Rugby and the zoo :)

Three other awesome things I did whilst in Sydney.  We went to a Dragons match, on our first night there, which was so cool, to finally get to see them play live, they got their buts kicked – yes – however it was good to go as a pre-cursor to the insanity which would be the state of origin.

I have never been to theANZ stadium before, and omg it is massive.  Seeing it on TV just doesn’t really do it justice.  I was in awe.  Anyway, yobbos were everywhere and people were just a little over excited I think.  We were in the Blatchy Blues section – we were all given blue wigs and Tshirts for the occasion.  We happened to be in a particularly insane section of the crowd.

I have no idea why, but there was one QLD guy in the middle of it all, trying to start shit with all the NSW guys, so lets just say he copped it hard.  He would just keep egging them on.  In total I think there was about 5 punch ons 2 rows behind us and in the end, security had to get involved.  Apparently, he threw punches at the cops and they took him down in spectacular fashion and he was removed from the game.  Why you would waste a $60 ticket is beyond me!

Anyway, I was freaking out a little at that, but wonderful hubby didn’t leave my side unless there was other people there. We went with about 10 poeple from his work.  So I was safe the entire time.  Which was fabulous 🙂

Anyway we did eventually kick QLD’s arse, only taken 6 years.  The next game is in QLD in July and I am so very tempted to try and get tickets to that!!  LOL  The atmosphere was amazing!!  What I image the NRL grand final to be like actually, but better 😀 Both hubby and I had very sore throats due to all the yelling and cheering 🙂

I really wish Victoria was a rugby state like NSW, everywhere I went in NSW rugby was the topic and I was loving it. We can’t have everything right?

Anyway, the next day I went to the zoo with my new camera 😀  Stupid me, forgot how much the taronga zoo is based on Mt everest !  That entire zoo is on a mountain side and has more hills than you can poke a stick at, but I pushed through for my love of the animals.  The rain disappeared when I got to the zoo, and then started up again about an hour later.  It came and went, but was ok, there was plenty of places to stop for shelter and let it rain itself out.

I had so much fun at the zoo, I honestly think wet weather is the time to go.  All the animals are out and about and actually doing things.  i got some simply wonderful shots because the animals were fairly active.  It was also one of those days with few people (if any) at the enclosures, so I basically could just enjoy the animals in peace.  So many times throughout the day, the animals would look straight at me as well.  Maybe my bright red top was eye catching for them.  I was loving it.

I cornered by a peacock at one point, he looked ready to take a bite out of my jumper or camera bag (which is also red).  He would not let me move for about 10 minutes, it was awesome being so close, seriously he was basically touching me.

I walked all the way down to the bottom, and then caught the skylift back up, which was so nauseating!!  but I enjoyed it!  I thought I was going to vomit about 1 minute into the ride back to the top…it was swinging wildly and moving upwards…eeep feeling sick again typing about it 🙂  But sometimes you just have to deal with it because I was ok once I was in the air and it was so much fun!

Anyway plenty of photos to follow of that 😀


the zoo :D

I had the urge to get out of the house today.  Not having a job does have its downsides. I am getting more restless the longer I am not working….I am not entirely sure I could ever be a stay at home mum 😀    Don’t get me wrong – I like not having to go to work, but I just didn’t want to do anymore housework or internet surfing….

So I went to the zoo 😀  I tracked my walk – it was 5m’s.  I have posted some images below 😀


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2nd week unemployed :)

Am loving it so far!  Well sort of.  I have not had a chance to do much of anything lately except be a housewife, I am cleaning, mowing, vacuuming and generally going nuts trying to keep on top of the housework to make it easier for us to have weekends where we don’t really have much to actually do.

I have to speak to a recruitment agency but in all honesty I just want a week where I don’t have to do things and impress anyone….I think this week is that week.  last week I  was running around going to interviews and appointments so I don’t think I felt like I was on a break so to speak.  This week I think I want to just chill out.

I have to do my weights later, and I have done some mowing today – half the backyard, I cant’ get the damn thing to start again, so I figure that is probably about 40 minutes of good exercise for me.  I may go for a walk later if it cools down a little as it is quite warm right now 😀

I bought  new vacuum cleaner, yes it is a dyson, and yes it was fucking expensive, but I brought it home and started on the bedroom and OMFG!!!!! It was worth every single cent.  Normally, I have to spend over 2 hours trying to clean the bedroom of all the dog hair, it is horrible exhausting and generally unpleasant.  Today, the bedroom took me less than 20 minutes AND it is cleaner than it has ever been.  I have to admit though, our previous vacuum cleaner, is about 9 years old and was a cheapo from big w, the fact that it has even lasted this long is impressive.  So you can imagine the difference between no suction and super suction…..(no dirty comments allowed).

As you can see above, our boys sleep in the bedroom with us, however having cream colour carpet is probably not the best.  I have tried to close them out of the bedroom at night time and they scratch and howl all night, so it was generally “easier” to just do the massive vacuuming effort every 2 weeks, but now, I can do it every week, if not every few nights and voila, beautiful new carpets again 😀

❤ my new Dyson vacuum cleaner 😀

I have to go and do the dishes now, but I really am feeling good about not being at work.  I am not as angry, or volatile; well I am not feeling that way. and would you believe the week I stopped work, my period just magically stopped as well a few days later.  I am wondering if it wasn’t more stress related than I first thought – Minxee may have called it – I am going to see how it fares. I downloaded an iphone app that tracks your periods, you set it on the first day of your period and your last and then it remembers things about your period , averages out the cycle etc sets reminders…so that will be helpful, if my period goes back to normal it will answer a lot of questions.

