Blew up the wagon :)

Been quite a while since I have written, I guess I am busier than I realized…well not exactly true…travelling to work everyday is taking a bucketload of time….sometimes 2.5 hours….it means a long day and very little time when I get home to do much except cook dinner and then go to bed…

I was not really expecting to be at dads shop for more than a few months but it seems to be turning into a more permanent job..he is still not sure what to do and I think at the moment he is just floating with the tide to see where we end up in a few months time.

I am learning heaps though, invoicing, accounts, payroll, super etc which is adding to my already useless skill set… One valuable thing I have learnt though -payroll software is bloody difficult to use and needs to be simplified!!!! Maybe I should design some if I ever finish my degree 🙂

Speaking of which I am now Two weeks behind as my textbooks have not arrived…I ordered them 3 weeks ago…and I can’t really do much as it refers me to the text…. I will be calling them today to harass! I am also still waiting to find out my exam results… But it has only been 2 weeks, so hopefully not too much longer 🙂

Nothing much else has been going on in all honesty, I am wrecked and too tired on the weekends to do too much…. Chat later time to work!

Less than ordinary

I have been busy helping my dad at his shop, trying to clean up and make some sense of the system my step mum had…I am sure she had one…somehow…. 😀

It has been long days and getting home at about 7pm as the traffic getting home is horrendous, then by the time I make dinner and clean up it is 9 and I am basically collapsing into bed. I am exhausted all the time and the more tired I am getting the more irritable.

I am going to really focus on getting this PCOS under control this year. I am going to buy a multivitamin I think to help combat the general feelings of exhaustion, perhaps that will allow me the motivation to exercise, as I have dropped off the wagon this last 2 weeks and I lost like 6kgs -I want to keep going!!!!

I am also going to cheat and order some hydroxycut….it’s apparently awesome for pure weight loss…a friend of ours has used it whenever he needs to drop weight after being lazy….that will hopefully help as well….no idea 🙂

My mum has the mrt appeal this week, I am going along for moral support and will probably head to her place afterwards, we are hoping the give her a decision at the hearing rather than dragging it out….fingers crossed on that as it could be a very good or bad night….

I just want this to be over for her and John. I can’t cope being away from my hubby for a week, I can’t imagine being away for months….

Time for work, if the train ever turns up, melb train system is shit…..I missed a train because the machine wouldn’t take my fucking coins so I had to go all the way round to the other platform, then the next train has been delayed and delayed….I will never get to work!

Another Year comes to a close

How Cliched!

These are the things I have achieved this year :

Left my employer!

Started a Degree

Sold Glenroy (YUCKY HOUSE)/Bought in Kyneton (AWESOME HOUSE)

Lost 3 kg’s (have put them back on somewhere though)

Started an exercise program of some sort

Bought hubby his Utilikilt – only 3 years late

Started running more rituals at our place

Cooked Scones that worked

Started photography – may be terrible at it, but at least I am doing it.

Most of the things I have started – I have done since we moved to Kyneton.  I am not sure what it is about this place, but it makes me want to improve and achieve and do things.  I like that feeling and I like wanting to do more with my life.  I will never be a professional photographer or chef or painter, but you know anything artistic lets me have some outlet.

So what do I want to achieve in this next year, let’s not call them resolutions, let’s just call them achievements…

Weightloss….in 12 months time I want to be pretty close to my goal of being half my size – no idea if that is even possible – but you have to have goals.

In all honesty I can’t think of anything else I really want to work on right now 🙂  Just the other usual things you know, health, happiness and a job 🙂 hehehe  Hopefully that last one will not take me too long once the new year kicks in….There haven’t been many new jobs online since Dec 16…So places really did just stop looking.

I hope all my friends and family have a wonderful night tonight and that this next year brings you more joy, happiness and patience 🙂  I hope all your wishes are granted and that it is a better year than this one has been.

Love you all.

Hugs and kisses!


This time of year just makes me sad

Yeah I know it is supposed to be about happy things etc, but you know, all I ever seem to think about is how much time I haven’t spent with the people I wanted to spend time with…..Christmas is a reminder of another year gone, how quickly it sneaks up on you.

Working, housework, cooking, exercising and spending time with hubby just takes up most of my year, then another weekend is gone and another week gets completed and before you know it, you are wondering how many times you actually saw X,Y,Z people this year.

Every year I keep telling myself, next year I will do more, catch up with people, get more involved….every year it is the same thing, everyone is so busy leading their lives as well and fitting everything in, you just don’t get to make dates work….

Not that enough of my friends or indeed family read this, but I do love each and every one of you- idiosyncrasies and all – and I really do regret that I missed another year of your lives and I wish you well for the coming year and let’s make sure we catch up regularly and attempt to have some sort of relationship happening.

Merry Soltice to you all and i will see you in the new year as I doubt I will get to updating this much over the coming week.  Hubby’s mum is coming down today and not heading home until Tuesday, so I will be entertaining her as much as possible.  Then well you know how it is, it is just a very busy time!

Hugs and kisses!


Fail, fail and more fail!

Fail day today, idiots everywhere and people making my life difficult….just one of those days….

I did no exercise yesterday as my legs a re too sore and I really should give them time to heal, I will do my weights and push ups today and maybe start some sit ups, but I want to give my poor legs a rest….

I am grumpy and in need of chocolate….Mr Grumpy might be getting close………


Feeling pretty good about myself

I logged into my student site today to make sure of some information and i was trolling the discussion boards….let me just say, I am feeling pretty smart at the moment. 

I am in awe at the really stupid questions that have been asked on the discussion board, and I just can’t fathom how these people can even think they will make it through this course.  Given my lack of hope a few weeks ago, I can safely say I am in a much better headspace this week and know I can do this.

I just received my assignment, due in one month, so I spent about an hour starting it yesterday and today I have spent about 30 minutes doing quizzes (need to be done to prepare us for the test in a couple of weeks) and I am doing ok on the quizzes…4/5 mainly and I am not happy about that, but considering I have only just started I don’t think that is horrific.  It is at least showing me how much I need to improve.

Anyway, our first assignment was sent out on Monday, so I printed out the task and have highlighted the relevant sections – ie what I have to have done.  The first line of the assignment says,

“This assignment involved creating a web site, consisting of a main “welcome” page, and a few information pages.”

It also states later, on the second page,

“The HTML code that makes up your submission must be created manually, sites that are built from ready-made site templates….will not be assessed.”

One of the first questions I came accros on the discussion boards, ” Do I need to create it from scratch, a whole website?”.  I would say judging from the first line of the assignment – YES!!!! 

A second question was “Can I do it on any topic I like?”  Which on the first page, second paragraph states, “The suggested topic for this period is “My favourite music band or movie.”  If this is not suitable, you may create a site based on one of your own interests.

Another question was “will i lose points if I use php?”, well considering the documentation is about very basic html – ie website will likely be based on two columns and one row, I would say using php is a little more advanced than what they are actually trying to achieve, so instead of showing off, stick to the actual limitations of the content we have been given in the subject.

I am soooo glad I am NOT attending Uni for this, because  if I had to sit in a lecture theatre with that kind of questions being asked I think I would kill them. This reminds me so much of my old worlkplace with the stupid questions that would get asked there all the time, even after it being said multiple times….GAH!!!!

All this has made me realise I am not stupid.  I am not a genius, but I can certainly hold my own when i set my mind to it, and I have lived in a perpetually dumb environent for the last 10 years, time to break out and live it up.  I am excited to be getting my brain back into function mode.  Here’s hoping I can pull it off!!