Day 19: What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

I am going to do this in 2 sections…as they are pretty short and sweet – lets start with the easy one first…Politics…..

This will horrify my friends that are very politically motivated and interested…but I have absolutely nothing – and I mean nothing to say that is nice about politics. I change the channel when things come on the TV, I barely know who our prime minister is most of the time, I couldnt tell you when the last election was – only that it was the first one I have ever actually turned up to since being 18 and allowed to.

I think politicians are below the scum of the earth and I have no interest in spending the night talking with friends about people who seem to make everyone so angry….they lie, they cheat, they keep secrets, they push people out of power by stabbing them in the back, they do all manner of things except what we believe to be important. I dont understand why or how they get into power and I dont particularly care – no one seems willing to actually vote for someone different and I dont then understand why so many people bitch and whinge about the ones who get in.

I find nothing so dull, and I have real trouble feigning interest when we meet up with friends and politics comes up as a discussion point….I really cannot express in print how much I dislike the entire idea of it all. My theory still stands that someone who is not mental should take over the entire world and then make the rules and end all the shite going on. We are one planet and yet we all somehow believe we are above everyone else….its a sad world we live in.

So…then after my rant – religion 🙂

I think religion is a completely misunderstood concept for a lot of people, which is something that will not change because it is a very personal thing for those of us who are religious.

It can be defined again from as the following:

a of beliefs concerning the cause, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

And that is how I see it. I am a pagan, by choice a wiccan with some very druidic tendencies thrown in. I am very religious on that basis. I was brought up a catholic and I never really remember if I ever took any of it seriously – mum can probably remember if I did, however going to Sunday school etc we gave the teacher hell about the bible and so I dont really ever it being important to me. Of course to the religious people in my family I made sure they felt I was drawn into it.

The things that never sat well with me from a catholic/christian point of view were the idea that there are certain types of people we should not allow to live, however a commandment was we shall not kill….i mean to me that was always a massive contradiction…and I would hate to think that at the end of my life because I killed a witch (or whatever else deserved killing) I would get to the gates and St Peter would tell me I broke a commandment….it never sat well with me. There were other things, but right now…I cant remember.

However, before I found paganism, the church did give me something to hold onto. Faith. In my opinion, faith is also a very misunderstood word – it used in conjunction a lot with faith in god and that is a very christian belief system. I have more faith now – but that faith is in myself and the earth. I do believe there is a greater purpose for all of us, that we are all destined for something – even if the plan was for you to have 4 kids and be a stay at home mum – perhaps one of those kids is going to go on to do something great…I do believe that. Wicca has given me faith in myself, my abilities, my life – of course when I am not sinking into holes of despair…but I usually remedy that by reconnecting to the earth and renewing my faith.

I am not describing this very well to be honest 🙂 I guess what I am trying to say is; I think religion is important for people to have – it builds a sense of community and if nothing else a multitude of religions are about self improvement and being a better person – how can that be a bad thing? Perhaps we see so much horror in the world as less people have faith now – in something greater then themselves – because they dont hold to any ideals (which a lot of religions provide) and because there is no commitment to be a better person – they can be as wretched as they like. I dont know..just throwing it out there.

The main argument i guess is whether or not you believe in a god/s sitting upstairs watching everything you do – and for a while I didnt, and to a certain degree I still dont now. After all, if god is almighty why isnt he stopping everything that goes on – but what if god isnt something that can stop that kind of war. To me, god is the earth, nature the land we stand on and soil we grow our food in, the goddess is the moon, the oceans we fish from….they cannot stop what is happening because Man is still an idiot when given any sort of power 🙂

I dont know if there is anything once we die – spiritualists/mediums would say there is – all i know is that when I die, my body will decompose and be scattered on the earth to continue the cycle and my soul will be elsewhere…I wont care what comes after this life, so I have to believe that there is a plan, a destiny, something I should achieve before I move on – I have to have faith that I am trying to be a good person so that I can say I lived my life better than a murderer sitting in prison for life.

4 thoughts on “Day 19: What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

  1. They weren’t “short and sweet”!

    Given that half my twitter is about politics, I’m surprised you’re still following me at all. 😉

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