Unversity and life

So, we got a massive tax bill back from the ATO because of my HECS fees…stupidly, in my opinion, the tax office look at your heck fees over the entire financial year in conjunction with what you earn over that year.

So here is the situation, when I was working at MMLC – I was not paying any HECS  because I was not at uni, when i left there, my salary dropped below the HECS repayment amount of $45k and I started Uni, so I wasn’t paying HECS either…so at tax time – the ATO have said that I earn more than 45K over the en tire year, you owe us all the HECS you should have been paying….

I would have thought they would separate the actual salary/positions and determine it on that.  Now we have to pay back 3k to the tax man….I am not happy…neither is the hubby.  What a great big cock up that is.

Now since I owe them a huge amount (and i till owe them 1K apparently) we figured I may as well continue to build a debt and go to uni again and actually do modules that interest me.  I have to enrol asap at UNE if i want to do it via distance education as late admissions close soon and it is first in, first served.  So I know I want to major in German – but if I don’t take a second major – I have to pick 18 electives…which was easy when i was originally going through them all…I was going to have to cut some out.  However upon actual selection, i would say 50% – if not more – are not even being offered in 2012….so I have no idea what to do now as I can’t find enough subjects to fill that out to 18….the 10 that I have listed actually have some hefty pre-reqs as well which means I may not even get to them in the next 2 years – will they still even be offered at that point?

I just have no idea what to do now as I don’t want to start a course that I have to eventually end up doing crap subjects like admin and HR because nothing else I want to do is there e- it will mean I won’t finish it….

If I take up a second major – it will cut down my elective subjects to 12…which is closer to the possible 10 I have however my electives are all over the place….which i sort of what I would prefer doing…astronomy, archaeology, Art, Vikings, religions etc…..maybe i should do a dip ed …LOL….but I don’t want to be a teacher – kids are not my thing….however I don’t really want to do any of the other majors listed in the degree…there is a lot of history, and asian studies and it just doesn’t interest me…..

FUCKING helL!!!  I am so confused….