Day 22: Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life.

I wish I hadn’t moved back to Melbourne 6 years ago 🙂

We both made a split decision because we had been evicted from our place and the decision was to come back here, instead I wish I had asked friends if they could put us up until we had found a new place, I wish we had stayed at caravan park until we got a new place – anything….

Not to say our time here hasn’t been important – it has – I was here to support my mum through a really tough 18 months, I was back in Victoria to get training in paganism, I was here to remember why I can’t stand being this close to some parts of our families, I was here as it got us into the housing market, I was here to learn that not all expectations of families can be lived up to,  I was here for our wedding and and many other things no doubt….

I would move back to Sydney tomorrow if we could afford it and the housing costs…..