Day 26: have you ever thought of giving up on life : when and why

Refer to my previous day post as I discuss one time and the other time was a few years ago now when I was dealing with the aftermath of being raped. I know I haven’t mentioned it in these posts at all because I have mostly not wanted to discuss it all that openly, so I have been trying to find other answers to the topics.

However it is relevant to this topic. It was a horrible year, i let a lot of people down, including myself. I wanted all the hate, shame, guilt, fear and nightmares to stop. What an easy way to make it stop.

Then I would look at my hubby or he would hug me or tell me he loved me and my resolve would strengthen and I would find the strength to go on one more day. Just one more day. It was my mantra for almost 12 months.

It worked.