Day 28: What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

If i got someone pregnant – I would be selling my story to the highest bidder and I would be letting medical science try and share the wonder 😀

If I fell pregnant, I honestly would be completely terrified of becoming a parent.

I wouldn’t say my childhood was perfect (whose was though?) however it certainly wasn’t bad, but I have scars and I wonder if I will ever be a good enough parent or if I will repeat mistakes my parents made?  I worry that my children will go through what i went through or be the cause of it. I worry that I won’t know how to ensure my children grow up with an appreciation for law, order, manners, respecting others etc.  How did my parents instil me with those values?  Is it because my parents worked and didn’t live a criminal lifestyle?

I worry about actually giving birth and having to be in pain for more than 6 minutes…I haves absolutely no pain threshold. My mother has a huge pain threshold -something I was not blessed with.  It is annoying because people really don’t understand what it is like for someone like me who has pain from the slightest tough.  You know when you go to the Dr and they bang that hammer on your knee to test your reflexes – I have bruised from that and been limping for a day afterwards,  I am pain if someone pinches me or slaps me…not the “ouch that hurt you bastard” type of joke pain, but enough to bring tears to my eyes and be spending the nest 6 hours nursing the area…..So how in hells name am I going to get through labor when everything splits and gets cut and break and snaps…..

Nope….I think I am going to go for full drugs and sedation…..maybe…..of course I might just skip pregnancy all together and just adopt a baby 🙂