Sales….evil damn sales!!

GAH!!!!  Sales at Myer are simply evil!!!  JUST EVIL!!

You remember that horribly freaky clown from the IT movie (Stephen King)…I tried to add an image but i freaked myself out too much I couldn’t do it…sorry…Just do your own search if you can’t really remember the extent of the evil….

We went to Myer yesterday to just have a squizz and spent far too much money, but you know in my mind of course I can justify it…we needed sheets for the new bed, we needed a mattress protector, we needed a new robert welch cutlery set and additional accoutrements…yes…I swear we did!!!! *hangs head in shame*  They were so shiny and bright, and they looked so smooth, their sparkles were calling to me and the 30% off signs were just placed perfectly in front and GAHHHHH!!!

We got the Meridian set for anyone who knows/likes robert welch.  I also bought the matching steak knives  (2 sets because they are smarty pants and only give you 4 when you buy a set of 8….grrr) and the salad server things as well.  I do want to get the other bits and pieces over time that match the set, like the pie server and the pastry forks and the cheese/pate set etc…but that will perhaps be christmas and birthday gifts to myself for the next few years 😀  Although they are not really all that expensive for each set.  All of that was still over 100 dollars cheaper than the non sale price of just the set…so I honestly think it was a good purchase 😀

Meridian set

Slight peak on the bottom

I gave in to the frenzy!! Yes I did!!

IN all honesty I don’t mind though, we don’t have bills, we don’t have kids we should be feeding instead, we don’t have major things we should be spending the money on…so it will take an extra fortnight to pay off the credit card now…not a major issue….

Hubby and I have had the same cutlery for over 10 years (I had it before I met him) and it was the cheap stuff you buy from Woolworths for like 10 dollars, it has lasted us well and done its job, it was mismatched, missing and generally looking a little worn –  it was nice to continue to purchase things together.  We have been doing a much needed clean out of the old crap in our lives and updating to things we both want instead of what we brought to the relationship through default.

But seriously we can’t really need much else for the house now, we have over the last year spent a fortune on buying things we needed (read: wanted) to improve our happiness rating, and I think we have almost reached the point of saturation.

I only want a couple more things….

  • A display cabinet for all my ornaments
  • Another bookcase
  • better (read: glasses I like) wine glasses
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Dishwasher

See not too much more….HAHAHAH  just another 6k or so….*cough splutter*….

Anyway, today I am going to spending the day cleaning out, dismantling and re-arranging the bedroom, our bed comes tomorrow and they set it up for us as well as deliver it.  So we just have to have the room sorted out, I want to vacuum and move the dresser and clean the wall where the dog sleeps 🙂

New bed 🙂 Nothing fancy..might get frame later if necessary

I better get off my butt then!!

Home coughing but keeping occupied :)

I have a nasty cough which has kept me home today – again!! I am feeling very phlegmy and I blame someone….no idea who, but someone did this to me!!

I went out this morning and bought some more cough Medicine and now I am just chilling out and trying to drink water ( hubby is likely to get cross with me if I haven’t drunk at least 2 liters today) grumble grumble grumble 🙂

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When the rain starts

I have been pottering around in the office and I happened to look outside and notice that it is raining.

This made me think about how I have been meaning, for a few months now, to explain why I called my blog “When the rain starts”.  I just never get around to doing it, but today looks as though it may be a quiet one 🙂

Rain.  Rain always happens on days when important things happen to me.  Both good and bad.   It may not be a lot of rain, but there is always rain.

Winter is my favourite season because of the constant rain – I always feel better in winter, I feel more alert, happier and generally better about life.

I had wanted to write more, but i think I am having trouble expressing myself today as my  mind is racing about too many things!!!


Came out of surgery on Monday afternoon and it was a horrible recovery.  From my recollection it was about 3pm, and as I was moving onto the ward bed, I threw up on myself twice, then later about 5pm when I managed to stand up and go to the loo, I vomited again.  Since then I have been feeling constant nausea and motion sickness.

