Quick update then I have to do the dishes!!

Just wne I thought it couldn’t get any more fucked up, I got a phone call today from the people that have offered me a job advising they want to offer me the job…yeah i know makes no sense to me either. However their recruitment department told me what the base salary they were offering and it was 2.5k less than what they were originally offering, meaning – they will be paying me the same as what I am on now….

I told the fellow this and he said he would call be back, that was at 11.15 and I am still waiting to hear.  I am pretty sure I am going to tell them to shove it where the sun don’t shine.  No job offer is worth this kind of crud – I would much rather stay with the wankers I am currently with than move when on the 4 times I have spoken to them they have only given me the same salary figure twice…yeah I know it is only 50% fuck up, but that is about 49% more fuck up then I like in a prospective employer…especially when I will be taking a step back, earning the same money AND having no chance of advancement…..

Speaking of the devil they just rang to tell me they will call be back tomorrow as they are all going into meetings….

Anyway on from that – I have a job interview tomorrow morning as a recruitment consultant for the insurance/super industry.  I applied for the job as a laugh not expecting anything to come from it and 2 hours later the phone was ringing.  I am not sure about all the details as yet, but it sounds like it is already paying 10k more than what I am on AND you get comissions based on how many people you place.  So the earning potential is really high if you can get people into the right jobs.  I have been saying I want to get out of this industry and let’s face it doing recruitment would get me out BUT still utilizing the experience I have built up over the years.  So  it is a win win if you ask me.

Some of the girls at work can see me doing a recruitment job really easily, they reckon I am able to listen to what people want and I can read people really well on first meetings, they also know I am insane about having things organized and follow up etc….so from that point of view it would be easy…..so I ask you – can you see me doing it?  It would be a very steep learning curve being on the other side of the job fence, but I am pretty confident I can do it.

Anyway, enough about work.  It’s my day of and I need to get my skirt finished AND the dishes done before hubby gets home or he will yell at me :d eheheh

Delayed slightly

OK so the lite n easy thing is going to be delayed a fortnight, I rang up and found out they have shitty payment methods….anyway since they deliver on a Wednesday to my area, I have to pay them on a Tuesday (the day before pay day) which means I have to budget a week for extar funds to be available, fr the fortnight, which won’t happen this fortnight as we have some fees on a membership we need to pay this fortnight.

Another delay I don’t like, but it is only one fortnight, we may be able to cut that down to a week delay, but I will fiddle with the figures this week and see what we can pull out of the hat.

I also had to get a VISA debit card for the second account to pay for lite an easy as they only accept credit card payments…..which I think is silly for people that plan on being on the program for a longer period of time.  They should ask what your long term plans are before advising they can’t do any sort of payment plans. 

For example I asked if we could pay fortnightly, but the only way they do that is by money order/cheque….seems a little stupid that every fortnight I have to mail a cheque to them when they could just charge my credit card fortnightly….

Anyway, I want to wait for that card to be received anyway, so having to delay it a week or two is not going to be a major issue.

We did however go to rebel sport and pick up some actual skipping ropes, so that will be cool for this week, start using those on a nightly basis if we can.  Hubby also found a karate school about 30 minutes away that he is going to contact today, it is the same style that he has a black belt in, so he is relaly keen to find out if we can swing that kind of execrise….would be cool to do it with him.  Although I am considerably unfit now, with the lite n easy and skipping I may not be that bad in a few months.

I also have one of my wounds finally closed up, the last 4 days I have removed bandages to find no blood and gunk, which is awesome!!  Hubby said it is shrinking in size as well so perhaps this is the last leg!!  I am soo excited, I am just being extra careful with it and keeping it covered in the hope that in about 2 weeks time that will have completed healed! 

Going to be starting the salt baths up again for the other wound, in the hopes that helps and perhaps that will start to heal as well….

new job….so confused?

So I met with the team leader today to dicuss the role and I am so torn between just taking it or hanging around here?

The basic gist is:

– they will be paying 5k more (which is nothing overly exciting, however it is more than what I will be earning at my current employer for at least another 3 years in my current position)

– they are also coming to an agreement with regards to my hours – normal working hours are 8am until 5pm…due to my vline trains I can’t get to work at 8am..it’s either 7.30 or 8.30am…I also want to leave work at 4.30ish to catch my 5.00pm train home – they have said that once I am trained enough to be able to come in that early they will just advise everyone I have to leave early due to my train. *this is a massive bonus

– they are a small branch of a major company which means small team with chances for advancement and movement is lower than where I am, however in my current area I can’t go anywhere anyway.

– they are currently going through massive growth and have just recruited 4 people who have no idea about the industry at all, whereas I have been in the industry 10 years so i know more about it and its current situation

So basically I have to decide if I want to start all over again at this point in time.

I am torn as to what I want to do….I am tempted to hang around and see if I get made redundant, but what if an opportunity like this never comes up again, or what if I can get a better opportunity that is a step up rather than a step back?

After my interview with them they want me to come back in and meet a few people from the team and see how we get along etc, so I am pretty sure they will be offering me the job.

New job prospects?

