ooooh updates :)

Friday night was fun, had drinkies and great conversation and the food turned out ok as well which was a great bonus 🙂

Yesterday we spent it watching movies, we were just too tired to do anything else AND we had heavy raid all day that we didn’t really feel like doing  much except staying home in the warmth 😀  We watched Zombieland, adventureland, daybreakers and whip it.

I am guessing whip it is the movie causing all the roller derby hype at the moment (we know 4 people that have taken it up or are heading into try outs), but was a good movie, so was daybreakers (a couple of sequels incoming for that I think) and Zombieland was a crackup…enjoyed it immensely 😀  Adventureland was a little “meh”….

Today I am not sure we have any plans, perhaps going to the movies if we can find anything on that we want to watch….

What a weekend :D

Busy weekend is just bloody busy!!

I was in the city for my sisters 18th surprise bday party 🙂 She thougth she was just going for lunch with her parents and siblings, she was shocked as hell to see about 40 people jump out yelling surprise!!!  LOL  Was pretty cool.  I got to catch up with some of my cousins and I was in so much pain from laughter by the end of the afternoon.  They are growing up into fun teenagers and I am thinking I may have to organise a BBQ and drink feat for them all to come to the new place and have some fun 😀

I then went to my mothers place after that for her birthday (it was actually last week) but we were both so broke that neither of us could afford to do anything, in fact I had lent her money to survive.  We were going to have Thai, when we got there realised they are under new management and currently closed so we went and grabbed some noodles, was good to catch up with her.  She is sad as her husband is still in nigeria (for the forseeable future I am guessing) and she was missing him….which I can understand 😦

I finally got home at about 11pm, which was about 15 minutes after the hubby got home from ritual for winter.  He said it was an ok night, nothing huge but was good. 

Sunday we went for a drive to Castlemaine to find a screen for the fire place, we walked around for a little while and found something suitable.  Had lunch at a lovely little cafe…hrmm Pronta I think it was called.  We were there just on noon and there was us and another couple there….by the time we had ordered – maybe 8 minutes later – the place was almost completely full 🙂   Was ok food and not too badly priced.

We then headed to a winery just outside of harcourt –  and tried some of their ciders…they have some nice wines, a sweet cider which I really liked.  The problem being we asked for a Shiraz and by the time we got home to open the wine we realised we had a bottle of pinot noir….YUCK!!  So we were a little annoyed to be honest.

We spent the next hour trying to get the open fire lit…let’s just say it is a very differnt thing to lighting a fire inside as opposed to out in the bush 😀  We eventually got it happening and it was gorgeous.  Until the fire alarm went off about 4 hours later and my dog started to howl.  I was running around the house trying to find the broom to switch the alarm off  and he decided that was taking too long….understandable really – it was hurting my ears,  I can only imagain what it does to dogs ears…

What a weekend!!!  Just don’t feel as though I have had a break to be honest!!  LOL


Yeah I am falling behind in my blog, I am just so busy with so many other things I am having trouble keeping up 😀

D and I have found a local Aikido school, which trains on Tues/Thurs, so we will be starting that up possibly next week, we are just trying to source Gi and all the relevant bits and pieces.

I am probably going to die the first few weeks, but I am so very excited about it, I have been wanting to do Aikido for along time, the thought of being able to control the situation without the need for violence is very exciting 😀  I am sure you can figure out why if needed !

I am putting on more weight and I really need to get this under control.  D and I are going to (we have said it for the past week) going to go to the local footy oval a couple of nights a week and run it twice and walk it twice. Although it will probably alternate like, run half walk the next half,  run half , walk the next half…if that makes sense? I couldn’t run no matter how much you paid me, so we ened to start slow and build up.  We figure once we start learning Aikido we will be practising a fair bit as well, we are going to save up over the next few months and buy some practive mats and convert the garage on the weekends to the dojo.  So if we actually start all of that we may actually start losing weight.

3 poeple at work have resigned and another will be resigning this week, so they all left last week, which means we are down 3 processers, nevermind 2 of them are on leave at the moment, so we are really short.  The pump is on!!