Anyway, hugs and kisses!

Speaking of rain

My god is it pouring down!!

We have a  colourbond roof, so it sounds almost like tin, but when the rain is as heavy as it is now it sounds like a hurricane.

I couldn’t sleep anymore so I got up, the dogs wouldn’t even eat their breakfast outside so I had to bring their bowls in for them to eat 😀 Spoilt brats that they are!!

Have an ultra busy weekend, hubby has lodge so I am going to see my mother, tomorrow we are going to Ararat to hang out with my Dad and we may even try and get to the dragons club meet up which starts at 7pm…not sure though at this stage if we will be able to.

I have to confirm with my parents if Ararat is even still on given the storm warnings etc 😀

What a weekend :D

Busy weekend is just bloody busy!!

I was in the city for my sisters 18th surprise bday party 🙂 She thougth she was just going for lunch with her parents and siblings, she was shocked as hell to see about 40 people jump out yelling surprise!!!  LOL  Was pretty cool.  I got to catch up with some of my cousins and I was in so much pain from laughter by the end of the afternoon.  They are growing up into fun teenagers and I am thinking I may have to organise a BBQ and drink feat for them all to come to the new place and have some fun 😀

I then went to my mothers place after that for her birthday (it was actually last week) but we were both so broke that neither of us could afford to do anything, in fact I had lent her money to survive.  We were going to have Thai, when we got there realised they are under new management and currently closed so we went and grabbed some noodles, was good to catch up with her.  She is sad as her husband is still in nigeria (for the forseeable future I am guessing) and she was missing him….which I can understand 😦

I finally got home at about 11pm, which was about 15 minutes after the hubby got home from ritual for winter.  He said it was an ok night, nothing huge but was good. 

Sunday we went for a drive to Castlemaine to find a screen for the fire place, we walked around for a little while and found something suitable.  Had lunch at a lovely little cafe…hrmm Pronta I think it was called.  We were there just on noon and there was us and another couple there….by the time we had ordered – maybe 8 minutes later – the place was almost completely full 🙂   Was ok food and not too badly priced.

We then headed to a winery just outside of harcourt –  and tried some of their ciders…they have some nice wines, a sweet cider which I really liked.  The problem being we asked for a Shiraz and by the time we got home to open the wine we realised we had a bottle of pinot noir….YUCK!!  So we were a little annoyed to be honest.

We spent the next hour trying to get the open fire lit…let’s just say it is a very differnt thing to lighting a fire inside as opposed to out in the bush 😀  We eventually got it happening and it was gorgeous.  Until the fire alarm went off about 4 hours later and my dog started to howl.  I was running around the house trying to find the broom to switch the alarm off  and he decided that was taking too long….understandable really – it was hurting my ears,  I can only imagain what it does to dogs ears…

What a weekend!!!  Just don’t feel as though I have had a break to be honest!!  LOL

Another day another dollar

Had a pretty good weekend, went out on Sunday to a BBQ for D and was quite enjoyable. I didn’t know anyone so I felt like a 3rd wheel, but made a freidn and we sat and chatted most of the afternoon. It was a nice afternoon out of the house.

Saturday, D went out with the boys and I stayed home and played WoW while drinking bottle of wine.

I have been playing WoW a little more lately, since I have some time on my hands…not sure where the time has come from, but I am not complaining. I have been managing to get out of work before 6pm and providing the trains don’t keep me waiting for 2 hours like the other night, I am getting home at a reasonable hour..and the phone has not run with fanmily members needing my help! Which is always good!

I have no walked this week as I forgot to take myanitbitoics and have been in severe pain. So I made sure to take them yeserday and need to keep on taking them so I can walk again this week.

I really want to take up belly dancing again as well, but finding a place to do it is the difficulty.

Nothing much has been going on, we have finally gotten out of our financial issues, we are essentially debt free aside from the mortgage and car. Any attempt at saving money was gone this fortnigth as we had to pay a fair amount of money to the vet to keept Narvi alive.

Her kittens are doing relaly well, they are starting to walk a little bit, we took them out of the bos last night and just let them walk around the lounge, they kind of stumbled a fair bit, but it was cute. They have also finally started feeding from the bottle, which is a good sign her milk is finally drying up. We need to feed them four times a day, so i think the poor little guys will be starving when we get home. Thankfully I am on holidays in 8 working days and so can be home to make sure they are getting feed as needed. Have to take her to vet this week, so have the stitches removed as well then we shodul be on th ehome stretch – may as well get her vaccinated as well while we are there. Might get the dogs done next fortnight actually, i think they are both due.

I forgot to try and get piccies this weekend. Will try and do it this week!

My medical terminolgy course ends this week, well this is the last actual week of lecture, next week is the anatomical museum and certificates. So will start investigating the insurance course and applying for jobs in underwriting….tempted to apply to the hundreds of jobs in NZ to be honest 😀 but i think D would kill me…must remember to ask him 😀

All in all feeling much better about everything this week than I have for a while.

Multi topic update coz I can!

Narvi – is doing well, she is not completely out of the woods, but she is much better than she was two days ago. I have had very little sleep the lasyt couple of days, the first night she was home I was basically wake every hour making sure she was still breathing.

She will stop producing milk soon, and we have been given all the stuff required to feed the kittens, 4 times a day!! LOL

Exercise – Have not walked the last 3 days, will need to go nuts this week and make sure we do it every day – even if we don’t do the big walk we need to ensure we do some walk….However we have been making a concerted effort to eat a lot better. Found an awesome recipe for an avocado/chicken salad thing.

Salad Recipe