Anger and Failure

I got angry last night, first night in a while I was angry…so very angry with hubby….we went for a walk – aiming to do this running in 2 months thing happening, and when I got back I did a vlog – for about 1 minute – not even and then hubby advised not to mention him in my blogs….

Considering they get sent to 3 of our friends, which I explained, he didn’t care – I was really put on the back foot.  I don’t know why or what his issue with it is considering I have been blogging about things since 2003, he has been mentioned many many times….

I am confused, hurt and annoyed by this, but in the end they are his wishes, so this will be the last blog with him mentioned in it.  I will no longer be blogging about him, and therefore I will probably not be blogging alot as I tend to mention him a fair bit.

Onto other things I am already having a bad day, my S-mum said she would be at work early today, it’s 10:17 – and she is not here, I had some woman just ring saying she has sent photos to S-mum’s phone and can she please call back and we are out of paper in the office.  So I try to get hold of S-mum – she wasn’t planning on coming into the office today, her phone is flat and her charger is at her holiday house….so she got short with me when I said that I had no paper and that I didn’t get the ladies number because I figured she would SMS her back….

I am sick and tired of this….really…I am not in the mood today….especially when she was going to stay home so she could do some washing….how is it MY FAULT – you told some woman to sms you when your phone was flat – how is it my fault you won’t let me order stationary and how is it my fault you leave your charger at the holiday house therefore forcing you to come to work and buy another charger…

I feel like i have had PMS for the last 3 weeks straight – I am always on the edge of irritable and annoyed and feel like snapping all the time….I am not happy about it….

4 thoughts on “Anger and Failure

  1. Ondrejka says:

    Considering the length of time that you have been blogging I understand why you may be confused as to your husband’s apparent change of opinion.
    Perhaps he is reacting to your change of blogging medium. Alternatively he may just have had a change of heart or maybe gained some new information about the consequences of leaving an Internet footprint/digital shadow.
    Regardless of the effort you put into retaining your anonymity there is no guarantee that someone will not ‘out’ you in the future, thereby effectively exposing him also. Even if all posts you ever make about him are oozing with love and happiness you are opting to place your relationship into the public domain. Even if you make an attempt to hide your blog or make it accessible to only your friends, you are still sharing information that he may not be comfortable with.
    Perhaps he doesn’t want his friends to know about your weight/money/employment issues, personally I would understand this.
    I suggest instead of letting your anger overcome you, you attempt to understand his point of view. You may find that gaining that understanding leads to acceptance and a loss of anger.

    • dragonray says:

      Your first sentence is basically what caught me off guard, which sometimes lends to my temper flaring before I have a chance to think clearly 🙂 I am working on that – I just fail sometimes :$

  2. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Hey, kiddo, drop in for some madness around here. Don’t worry about the blogging – Mr O gets sensitive sometimes too. Did you find out why, particularly?

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