Moving of blogs

WP finally have an awesome tool with which to convert my LJ to here.  So I have now done that.

I am no longer going to use my LJ, and may actually delete it, given my entire history has been ported to WP.

I am slowly working back through all my posts and correcting and neatening up all the tags and categories.  Yes WP did keep those settings, but it was such a shamble and mess I decided to alter that.  I have over 39 pages of posts though, so I am pretty sure it will take me the next millennium to fix it up 😀

So onward and upward – I hope you enjoy your new home!

To pass into the summerlands

One of my oldest friends passed away on Friday.

I did not speak to him much in recent years and as usual I regret it now that my plans to visit with him this year will not happen.

I will miss you Hummy and your dirty mind and sexual innuendo, I will the times we spent chatting about Wicca, witchcraft and life.

I hope you are welcomed into the summerlands with the warmth and laughter you showed me, by naked sexy women of course 🙂

I love you Hummy and I will miss your humour. I am glad you are no longer sick!

With love and light

Your girl always

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