Day 24: playlist

I am supposed to do a playlist to someone…with songs…of all things….

the actual statement is :Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs. (Just post the titles and artists and letter)

I honestly can’t make up one playlist for one person, so I am going to do a playlist for people in my life – both past and present.

I hope this turns out better than it doesn’t sound :p

Blessed Union of Souls – I believe – This song conjures up high school and my two best mates. Great memories, I have trouble listening to it now because I wish one of those friends had friended on me on Facebook the 60 times I requested it. I would have liked to have caught up with them.

Pachabel Canon in D – Violins, piano’s and High B. This brings tears to my eyes still.

Cher – Anything really – Mum drinking and dancing to anything by Cher…good times, lots of laughs.

Bellisimo – no idea who it is by – great memories of this song. makes me feel like going out to dodgy nightclubs and having a dance.

The beach boys – Cottonfields – apparently my father used to sing this to me as a baby/toddler….i still feel all gooey when i hear it.

Elvis – Anything really – I have fond memories of elvis songs and me and my dad doing rock n roll dancing in the lounge room when i was a child.

Ministry – Psalm 69 – for some unknown reason i associate this with my brother – he got me into Ministry as a band and I always think of him when i hear it.

Iio – Rapture – Hubby ❤

Seether & Amy Lee – Broken – Hubby ❤

Nat king cole – walking my baby back home – Hubby ❤

Heart – All i want to do – was a favourite song with a girlfriend from work…shame she was evil.

Katie Melua – Pieces of you – I told B she had to listen to this song for her break up and she loved it..I think of her whenever I hear it now.

Leapy Lee – Little Arrows – D's mum introduced me to this song on a trip to Sydney we made together to go and visit D just after she moved to sydney. Always makes me smile now.

I'm Blue -no idea who the band is/was – hated this song, but reminds me of an old friend who passed recently, she had a cockatiel that loved dancing to it.

Nigel Kennedy – four seasons- sleeping music 🙂 more violins and best friends and hubby now.

Vangelis – 1942 – sleeping music, as above.. Best friends.

Deuce – on the bible – freedom 🙂

The presidents -peaches (and other songs) – year 12 and big band.

River dance soundtrack – year 12 and best friends and hubby.

For the moment that's all I can think of, I know there are so many more songs, perhaps I will add them later in another post.

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