Wednesday to my area, I have to pay them on a Tuesday (the day before pay day) which means I have to budget a week for extar funds to be available, fr the fortnight, which won’t happen this fortnight as we have some fees on a membership we need to pay this fortnight.

Another delay I don’t like, but it is only one fortnight, we may be able to cut that down to a week delay, but I will fiddle with the figures this week and see what we can pull out of the hat.

I also had to get a VISA debit card for the second account to pay for lite an easy as they only accept credit card payments…..which I think is silly for people that plan on being on the program for a longer period of time.  They should ask what your long term plans are before advising they can’t do any sort of payment plans. 

For example I asked if we could pay fortnightly, but the only way they do that is by money order/cheque….seems a little stupid that every fortnight I have to mail a cheque to them when they could just charge my credit card fortnightly….

Anyway, I want to wait for that card to be received anyway, so having to delay it a week or two is not going to be a major issue.

We did however go to rebel sport and pick up some actual skipping ropes, so that will be cool for this week, start using those on a nightly basis if we can.  Hubby also found a karate school about 30 minutes away that he is going to contact today, it is the same style that he has a black belt in, so he is relaly keen to find out if we can swing that kind of execrise….would be cool to do it with him.  Although I am considerably unfit now, with the lite n easy and skipping I may not be that bad in a few months.

I also have one of my wounds finally closed up, the last 4 days I have removed bandages to find no blood and gunk, which is awesome!!  Hubby said it is shrinking in size as well so perhaps this is the last leg!!  I am soo excited, I am just being extra careful with it and keeping it covered in the hope that in about 2 weeks time that will have completed healed! 

Going to be starting the salt baths up again for the other wound, in the hopes that helps and perhaps that will start to heal as well….