I really need a massage I think. My shoulders are so tense and I am feel scrunched up…might look up some places in the local area and see if I can get my nails done at the same time!!


Week one

Have done the first week back at work, and my god it was painful.

We were in bed by about 9.30 every night as we needed to be up at 4.30 in the morning to catch the train :/  This week D is on 2pm to 10pm shifts so I will be catching the later train more than likely and then D will be driving to work each day.  Thank god for the second car is all I can say!!

I had my parents up tonight for dinner, and it was really nice, they love the house and think it is very us.  I have had many friends come over and all have said it is much more a house than our other place ever was, so I am guessing that is a good thing 😀  D and I do feel so much relaxed in this place and I don’t feel quite to anxious up here.

Nothing much else really going on, I have started to look for work in preparation for August/Sept as I don’t want to be out of work if I can help it, although the idea of having a few months off it very very appealing 🙂 heheh  My long service leave – once paid out would be at least 2 months salary, so I may take that time to look for work.

I have been swinging between wanting to start a career and wanting to start a family….OMG!!  Yes I said it – there!!  LOL  The family is still a while off, however I am leaning more towards that then a career which I will likely have to interrupt or even maybe stop if we do have children….

D just got a new job as well, he got promoted into a role has been interested in since last year.  It’s actually the same job he applied for when we were considering moving back to Sydney last year, they opened the role up in melbourne and he scored the promotion.  WOOT!!  No more shiftwork, no more crappy hours – he will be on call for periods, at this time it looks like 1 week in five or something, but it means we can actually organise things and have a life now 😀  Which we are both loving the idea of.  He starts in a couple of weeks!  It also includes, we think, he has not been told/confirmed yet, what the pay will be, but it is approx 15k more than what he is on at the moment 😀

This change in our situation is also one of the reasons children might be a possibility in the future. I could quite easily get a part time job in town it would bring in enough bacon potentially, but that is a long time off and we still have so much we need to get sorted out and paid off before we can seriously consider it.  I would like to have refinanced the house and combined the car loan into the mortgage etc so we only have one payment for the loans, makes it easier to organise things that way.

Anyway, what a fucking ramble I have had 🙂 heehhe  and I don’t think I have even said anything much!!

I can’t wait until we have settled into a routine at home, then I will find more time to post and write stuff down!

The end is nigh

 We finally settled on our place.

We were supposed to settle on the 22nd of April, instead it is the 6th May!!

Yes just slightly delayed.

I have not updated on LJ as I have just been so stressed and unable to really think clearly.

I extended my annual leave a week and will actually be back next week at work, by which stage I only gave 4 months to go before I can resign and take me long service leave with me 🙂

Will post more later 😀

Would you like to be bent over a barrell


We had a phone call this morning about our settlement.  The guys who bought our place, let’s call them "wankheads", were not going to be able to make settlement on our place.

Let me put this into perspective, we have a friend coming from interstate t help us move, we have ALL of our utilities set to be cancelled on Wed/Thursday this week, we are having a truck come this afternoon so that we could start packing AND we had made plans to buy a new car which we are supposed to pick up on Friday, and to top it of we spent much of our money on a deposit for the car, a modem for the new place (before they would send it out to us) and had bought a whole bunch of lean cuisines (which are not cheap) so we basically have no money.

We then had to spend all day waiting to find out if our conveyancer was able to get us into our new house as orignally organised on Thursday, and finally by 4pm we fond out we could.  However we are now being charged penalty rates because settlement has to be delayed for a week.  We are going to be passing that cost onto the wankheads, so we have to charge them penalty rates.

We now won’t get paid out until next Thursday, but we are able to move into the house we have not even paid for.  To top of that, Wankheads what access to our house on friday – BEFORE HEY HAVE EVEN SETTLED!!!!!!!!!! 

To say I am pissed probably dosnt even come close. had we any glass stuff unpacked it would have been broken early this morning,….I am still livid, even now that we can still move, I am annoyed that TWO FUCKING DAYS BEFORE SETTLEMENT THEY DECIDE TO TELL US!!!