Sex and technology :D

 I sometimes have moments like today, where I bought new mobiles for me and D and we have just spent the last hour fucking around with them. Suffice it to say if I could have sex and marry all the apple products I would so I could have its children.

I plugged in my new one and essentially that was done.  I have no updated all my contacts between my gmail and pc, something I have been meaning to do for ages. I can now check my email via my phone and I am going to set up all my calenders now as well….

❤ Apple and its fucking brilliance 🙂  Now to just get a new ringtone 😀 heeh  Work on that shortly.

We are driving to Wodonga in the morning, neither of us could be bothered going this afternoon, we will likely be there until Sunday. So far the plans are to go and see Avatar and also go on a ghost tour in beechworth (I think it was beechworth) . there is also a possibility of going to the Brown Brothers winery while we are away so I can have mini orgasms at being in my one place of heaven 🙂 hehe I should check my bank balance and see how many bottles of Cienna I can buy….bottles  LOL read that as cases!!!