Open Letter to Keith Urban

Yes, I know this is a strange heading, but I am going to do a couple of open letters in the next few days.  The idea has been pottering around in my head, and I feel it is time to get it out, hopefully there will be some positive in this – I want to find something to be positive about.

Dear Keith Urban,

I have been a fan of country music for a very long time, I don’t really know when it became a favourite style, but I seem to have always loved it.  There is something about the twangy guitars and the way some words are said over a mouthful of marbles that just resonates with me.  I confess to never really listening to your music, not for any other reason then I just didn’t listen to any one specific person or group all that thoroughly.  I tend to like one or two songs from an artist and dislike the rest. Of course I had heard of you and enjoyed the songs of yours that I did hear, but I was never urged to hear more.  I was perhaps a little too quick to judge a cute australian being able to do country music justice like our US counterparts – please don’t hate me for that!!

This changed recently whilst I was watching the first season of “The Voice”.  I was amazed that every time someone came out to audition you were singing along with the song, I have no idea why that had me intrigued, but it did.  You knew so many songs from so many genres and knew them well enough to mouth along with them, perhaps you missed one or two, but overall you were there.  I was impressed, I immediately went and bought an album of yours to listen to, a couple of weeks later, my hubby bought me “The story so Far”.  It has been quite a few months now, and I have not stopped listening to it on repeat.  That one album has done more for me over the last few weeks than I can even begin to thank you for.

I have been feeling a little…deathwishy lately.  I am not suicidal..I couldn’t do it, however I do want to die to stop the crap I am going through.  Your album is the one thing that gets me through each and every single day.  I couldn’t tell you why or how or what about it makes me feel so much better, but every time I put my headphones on and I hit the play button, I am so happy to be alive and listening to you.  There is something about that album that makes me smile, sing along with and move my thoughts to all the good things in my life.  It is completely uplifting for me.

You could say I have a dependancy on it now as when I turn it off or stop listening to it, I really struggle to get my emotions under control again.  I know that sounds bad, but it is such an improvement on a few months ago when I just couldn’t stop thinking about dying, I owe you my life.   Ok, that was possibly a little melodramatic but it is true, a few weeks ago I was at my lowest point and I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel it was your songs that got me through it.  I am still a very long way from being ok, I know that, but I felt it was important that I let you know the profound affect you have had on my life.  I would potentially be just another suicide statistic if it wasn’t for you and I am certain my husband is glad I watched that first season of “The Voice” now.

I guess I really wanted to thank you for making music and being such a fantastic artist, for having such uplifting and inspiring songs and for helping one Aussie in a sea of billions keep going through all the crap.

Thank you Keith Urban.