I received an email yesterday for a position at a new company that has recently acquired 2 of our old people.  I sent an email back with my resume saying I would be interested in finding out more, I mean who wouldn’t right?  So they passed my resume onto the Team leader and voila I am meeting them tomorrow….

sadly, it is not a huge increase in pay NOR is it a step up in any way, in fact it is a minor step back if anything…I will find out more tomorrow :/

just when you start climbing out

what a fucked night!! hubby and I had stupidly thought this would be the last fortnight with extra bills to be paid, weren’t we wrong!

we parked in a spot in the city and as I parked I was calls over to the parking inspector vehicle which was now behind us….turns out they were not parking inspectors, they were sherriffs! I have 2148 dollars of warrants outstanding under my married name and unless I could pay it they were going to clamp the car and hubby and I were going to have to catch the train home and have no way of getting From the station to our actual house….to say I was highly shocked and freaked out doesn’t really cover it.

after some discussion I managed to get them to put us on a payment plan but ONLY after we had paid half the bill. so hubby and I were stunned we actually don’t have anyone we CAN callin situations like that, so eventually hubby called his dad after I could not get hold of my mum and he paid 500, we then had to come up with another 500, so 4 days after pay day we are left with just over 230 and we need to buy our weekly tickets@ 69 a pop, and potentially food as I had not been grocery shopping yet.

so thanks to me not even knowing I had outstanding fines – I had thought I paid them all – these were parking fines for 08/09 as well, I was pretty close to calling a therapist as I was turning slightly suicidal.

those suicidal thoughts have eased off, hence why I am writing about it, but I just want it to stop. no matter how much I think we are getting on top of things it always fucks up!!!!

Eek…I think I am screwed :D

I was sitting on the train platform Friday afternoon, waiting to board my train home, and my phone rings with a blocked number, and like the rest of the population I wonder if I should answer it….turns out I am lucky I did.

I have a job interview on Monday for the job I wasn’t sure if I should apply for…it’s at 11am and I am a little freaked out to be honest as I was hoping to have time to prepare and get my thoughts together, but well, now I can’t…HAHHAAH

I applied for it at about 10am on Friday, then at about 11am, my boss pulls me into a room and says “Why didn’t you tell me you had applied?” and I said, I applied an hour ago, and if you had been at your desk since I would have told you, as a point to note I always tell you when I am applying for jobs so you know this is not the norm” he then said “Well she has called me about you already and asked some questions.”

Apparently, to cut a long story short, the team leader had a huge amount of applications to sift through and she was trying to cull the list by speaking to the managers of people early. My Manager apparently told her, that I have been wanting this position for a while AND that as I trained the current position holder I would be a very good candidate for the position. Which was very nice of him. I also spoke to one of the current people who has the team leader about the position, it is not in the team I like, I actually dislike them quite a bit, but if I consider it is a payrise and some super experience for other things, then I would do it 🙂

Potentially its a fair pay rise, as it is an entire group above me, so fingers crossed if I get it, D and I will both be earning more 😀

Anyway, so Monday I have to get to the new building, which I have no idea how to do….will probably catch the trams I am guessing since I am not catching a cab…but it will take me at least 40 minutes apparently, which means Monday is a complete write off time wise…..oh well….that’s their fault for interviewing people in different buildings.

I am hoping to go out this weekend and find a new shirt and perhaps a suit, but I don’t think that will happen considering how much weight I have put on…but we shall see…I might try and buy some new shoes as well, just some sort of heeled thing that i can put on for the interview maybe.

Week one

Have done the first week back at work, and my god it was painful.

We were in bed by about 9.30 every night as we needed to be up at 4.30 in the morning to catch the train :/  This week D is on 2pm to 10pm shifts so I will be catching the later train more than likely and then D will be driving to work each day.  Thank god for the second car is all I can say!!

I had my parents up tonight for dinner, and it was really nice, they love the house and think it is very us.  I have had many friends come over and all have said it is much more a house than our other place ever was, so I am guessing that is a good thing 😀  D and I do feel so much relaxed in this place and I don’t feel quite to anxious up here.

Nothing much else really going on, I have started to look for work in preparation for August/Sept as I don’t want to be out of work if I can help it, although the idea of having a few months off it very very appealing 🙂 heheh  My long service leave – once paid out would be at least 2 months salary, so I may take that time to look for work.

I have been swinging between wanting to start a career and wanting to start a family….OMG!!  Yes I said it – there!!  LOL  The family is still a while off, however I am leaning more towards that then a career which I will likely have to interrupt or even maybe stop if we do have children….

D just got a new job as well, he got promoted into a role has been interested in since last year.  It’s actually the same job he applied for when we were considering moving back to Sydney last year, they opened the role up in melbourne and he scored the promotion.  WOOT!!  No more shiftwork, no more crappy hours – he will be on call for periods, at this time it looks like 1 week in five or something, but it means we can actually organise things and have a life now 😀  Which we are both loving the idea of.  He starts in a couple of weeks!  It also includes, we think, he has not been told/confirmed yet, what the pay will be, but it is approx 15k more than what he is on at the moment 😀

This change in our situation is also one of the reasons children might be a possibility in the future. I could quite easily get a part time job in town it would bring in enough bacon potentially, but that is a long time off and we still have so much we need to get sorted out and paid off before we can seriously consider it.  I would like to have refinanced the house and combined the car loan into the mortgage etc so we only have one payment for the loans, makes it easier to organise things that way.

Anyway, what a fucking ramble I have had 🙂 heehhe  and I don’t think I have even said anything much!!

I can’t wait until we have settled into a routine at home, then I will find more time to post and write stuff down!