So annoyed right now, applied for a junior underwriter position – decided to call now to confirm they received my application, they had sort of…it wasn’t there but was apparently…


they want someone with commercial insurance experience….WELL REALLY – WHY NOT PUT THAT IN THE FUCKING ADVERT YOU DUMBARSES!!!!

Why am I unemployed when I am so much better then these arses out there?  news.com.au and theage.com.au have both has typing errors in their news articles recently which annoys me….I know I can’t type and i post with errors – but I am not a journalist and generally I am ranting and i don’t get paid to make sure I can proofread things correctly!

I also am able to type up appropriate job adverts so as to not waste 2 hours of my night retyping a god damn resume to be appropriate to the fucking position.  Nor am I incapable of learning how commercial insurance works vs personal….insurance is not that different across areas..no it really isn’t…

So over it right now!

On a upbeat note – i am getting a new domain tomorrow for my weightloss blog and perhaps my gaming blog.  I may make my personal blog part of my weightloss blog although I think that can be boring for some people….not sure yet….Either way I am excited about spending the weekend updating my blogs and just having a play.


4 thoughts on “JUST CANT GET A BREAK

  1. missemmi says:

    Hey – I got so frustrated with all of it I started my own blog ‘Working Girl’
    check it out – be keen to hear your thoughts! http://missemmi.wordpress.com/

    • dragonray says:

      Thanks for stopping by, I checked out your blog and you are pretty funny for someone in the shit like me 🙂 Bur really, what else can you do? You just have to push through it don’t you? I am glad I have found someone else I can read about 🙂

  2. Team Oyeniyi says:

    I’m looking for a systems accountant if you know one – and I will put the requirements in the advert! I promise!

    Sorry to hear the bad news, love.

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