Day 23: Something you wish you had done in your life.

I wish I had gone to Uni instead of working when I left high school.  I got into an Arts degree at the local uni – and I should have done it.  I didn’t – i deferred for a year and instead never went back – I ended up in Sydney.

My life would be very different today – and that is a choice i made – however I wonder had I gone to uni, would I have still gone to Sydney, would I have gotten a career, would I be living in germany now, would I still have met my hubby….which parts of my life are the parts that were going to happen no matter what circumstances altered it?  I will never know but it is something I wonder at all the time.

Aside from the meeting my hubby part, I could quite happily change all the rest as long as it was a better life :p hAHAHAH

Soon to be rectified by having just applied to uni – fingers crossed!