My old guild finally killed Arthas for anyone who is interested 😀

Grats to them!!

I have been keeping in contact with a couple of people from the guild, and I do miss them so much, but I am still very bitter about what happened with it all, so I haven’t really wanted to talk about it all that much.

I’ll be honest I think that is why I quit WoW in the end.  I just lost my interest in a game where you can spend so much time looking out for people, motivating, helping, and then get so royally fucked by them….yeah still bitter…

But I am so happy for the guild to have killed the end boss before new content, and they can go into the xpac with a solid team and do some damage in there.  I am happy for them!

Almost forgot

I have not been playing Wow for however long, and I am suffering withdrawals, I have been having vivid dreams about areas in the game that I would love to just run around in again and I have been missing playing.

I get fiddly at about 7pm as I have for the last 5 years been online to raid and am not doing that anymore, almost feels like I have lost a limb.

I do miss it, but I do enjoy this new found time I have to be doing things both in and out of the house 😀

Goodbye my love

I have decided to quit my gaming obsession and have cancelled my WoW subscription.

This week I have had more health problems just magically appear and it has scared me.  I am really scared that I am getting tot he point that I will not be able to repair the damage.  So I am going to be focused on getting myhealth fixed.

Hubby and i are taking up aikido next fortnight and we will be doing laps in the local footy oval on the off nights, I may even investigate doing belly dancing on the weekend as well if I can find a weekly class.  of course all of that combined with our better eating (which we are already doing – just need to improve it) means I can get my metabolism working better, my PCOS may start to get sorted, I won’t get diabetes and I may actually have my open wounds start to heal…..

I will be passwording my health posts so that if people want to see my fat pictures along with all my other information they can ask for the password and I don’t have to subject people to it at random 😀

Wish me luck for my gaming addiction,  i may need to take up smoking again in exchange!!!  LOL (joking joking)

Moving of blogs

WP finally have an awesome tool with which to convert my LJ to here.  So I have now done that.

I am no longer going to use my LJ, and may actually delete it, given my entire history has been ported to WP.

I am slowly working back through all my posts and correcting and neatening up all the tags and categories.  Yes WP did keep those settings, but it was such a shamble and mess I decided to alter that.  I have over 39 pages of posts though, so I am pretty sure it will take me the next millennium to fix it up 😀

So onward and upward – I hope you enjoy your new home!

Back in the land

So we are home after our sojourn to Wodonga.

We had a fairly good time I would estimate 😀  We saw Avatar 3d, sherlock holmes and went to a friend’s bday party, they were I think the highlights of our trip.

Avatar…well sucked….the 3d was not very exciting at all, the story was really bad (i was already expecting the story to be shite though), the CGI was ok, but no better or worse than some of the stuff in LOTR in my opinion.  I think it was just me though that wasn’t won over with the the 3D effects, I felt I could have seen ti 2d and not missed any of the excitement, yes I guess it was pretty cool to have the grass look like it was really closer, but ooooooh that was cool just didn’t come to mind.  Overall I liked the movie though, the narvi were cool and the forest was awesome with the neon colours….I will fast forward the scene where the horse people start getting slaughtered though…that turned my stomach a little.

Sherlock holmes was pretty good, was funny I thought….D wants to go and see that one again 😀  

Bday was fun, we got roaring drunk and had a laugh, met some nice people as well which I will try and track down some form of contact details for them so we can keep in touch 😀

The real estate agent is coming over today to get started on all the paperwork for selling the house 🙂 So D and I are a little excited at being mortgage free at 30 😀  It is appealing I have to admit.  We could have the house sold by the end of February at the latest, which means we could be in a new place by the birthday period 😀  Housewarming AND birthday parties if you ask me!!  WOOT WOOT! 😀

Anyway better go and get dressed so am not semi nude when the real estate agent does get here 😀

Sex and technology :D

 I sometimes have moments like today, where I bought new mobiles for me and D and we have just spent the last hour fucking around with them. Suffice it to say if I could have sex and marry all the apple products I would so I could have its children.

I plugged in my new one and essentially that was done.  I have no updated all my contacts between my gmail and pc, something I have been meaning to do for ages. I can now check my email via my phone and I am going to set up all my calenders now as well….

❤ Apple and its fucking brilliance 🙂  Now to just get a new ringtone 😀 heeh  Work on that shortly.

We are driving to Wodonga in the morning, neither of us could be bothered going this afternoon, we will likely be there until Sunday. So far the plans are to go and see Avatar and also go on a ghost tour in beechworth (I think it was beechworth) . there is also a possibility of going to the Brown Brothers winery while we are away so I can have mini orgasms at being in my one place of heaven 🙂 hehe I should check my bank balance and see how many bottles of Cienna I can buy….bottles  LOL read that as cases!!!