Things we learn from children

My mum linked to a warm and fuzzy blogpost about life and what we learn from our kids – The original blog post is lovely and I am sure has many parents smiling and nodding in agreement 🙂

This is my realistic view of the 10 things you learn 🙂 please bear in mind I am not a parent nor do I have solid plans to be one and discover all the highs and lows! But I did help my step mum with by younger siblings so I am not completely oblivious 🙂

1: gag reflex – you know that 50% of the time when you open that nappy, the contents will make you revisit your last 8 lunches!

2: sleep deprivation – because you can’t get the parasite to sleep!

3: creativity -discovering ways to cover corners, keep doors closed, protect power points and generally ensure they can’t, somehow, injure themselves.

4: slobber – because everything has to shoved into their mouth and covered in sticky slobber!

5: vomit – because burping babies are so much fun when they bring it all back up for you to see.

6: homicidal tendencies – there is nothing more soothing than a child having a tantrum – anywhere!

7: painter- the only paint you want on the walls is the stuff that wipes texta, pencil, crayon etc off with a clean cloth and some soapy water.

8: grim reaper – the constant fear that your baby isn’t breathing! That’s a fun past time!!

9: disease control – sending your child off to actually catch horrible diseases like chicken pox, measles and mumps…what kind of evil person are you??? – wanting them to be sick!!!

10: fear – knowing something is awfuly fucking wrong when complete silence reigns in the house. The sense of blood curling fear that your children a making a sandbox on the kitchen floor of all sugary and powdery substances in the cupboards that you did not secure as per point 3!!