Day 20: Your views on drugs and alcohol.

This is an interesting one and I really don’t know where to start; so let’s go with the easy one of Alcohol.

I like alcohol.  I like the tipsy feeling you get when everything is funny and you feel wobbly and the world is fun.  Beyond that into sickness land is not nice – but I know my limits and I avoid that place 🙂  I am a fairly happy drunk – I apparently I tell everyone I love them.  I haven’t been tipsy in a long while actually which is a shame.  I don’t really have drinking friends that just play games and eat and laugh when we get drunk….I would like to add some of those friends to our list.

I like my Kahlua with Milk, my Vodka with Coke, my grasshopper pie with Creme de menthe/creme de cacao blanc, I like my midori with lemonade, my UDL with raspberry  and my Brown Brothers Cienna nicely chilled in a full glass.

I don’t drink all that much to be honest, weekends mainly and big occasions like bdays and parties etc when I am not driving 🙂  Like all things moderation is the key and don’t be retarded when drinking….no matter how drunk I am I still don’t lose my brain power…i certainly couldn’t drive but I am definitely aware of not dropping glasses or burning people with cigarettes (when I used to smoke)…and I am well aware of the need to move slowly when drunk to avoid falling over or looking like an ass 🙂

I also take the drink driving thing seriously – I get a lot of shit about it – but it is my choice – if I know I am going to drive I will generally not drink anything at all…I have relaxed that a little bit and providing I know I am not going to be driving for at least 3 hours I may have one drink as long as I am eating at the same time.  I don’t like to risk my senses being impaired – I would not be able to look at myself in the mirror if I hurt or killed someone because my reflexes were affected.  I remember watching a documentary years ago where they tested reflexes and even after one drink there is a drop in response time…from memory it wasn’t a huge drop on average – but enough to be noticed….it has freaked me out ever since.  I have always been a “what if” person though.

Onto drugs….

Drugs are bad mm’kay??

Speaking from as an ex-pot addict – just get off them.  Whatever drugs you are doing are not good for you – or your life.  There is never ever ever ever going to be a reason you need to be taking them.  They are great for escaping reality and being able to hide behind what is going on – but in the end you are better off working through the shit, dealing with your fucked up head, and making our life something worth living.  I feel awful for people that are on drugs and that use them as a crutch and feel they have no other way to move through their days – it is s hame they are damaging their bodies and minds that way instead of finding other outlets for their pain/fear/etc.  Take up painting, knitting, massage, aromatherapy, photography, karate – anything.  The money you spend on drugs could be used to fund other outlets and would be a much better use of your time and energy.

I will never go back to drugs again and I know I have never done anything harder so how would i know – but I had a lot of friends over the years who were and I would see them coming down and going back up and riding the roller coaster and to put it bluntly – they were cunts.  They were irrational, unhappy, unrealistic and mostly just horrible to be around.  They think they are wonderful….and I am sure all their drug taking friends thought they were wonderful as well….they aren’t..and when you have sober eyes you can see that more clearly.

Drugs should be wiped off this planet!