Tuesday I came home – it was the longest ride home I have ever experienced.  I was barely able to move once I got home, and plonked myself on the couch in the hopes of some relief.  Had a couple of snoozes generally just let hubby look after me.  I begged him to stay with me Wednesday as well as I was barely able to move around the house without feeling like I was going to topple over.

So Wednesday morning I woke up and still felt that way.

On the up side I have been able to keep all my food down and I have been making sure I drink lots of fluids.

I am not feeling quite so dizzy today yet, but then I have only been awake for about 20 minutes.  I need to put ear drops into my ear as well which I will attempt in a few minutes.

Apparently I looked dreadful when I came out of surgery the other day and hubby was very worried about me, he has seen me on deaths door before from surgery and I think he gets really stressed when I don’t recover all that well from it.  I agree with him though 🙂 hehehe I hope he understands how much I appreciate his help the last few days.  It has meant so much to me.  I must tell him when he gets home tonight.

Thats enough from me, U am going to attempt breakfast and then ear drops…then no idea to be honest…I am sort of sick of laying on the couch watching movies, but it is all I am really capable of doing right now…


YAY – I am home!

Well I got home a couple of days ago, but I just didn’t get the chance to even sit at my computer.  Yesterday I had a job interview in the morning, I really want the job to be honest, I am hoping I did not screw up the interview.  They seemed like a nice bunch of people and it is close to home and everything. I may need to just have a walk around Kyneton in the next few days and see if anyone has some signs up in their shops.

Then after that, I took hubby to Gisborne to have his dentist appointment, we get all the way out there and find the dentist is closed due to a “power surge”.  nice.  Thanks for calling and telling us….So we then hda to find him another dentist.  So we came home and started dialling numbers.  Finally got him an appointment and then headed to bendigo.

Stopped and bought my exercise bike, I could have ordered it online but seriously I couldn’t be bothered waiting the 4 weeks for them to even look at the order.  We actually just assembled that this morning…so I am taking a break before I start lunch, dishes and washing – which I want to get all done today.

So hubby has a tooth removed – blood everywhere, which has finally stopped this morning, and he is no pain from exposed nerves 😀  Just normal tooth being pulled out pain 😀

I also spent this morning applying for jobs, approx 6, so fingers crossed something comes of it, I have had basically no luck with the job thing…which is depressing.  I have to contact my temping agency and tell them to get onto it 😀

Anyway, migt make some lunch now 😀

Job hunting

I really need to get started on that.  I have been looking every few days on seek as well, but nothing is being updated.  Patience!

I can’t remember what days the jobs are in the paper, I thought I had the right days, but from the lack of jobs I would say not!  LOL

I will just keep trying.  I have also created an email account for my job hunting under bigpond, just to prevent spam and using a gmail account etc.  So I have to notify my temping agents about that.  I should also give them a call and make sure they are on the case for me.  I want to start working again!  Don’t get my wrong, I am enjoying not working, feels like a really long holiday, but I am very uncomfortable about the whole situation.

Time for some lunch I think as well. I am slightly peckish!

365 Project

Whilst reading through Facebook status updates I came across an interesting one from a friend :

The idea being you post an image every day that you have taken that day as a reminder of all the things happening in ones life we forget about.

I am intrigued by this idea and am going to give it a shot.  Can’t say how long I will actually remember to do this for, however I have pulled out the old (little) digital camera so I can throw it in my bag and perhaps snap shots of my day as I am just living life.

Also because hubby reminded me the other day the SLR is not actually my SLR and therefore he would like to use it…..*hehe*  so I kind of feel guilty and have given it back to him 😀  So until I get a job and can save the money up for my own camera – I am back to using my ole Olympus.

I then jumped onto wordpress today and found they have the same thing happening – blog a day….I am wondering if I should sign up for that as well, although I tend not to blog every single day I do blog quite regularly..perhaps I should sign up for the blogaweek thing instead then 😀  Covers my butt since I do tend to post weekly if nothing else 😀  So here goes I guess!