Things we learn from children

My mum linked to a warm and fuzzy blogpost about life and what we learn from our kids – The original blog post is lovely and I am sure has many parents smiling and nodding in agreement 🙂

This is my realistic view of the 10 things you learn 🙂 please bear in mind I am not a parent nor do I have solid plans to be one and discover all the highs and lows! But I did help my step mum with by younger siblings so I am not completely oblivious 🙂

1: gag reflex – you know that 50% of the time when you open that nappy, the contents will make you revisit your last 8 lunches!

2: sleep deprivation – because you can’t get the parasite to sleep!

3: creativity -discovering ways to cover corners, keep doors closed, protect power points and generally ensure they can’t, somehow, injure themselves.

4: slobber – because everything has to shoved into their mouth and covered in sticky slobber!

5: vomit – because burping babies are so much fun when they bring it all back up for you to see.

6: homicidal tendencies – there is nothing more soothing than a child having a tantrum – anywhere!

7: painter- the only paint you want on the walls is the stuff that wipes texta, pencil, crayon etc off with a clean cloth and some soapy water.

8: grim reaper – the constant fear that your baby isn’t breathing! That’s a fun past time!!

9: disease control – sending your child off to actually catch horrible diseases like chicken pox, measles and mumps…what kind of evil person are you??? – wanting them to be sick!!!

10: fear – knowing something is awfuly fucking wrong when complete silence reigns in the house. The sense of blood curling fear that your children a making a sandbox on the kitchen floor of all sugary and powdery substances in the cupboards that you did not secure as per point 3!!

Waterpark :D

YEah that was our place last night.

At about 9:30 I started to clean the kitchen – decided I needed to do the dishes from the night before and last night (yes I was slack and left them from Wednesday – I don’t have slaves called children who can be forced into labour for pocket money – hehhehehe).  Anyway, I turned on the tap to get the hot water running and to clean the sink a little, and heard water trickling – I was confused about this, even so much so I turned to check behind me – hubby even asked me what was wrong….my reply…”Nothing, just going mad thinking I can hear water running” – remember the water WAS running – in the sink….

Next minute I feel the water on my toes and rushing out the bottom of the cupboard door.  I open it up to discover there is a little valve release thing on the top of the pipes under the sink and all the water is coming straight out of that.

So the kitchen is now flooded, water rushing everywhere and I am standing in a puddle with two massive german sherpheds playing in it as well….I really couldn’t do much other than just giggle hysterically.

So I just had the plumber out, he says the valve is normally used for a dishwasher and when he found out we had been here a year was quite surprised this is the first time it had happened….so I guess we are lucky?  Anyway, might really consider getting a dishwasher now.

He is out finding the plastic cap/plug that needs to go into it…..should be back by about 11 he says – yeah….will see about that…..

I had to clean out with disinfectant the laundry sink, fill that will water and then do as many dishes as I could in the sink there, trying to dry them with the washing machine as the holder, was a little more intriguing than I figured it would be…the washing machine has a sloping surface doesn’t it…so guess what was just running all over the floor….WATER!!!!!!

Fun and games last night, but really all I could do was laugh at the situation 😀

***Edited to add****

Plumber finally turned up at 4:30 – after 3 follow up phone calls and no response…said he tried to call back but because I have a private number couldn’t – even though we left our number every time we left a message…..Anyway, problem is now solved.  Weirdly – he was also going to send me a bill and I was like “WTF”  here take money!!  I made sure I had money specifically to pay someone 😀  I don’t want to be sent a bill!!

So waited from 9:30am until 4:30 pm….my question is this….

everyone says that tradies are really bad for actually turning up, being on time and not making you wait all day – so what are they doing all day?  Do they spend all day just hanging about the office until the afternoon  – I can’t believe so many people say the same thing about tradies and it not be accurate…where are all the people saying they turned up on time, they communicated any delays and they didn’t make you wait all day for the repair?