Unhappy and desperate

I am completely over it at the moment. My fairy god mother never turned up to tell me exactly what I should be doing in my life and so here I am again; confused, annoyed and just bored.

Every other aspects of my life is perfect, hubby, home, friends, faith….yet the one thing that still eludes me is what I should make a career out of.

Here is a list of some of the professions over the years I have thought I wanted to do:

Business owner
Curator -art
System admin
Pastry/cake chef
Photographer – yeah right!

And this is by no means complete…..I am just not interested in one thing….maybe acting is the way to go because I can be everything at some point? Lol

I have now confirmed a few things – doing a degree requires more time than I have available, distance Ed even more so and requires motivation that is not existent, I don’t like doing essays and reports and reading pages of bullshit that apparently makes them legit simply because they were printed – doesn’t mean their opinions are not biased!!!, I prefer actually doing something creatively and being marked on that – like my website, I don’t want to be a low level admin person for the rest of my life but I don’t know where to start!!!!!

I am so deflated and saddened about it….why could I not make a decision??