No way!!!! Absolutely NO WAY!!


First day over and hubby barely finished any of food – he thought it was so gross and I barely managed it, if it hadn’t cost us so much and I had ANY money left I wouldn’t have.

So many people told me the food was nice but after trying it I can tell you it isn’t!! I consider myself quite good at cooking – hence the weight – but I don’t know how anyone could say it was good!!!

We are going to cancel it on Sunday if it hasn’t improved by then, and we I’ll just have to really focus on portion control!!!!

This one week will last in my memory for an age!!!

Lite n easy

Hubby and I are starting lite n easy next Friday!

Have worked out financially it is about the same as buying groceries and then lunches/snacks every day at work. So we won’t be any worse off, and if nothing else we will be losing weight.

I am hoping for more than 1kg a week drop but am not going to be disappointed if that is all I lose! I am hopeful that this will work.

We have not started our skipping yet, the rope we were using was too light and therefore making it hard to jump. Hopefully this pay we can go to the sports store and get some proper ones.

The wound on my back has almost healed, I took the dressing of yesterday and there was no yuckiness, fingers crossed another couple of weeks and that goose will be cooked, then just one more open wound to work on- fingers crossed that when I start losing weight that will help.

Not much else to say until next week when we start it up!! Measurements will be incoming regularly!!