Day 17: A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

I would love to be able to write something like “War and Peace” changed my views or 1984, or Animal Farm, or War of the Worlds or David Copperfield…you know…ANYTHING that sounded suitably impressive to the scholarly people in the world (and amongst my friends) but if I am being honest the book that has changed my world view more than anything has been the Celestine prophecy (and it’s sequels).

I read them years ago, when I was still in high school and D’s mother showed it to me.  It was a massive influence on my faith and my religious path that I would later walk, and I still hold its ideals very close to my heart.

Since reading those books, I have also delved a little into Carl Jung and his ideas on Synchronicity and all the concepts relevant to that.  It has been such a long time since I read those books though, I am tempted to grab them out and give them another read and see if they still affect me given what I have experience and understand today.

Origin energy…dickheads…

with nice customer service people…..

I rang today to  find out why I hadn’t received a gas bill in a while and discovered that in July 11, somehow they changed my billing address back to that of my old addy…now we are coming into our 3rd year at this house – I doubt I would have done it.

However now they are saying I need to cough up almost $700 in outstanding bills or they will cut me off…..the lady I spoke to also advised they had tried to call me at the old  phone number and I asked her why they didn’t look up the electricity account and check for numbers there – the accounts are joined sort of on their system so you would think to try all methods of contact – perhaps even send a letter to the address listed under the current electricity account ??

So I then had to make a payment plan on the fucking spot – and I said I couldn’t so have “promised to pay” $50 a fortnight so we don’t get disconnected…..

What annoys me is that I am being threatened with disconnection because they fucked up

…..I now have to find a buttload of money – and in all honesty I don’t even know how it could be that high a bill anyway…..

I am sooo annoyed and will be investigating alternate energy companies.  I have had multiple issues with Origin since using them and I am unimpressed this continues to happen. 6 months after we first moved here I had to call them and find out why I had not received bills – turns out they didn’t set up my account properly to switch over on the specific date we were  moving….and then I had to call back again after that because the gas account wasn’t changed, and now I have had to do that again…..

The lady I spoke to seemed unable to answer most of my questions just – i am not sure, i don’t know, i can’t help and that pipes me off even more….you should be able to tell me everything i need to know….I am still contemplating contacting them back again and speaking to a manager about it…..

I am annoyed….