You may have noticed a distinct lack of actual posts up here lately, well, that’s because I have been honestly moving towards journalling via my video capture….I hated it to start with, but seriously, so much  more can be said in 3 minutes than waiting for the actual page to be typed out.

I have been updating them to youtube, however youtube doesn’t have a very good private setting, and honestly, remembering all my friends youtube usernames and having to retype them each time I do a video is highly annoying, so I will be trying out vimeo – which uses a password protection option of videos, so I am hoping I can use the same password for each video – that would be easy…they seem to be taking a while to upload the actual video though, so it may end up being more annoying than anything else.

However once I have that up there to test out, I will put the link with the password into my G+ circle for you to check out at your leisure and tell me if you think it is more viable.

Chat later 🙂

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