Extra long weekend for me, the parents didn’t open the shop today, and as it is cup day tomorrow I get 4 days off for the price of one.  Got to love that!

I have done the whole halloween decoration thing – well not whole, but a fair bit and I have lollie bags all set for tonight, I am going to get my blue dress and cloak out and put on some heavy witch like makeup and pretend (?) that I am a witch for halloween 🙂 I hope we actually get some kids after all this effort I am going to!!  Would be horrid if no one knocked on the door!!

I have an agency interview on Wednesday in the city – I really hope they have something I can apply for as my parents may be selling their business and I will be jobless and pretty quickly homeless if i can’t find anything.

I attempted to make a chocolate ripple cake on the weekend and it sort of worked, probably not going to be one to add to my favourite recipe lists, but it would probably suffice in an emergency situation.